full moon in libra- making decisions that support healing (4/6/23)

by | Mar 31, 2023 | Lunar Insight

the full moon at 16’07 libra is exact on thursday april 6th at 12:34am EDT- marking the midway point of the lunar cycle we are in that began with the new moon at the 1st degree of aries on march 21st. in this unique and rare lunar cycle we are actually right smack in the middle of TWO aries new moons- the first was the at 1st degree and the second is at the last degree, also known as the Karmic Completion Degree. the 2nd new moon on april 20th is called a Black Moon and it is a Total Solar Eclipse square Pluto! (more on that powerful and intense lunation in the next Lunar Insight posted).

this full moon is in libra and it is opposite a plethora of aries planets – chiron, the sun, jupiter, eris and vesta. libra is the opposite sign to aries- with the aries/libra axis representing me vs we, self vs other, independence vs interconnection. where mars-ruled aries is active, willful and dynamic- libra is a venus ruled sign that prefers peace, balance, harmony and diplomacy. this full moon in libra is a check point for where we are at with our double dose of aries lunation energy right now- as the aries part of the sky as well as the aries part of our charts are getting majorly activated but also possibly overly activated in excessive ways. along comes a libra full moon to help rebalance those scales!

the full moon’s tightest opposition is to the sun/chiron conjunction- bringing themes of wounding and healing into the mix. chiron is the Wounded Healer and he brings Light to what we are not aware of and not dealing with. he can seem cruel when he forces us to face our wounds and pain but he does so with a focus on helping us heal. jupiter was just conjunct chiron on march 12th and he is now heading to cojoin eris on april 23rd- asking us to face our relationship to the masculine principle symbolized by aries.

at best aries is the Sacred Warrior, Protector and Defender. he is ready to take a stand for Truth and he can self motivate and has incredible agency. yet shadow aries can be destructive, impulsive, aggressive, reactive and selfish. some people overdo the aries fire- others suppress and repress it, with a need to get in touch with anger and rage in order to find agency and power within themselves again. for each of us – an honest self check in about where our healing journey is on this spectrum is required.

the full moon is quincunx uranus in taurus- the other sign ruled by venus- which can bring some upheaval and changes into relational dynamics. libra wants peace- sometimes at any cost. yet along comes chiron and uranus to force things that have been swept under the carpet to come up and out! this can be freeing and liberating if we allow it- but it could be chaotic and destabilizing if we resist it. keeping the peace at any cost only makes things look good on the surface- which means we will be out of touch with our depths and core if we are not tending to the shadow and deeper layers hidden within.

the ruler of this lunation is venus at 24’08 taurus who is heading to sextile neptune. the lower heart and Higher Heart are aligning – helping us to take our Higher Love and inspiration and do something practical and tangible with it. venus in taurus is not trying to go up and out – she does not want to ascend and leave planet Earth. she wants to descend fully and bring Spirit all the way down and into the body. this is the ONLY aspect neptune makes in the new moon chart- which makes neptune the least aspected planet. if you were in my Astrology & Your Shadow course you know that your unaspected or least aspected planet holds the potential for the Golden Shadow. manifesting and embodying the qualities of Higher Love, Compassion, Altruism and Kindness are the Golden Shadow gifts to tap into right now.

there is so much taurus in the new moon chart- mercury heading to the north node, juno heading to cojoin uranus, and of course venus. it’s the counterpoint balance to all that aries. where aries is chomping at the bit to take action NOW- taurus says lets slow down, lets feel our bodies and our breath, lets not react but find a place of response. if we can balance the gifts of aries with the gifts of taurus we have the best recipe for conscious action right now! yet the full moon libra will show us where we are defaulting too much to fire/yang/aggression OR where we are defaulting to too much peace keeping, sweeping things under the carpet and not wanting to rock the boat.

i leave you with the Star Sparks degree and the Sabian Symbol degree for the new moon. you can read the full text below. the Sabian Symbol speaks to finding objectivity, calm, and peace – beautiful libra qualities to call in during the full moon. the Star Sparks degree shows another side to the lunation- showing a bored woman falling asleep. can we make the best of a bad situation? or is it time to cut our losses and let things go so we can start out in a new direction which has no guarantees?

as this full moon is in libra- this could practically apply to partnerships and marriages where the final straw comes. but this can be about many other themes in life- the key is to assess where we are not fully living from the Truth of our Hearts. and then look to see if we can stay in said situations or relationships and find that vital place once again. if we cannot then it means something needs to die so something new can be born. endings are never easy- but holding onto a dead past never serves growth and evolution. the objective, calm & healthy detached mind energy of the Sabian Symbol degree is needed to get clear on what decision needs to be made in the Star Sparks degree.




by dane rudhyar


KEYNOTE: The capacity to gain an objective and calm understanding of human experiences in which one was once deeply involved.

Old age may or may not bring to man this objective and calm understanding as one remembers the crises overcome and the quiet enjoyment of great life vistas or “peak experiences,” but wisdom and inner serenity can hardly develop save on the basis of the overcoming of struggles and conflicts. The “sea captain” sailed his ship through storms and still waters of consciousness, his mind perhaps battered by gales, his ego-crew perhaps in revolt. Now there is peace and quietude. Another generation is sailing seas better charted perhaps, yet inherently non-rational and at times savage in their fury. He watches. He knows. Others are learning. At any age the ego-will may “retire” and contemplate, and be at peace before a greater voyage over even more poorly charted seas.

At this second stage we sec a picture of true overcoming of storms, in polar opposition to the preceding one which revealed the destructive effect of psychic upheavals tearing apart the occult link — the antakarana — between the incarnate consciousness and the transcendent Soul-field, the CALM MIND beyond struggles and victories.


by ellias lonsdale

Libra 17 A very bored woman who is listening but falling asleep

She has had enough already. Drawing to herself replays of characteristic scenes, just shuffling the players and the circumstances, she witnesses what comes her way and she is not impressed. She wonders what to do. There is nothing new anywhere. And only something entirely fresh and alive, different from before, can catch and hold her interest.

She is up against a hard place. Everybody in her feels the same way. We are tired and fed up with people acting this way with each other, everything being predictable, and nobody and nothing really changing or growing or coming out of the mold that has been set.

Within her are tendencies toward the cynical, the tuned out, the given-up parts of the soul, but her inner voice sighs ‘Been there, done that’ even with these. Not so very intrigued by her own reactions to the situations.

The need is there to be the one to go deeper and to access everything missing. The insistence is there to be sharply motivated and to keep it up. The battle is there between the desire to go further inside and the assumption that it is too much trouble, too hard to be the one who breaks the mold.

A lot of leaning backward into trapped, lazy, lost states. Cycles of forgetting, not caring. Yet also cycles of coming back to life and realizing that all it will take is a willingness to imagine that possibility breeds new worlds for those who are done with the old world at last.

The choice, the decision, the agonizing pros and cons of making the best of a bad situation, or starting out in a direction which has no guarantees, yet is a real choice.