Monday August 26th 2019

the full moon at 3’12 pisces is exact on sunday august 26th 2018 at 4:56am PDT. this marks the midway point between the partial solar eclipse/new moon in leo that was on august 11th. leo and pisces are signs that are naturally quincunx each other. a quincunx is an odd aspect- traditionally seen as minor aspect but many astrologers (like myself) actually feel it’s a major aspect. a quincunx occurs between two signs that have nothing in common. tense aspects like oppositions and squares have the same triplicity in common (i.e. aries opposite libra or aries square cancer- they are all cardinal signs). but a quincunx occurs when there is no commonality between polarity (masculine/feminine), triplicity (cardinal/fixed/mutable) and element (fire/earth/air/water)- which creates massive tension between the two signs. it’s like they are looking at each other and saying ‘wtf?’

leo is fixed fire and yang- while pisces is mutable water and yin. leo is ruled by the sun- the symbol of the Self and the ego- while pisces is ruled by neptune- the planet that dissolves our ego and separate sense of self. where leo is about me and my radiance- pisces is about the not-self and tends to merge with everyone and everything. as you can see these two are about as opposite as you can get! with the recent new moon/eclipse in the sign of the north node we all are being asked to come into right relationship with leo energy in our charts and lives. some of us need to up level our confidence, radiance, leadership and belief in self (healthy leo expression). others of us need to work on our narcissism and tendency to only focus on ourselves (shadow leo expression). coming into right relationship with the ego is key! many traditions speak to killing off the ego but from a depth psychological perspective this simply creates a war within. the ego is a container- and we need healthy container. the problem is when the container thinks it’s the one running the show. it’s more about the role the ego is playing rather than getting rid of the ego entirely. we cannot move past ego when we have not done the full work of integrating it with all other aspects of ourselves. from a depth psychological perspective enlightenment is about wholeness (or as jung said- enlightenment is not about imagining figures of light but of making the darkness conscious).

so enter in this potent pisces full moon- illuminating all the shadow, the Unconscious, the hopes, the fears, the wishes. pisces at it’s best is about transcendence, bliss, Unconditional Love and being of service. at worst it’s about spiritual bypassing, checking out and avoiding facing/dealing with reality. with the sun in earth, discerning virgo opposite the dreamy and possibly out to lunch pisces moon- we need to find balance between the material and the spiritual, reality and dreams, what IS and what used to be/could be/might be/should be. pisces is gifted at seeing the potential and possibility but if that is not balanced with an honest assessment of reality and what actually IS right now- we can be stuck in the past or the future and not really dealing with the present.

luckily there is an amazing Grand Earth Trine in the full moon chart formed between the sun in virgo, saturn in capricorn and uranus in taurus. we actually are in the midst of a series of amazing Grand Earth Trines formed between the inner planets (first venus, then the sun, then mercury) with saturn and uranus. saturn is about the past, uranus is about the future. saturn is about responsibility and grounding- uranus is about change and revolution. with the two linking harmoniously we have an amazing alignment between past, present and future. the earth energy grounds us into the reality of the present moment- with deep awareness of the past and choices we have made and the future trajectory we are on. earth Grand Trines are amazing for manifestation, embodiment, getting real and setting solid foundations upon which we can build into the future. taurus is about money, values and self worth- virgo is about health, service and organization- and capricorn is about career, life purpose and success. we are deeply supported right now in getting these 3 aligned in our lives!

this full moon forms a Kite with the Grand Earth Trine- putting the moon in pisces at the apex of the saturn/uranus trine. the earth Grand Trine is helping us to Get Real, see what is and deal with reality. wherever we have been deluded, confused, out to lunch, spiritual bypassing or turning to addictions to check out- this full moon is helping us see the fantasies/fears that block us and helping us to ground down and show up in life in more masterful ways. earth energy helps us to BE HERE NOW- and that combined with vision, dreams and potential (pisces full moon) can help us to realize our deepest and highest dreams and ideals when we show up to do the work asked of us right now.

i leave you with ellias lonsdale’s star sparks meditation for this full moon. his channeling of this degree is the perfect description of the potentiality and chaos that lies in the Unconscious field (which pisces governs). when we are stuck in the Unconscious we can be taken over by it. but when we have roots, grounding, some kind of structure to rely on while being fully immersed in the Unconscious- the possibilities are not only endless but they are tangible and able to be manifested into reality! so dream big right now and be willing to show up to do the work!


~divine harmony

Pisces 4 Mushrooms springing up everywhere

Proliferation of impulses, desires, needs, longings, and probes into every corner of infinity. A fast spreading fever of suspicions, intoxication’s, idealizations, disillusionment’s, frustrations. Giving the self away to everybody, to all worlds, whatever comes along. Desperate to be free of self, to experience something new, to find a different world to be in.
A chaotic turbulence of creativity that is unharnessed and impulsive. No boundaries. No sense of direction. A magnificent display of fragments and facets and soul moods and gifts and virtues and strange notions. The past blown open and showing up everywhere. A very difficult time finding true bearings.
Within this predicament lies another world altogether. Uniting with it depends upon being able to stretch and expand until the full range of the soul is acknowledged, is lived into, is given permission to be as free- form as it really is. If such an eventuality should come into being, the most astounding transformation, the truest of metamorphosis can spring forth into being.
This future fish, this unbounded one carries the very special charge of opening up spaces where they seemed to be shut. A capacity to spread around and give everything turn out to be viable, true, something that is meant to be this way. It’s all a matter of where you look at it from. If you take the deep inside under-view, the one the Earth accords with, you will find that infinite bounty and grace was here all along and had no idea where it fit within the existing state of affairs. Just a touch of letting be into his hyper-fertile field of forces turns it from a frenzy into the world’s fertile future dream.

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