full moon in leo- somethings gotta give (2/5/23)

by | Feb 3, 2023 | Lunar Insight

the full moon at 16’41 leo is exact on sunday february 5th at 1:28pm EST, marking the midway point of the current lunar cycle we are in that began with the new moon in aquarius on 1/21. that new moon was lunar new year and was a potent activation of the Aquarian energies of community, change, revolution and rebellion. this full moon is the check point of seeds planted then- with a need to check in on our own balance between individuality and collectivity, self focus and other focus. if we are too focused on others at the expense of ourselves we need more leo energy to shine from our individuality and take care of ourselves. if on the other hand we are too self focused and only focusing on our needs and desires- the growth edge is to start thinking and acting from a more collective, community centered place.

the sun is widely conjunct saturn with the moon widely opposite (both by 10 degrees)- while both the sun and moon are tightly square uranus (under 2 degrees). this is energizing the separating saturn/uranus squares from 2022. these squares are technically done but they are still within orb and so the clash between the old and the new gets energized anytime one planet aspects one of them and then the other days or a couple of weeks later. saturn demands reality and provides a get real energy- while uranus demands change and provides the chaos and upheaval needed for shift.

a tight T-square is formed between sun/moon opposition and uranus. this is on the heels of a VERY POWERFUL sun/uranus square on 2/3 at the exact moment of the Solar Gate of Imbolc (Lughnasadh for those in the southern hemisphere). the solar gates for cross quarter days occur when the sun hits 15’00 of fixed signs. on 2/3 the sun squared uranus both at 15’00 aquarius/taurus respectively at the precise time of the Solar Gate of Imbolc commencing. Imbolc is the Gate of Emergence and is a time of seeing the Light that is increasing, knowing the winter although not over yet, is almost done. winter is a time to turn within, reflect, retreat, introspect- but as we move to spring it will be time Rise Again, Resurrect and come back to life- as is mirrored in the natural world all around us with plants and trees coming out of dormancy. with this potent Solar Gate and then the Full Moon forming a T-square with the sun/uranus square 2 days later- it is safe to say we have some powerful sudden and unexpected territory unfolding from 2/3-2/5.

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in the full moon chart the sun is approaching a conjunction with saturn- with the precise sun/saturn alignment happening 11 days later on 2/16. the 2nd half of the lunar cycle we are in is building to the 2nd to the last conjunction of a personal planet with saturn in aquarius (the last will be on 3/2 with mercury)- activating saturn in aquarius for the last couple of times before he ingresses into pisces on 3/7. saturn spends 2 1/2 years in a sign and he brings opportunities for growth by pruning, maturity by hard work, and mastery by dealing with and facing karma. any last unresolved things related to saturn in aquarius will certainly be coming up between now and march 7th- so PAY ATTENTION.

other major aspects in the full moon chart include a standstill ceres (just having stationed retrograde on friday 2/3) with her exact opposition to jupiter PRECISE at the time of the full moon. ceres relates to home, family, safety and security issues. jupiter opposite her can provide impetus to see what is out of balance in these areas of life but can also exacerbate the imbalances. too much self sacrifice leads to physical depletion but too much selfishness and anger alienates. finding balance is key.

we also have mercury heading to his 3rd and final square to eris on 2/6, moving out of his back end shadow on 2/7 and heading to his one and only conjunction with pluto on 2/10. this is big and intense territory to navigate and we all want to be extra conscious in our communications and interactions with others. at best we can use this astrology to dive deep and get to the Truth of matters- via research, investigation, therapy and more. the shadow of this astrology is explosive communications or information being revealed that leads to massive power struggles with others.

with uranus conjunct menkar- we have the shadow of being a victim to the Unconscious playing out. but we also have the north node aligned with hamal and schedir- speaking to following our own unique path and tapping into the Source of female power. in Truth our power resides in our bodies and in the feminine (how’s that for the taurus north node). this is not a gendered statement it’s about essence- as we all have both masculine and feminine essence within us. power over/power under is a yang way of relating to power because it’s externally focused. i have power over YOU, or you have power over me. power within is the feminine essence of power- just like a woman has a womb that has the power to create life. it is deep within her- just as our feminine power is deep within us. but it must be tapped.

this full moon will highlight if you overly yang your way through life or if you overly yin your way through life- in ways that are unbalanced. too much yang burns you out and creates a lot of conflict. too much yin and you can find yourself being overly passive, pacifying and not standing up for yourself. ultimately life is a balanced of yin and yang, self and other, independent and interconnection. we each have to find the right balance and it is super clear our world is out of balance – overly focused on yang and self serving measures. the way we relate to the earth as thought she is something we just take from shows the imbalance severely. the more we do the work on our own inner balance the more we can contribute to the collective shift and rebalancing of the scales that is in process!

as of 1/22 when uranus stationed direct we have ALL PLANETS DIRECT for just under 3 months. all systems are a go! the train is picking up speed! the thing is we want to be really intentional and conscious about where our train is going- as once its picked up enough speed it will be very hard to put the brakes on or change direction. so we must choose wisely (personally and collectively)

this full moon is bringing Light to what needs to change NOW and where we need to make those changes guided by the heart, not just the head. with the full moon in T-square with uranus- the winds of change are blowing. it’s not so much of a question of IF but more of a question of WHEN?

i leave you with the star sparks degree for the full moon and the sabian symbol for the uranus degree that is T square with the sun/moon opposition. the star sparks degree reminds me of those who have been here waiting to do their part to restore the world to wholeness. the sabian symbol is a reminder that in times of crisis we cannot rely on what we have always done or we will keep on getting what we have always got. the past traditions we rely on do not have the real answer to the problems that we face. we must dive deeper.




by ellias lonsdale


Leo 17 Elegant black women sitting on a porch and fanning themselves

We have been here all along. We have stayed underfoot. Our voice, our part has been subliminal. Our power has expressed itself in all the subtle, hidden gestures and meanings, which outer mind passes by, which we all know are the substance of this life.

What we have been doing as we wait for the old tired world to die away is to form an alliance with the earth and all the beings of earth, gathering strength, keeping out of surface affairs, just expectantly knowing our time is soon to come. And so we have indeed stayed well under and been perfectly equipped to carry on in this way forever.

We bear the authority of everything you have cast out in order to civilize the surface and push the depths under. We speak the silent languages of those who do not need to say much, a glance is sufficient.

We are aware that the old timers are crumbling and we are emerging. It may take us an adjustment to be willing to share, to disclose, to offer freely what we have been storing up in so many cellars since the dawn of time. We are not the least accustomed to the light of day. We have to do without, and if we are to be heeded now, come to us on our own terms.

Listen closely. Pay careful heed. We share from a depth of experience that is startling. And if you are able to tune to our frequency of denial, suppressed worlds, you will be exposed to something you perhaps assumed had long ago passed from this world.

We are mighty. We are relentless. We can take on any form and no form. The outward matters little. What we seek now is for the whole circle to be restored. Shallow worlds, take notice! We have found our path now, we have remembered our lineage, and we will not be turned back.


by dane rudhyar



KEYNOTE: The inadequacy of past knowledge in time of crisis.

During this Act One of the cyclic process the emergence of new developments is emphasized. In time of crisis — as, for example, the “storm” being braved by the man of the last symbol (Phase 45) — the type of wisdom learned from this past remains in the background to be revived later on in new forms; what is emphasized is change. Traditional concepts are not adequate to confirm the new conditions of existence. Thus whenever this symbol comes to a seeker’s attention it indicates that even the most consecrated tradition does not have the real answer to the problem.

At this first stage of the tenth five-fold sequence of phases of the cyclic process a seemingly negative picture is shown. From the Zen point of view the mind facing trouble should not depend on past concepts but should repeat: “Not this! Not that!” — until the pure Void is reached. We might speak here of the principle of CREATIVE FRUSTRATION.