full moon in cancer- a return to the Mother (12/29/20)

by | Dec 27, 2020 | Lunar Insight

the full moon at 8’53 cancer is exact on tuesday december 29th, 2020 at 7:28pm PST, marking the midway point of the current lunar cycle we are in that began with the very powerful total solar eclipse on 12/14. that eclipse was conjunct the karmic south node- demanding that we deal with our past. it was also square neptune- triggering the fast approaching neptune/nodal T-square (exact 1/5 and 1/26 with both variations of the node)- making for a time where we all need to be very discerning as much illusion, confusion, deception and escapism can be flying about!

the full moon is in the sign of the Divine Mother and is widely opposite all the planets in capricorn and aquarius- the sun, mercury and pluto in capricorn and saturn and jupiter in aquarius. the saturn ruled signs are going head to head with the moon in her own sign of rulership- the old patriarchal order and resistance to the changes happening are at odds with the Divine Feminine and matriarchal consciousness. ultimately the new age we are moving into requires INCLUSIVITY OF ALL. this means masculine and feminine, matriarchy and patriarchy, white and BIPOC (black, indigenous, people of color), straight and gay, all of the above. yet due to the serious imbalance for the last 5,000 years- the Divine Feminine is the focus as She needs to come back into Her rightful place in the balance of life. the New Age of Aquarius we are all so excited about moving into won’t anchor until we do so.

the full moon in cancer can bring up emotions, feelings and past energies that need to be addressed. this can be a highly emotional lunation but also emotionally cathartic and healing if we use it as such. the full moon is sextile uranus (and then sun is trine uranus as well)- bringing the Rebel, Revolutionary and Great Awakener into the mix. he is already so strong right now as jupiter and saturn are both in uranus-ruled aquarius. freedom, change, innovation, invention and shift are available now! letting go of the past and the old paradigm that no longer serves is key if we want to grow and move into the future.

the full moon is also square chiron (and the sun is square as well)- bringing up old wounds and pain around the battle between the masculine and feminine, domination and shared power, control and freedom. it’s a great lunation to be in therapy, do shadow work, pay attention to dreams and deal with what is arising via the unconscious.

other aspects in the full moon chart that are notable are venus conjunct the karmic south node and square neptune- exact the next day on 12/30. this is a trigger of the neptune/nodal T square- and we are being asked to take off the rose colored glasses in Love and money situations. it’s easy to default to old patterns and bury our heads in the sand. it’s easy to spiritually bypass and use our spirituality to escape our pain or accountability.

we also have pallas athena in aquarius square uranus- she is leading the way into the Aquarian Age- and is a harbinger of the jupiter/uranus square (1/17) and saturn/uranus square (2/17) incoming. these are some of the BIGGEST astrological aspects of 2021- and at the full moon at the end of 2020 we are getting intimations of what is to come. sudden, shocking and unexpected events, realizations and information coming to Light are possible. things can get chaotic, ungrounded and suprising- so stay open to being shown the Truth. ‘the Truth will set you free, but first it might piss you off’. the meaning of apocalypse is lifting of the veil of illusion- in order to have true freedom we have to be willing to shatter all illusions that keep us boxed in.

the moon is conjunct the fixed star alhena- which is all about having a mission. alhena in arabic means the shining one- representing “the heel of an immortal or sacred one who touches the earth with great pride.” (bernadette brady) bernadette also says this star is the “proudly marching one associated with the following of a cause, a belief for which one will march.” so there are strong beliefs activated right now- with a lot of emotion attached to them. cancer is focused on home, family, safety and security. our mission that is activated can be connected to these themes- but we want to make sure emotion is not coloring our vision and making it difficult to tell what is true and what is emotional manipulation.

in the full moon chart we have only two planets retrograde- uranus and eris. by january 14th both of them will be direct and we will have a 2 week period with all planets in direct motion! consider this the calm before the storm- changes are incoming and we are gearing up to blaze ahead!

i leave you with the star sparks meditation for this degree- it speaks of polarities and dualities. it speaks of new things coming through- when we move beyond paradox and see the possibilities that lie beyond black and white, good and bad, this and that.

this last lunation of 2020 takes us out of an intense year and into a new one. what baggage do you want to leave behind? now’s the time to offload what is heavy and karmic- so take time for inner reflection and introspection as one year ends and a new one begins.


~divine harmony

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by ellias lonsdale

Cancer 9 A skeleton playing a flute

When we play with death, we flirt with life. We check it out ahead of time. For we want to make sure what is happening first.
When we walk the edge, each world we are visiting, exploring, including, wants to be felt and known in all its subtleties and nuances. No matter how light we try to be, everything seeks to claim us, to reveal itself through us, to be there as integral to what we are discovering.
Yet we feel this urgent compulsion to never get trapped anywhere, to not be identified with any particular state really. We are riddled through with blood and nerves which have to get out of here, need to get into here, and tracking all of it at once.
The calm place, the steady place, the masterful place is stalking us. All the cools and complexities keep leading back to that bare room. What will we be drawn to? Can we feel a different pulse surging here?
Such an unappeasable longing to be the flute, to be that pure vessel, to be stripped of self and all the other worldly illusions. Such a root dive to the core through the passage of losing it all and finding it in a very different way.
The end tunes, the old songs, are still everywhere upon the airwaves. This kind of tune is always still being learned, crafted out, allowed to emerge when it is its season.
You can’t wait and you will. You can’t stop and you do. You can’t resist and then you must. Not in order to be good. But because the other thing is coming on and it just won’t let you alone.

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