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full moon in aries- healing the masculine <3 (10/1/20)

the full moon at 9’08 aries is exact on thursday october 1st 2020 at 2:05pm PDT. this marks the midway point of the current lunar cycle we are in that began with the new moon in virgo on september 17th. that new moon was quincunx eris/lilith/mars retrograde in aries and now we have a full moon in aries- illuminating and exacerbating the aries activation in the sky.

the aries part of our charts is where we are getting awakened and activated but also perhaps triggered/provoked and or limited/restricted. with mars the ruler of aries in his own sign but retrograde- we are all being asked to come into healthier relationship with our will, drive, ego energies, anger, rage, aggression and passive aggression. some of us overdo this and we come across as combative, argumentative and aggressive. others of us stuff these energies and have a hard time setting boundaries, saying no and owning our fire. we all have a different relationship to this energy and the full moon conjunct chiron is magnifying what this relationship is for you personally. chiron is showing you what is wounded, rejected and unseen and the full moon is helping you bring it to Light!

in the aries activation of planets and bodies (including chiron, moon, eris, mars and black moon lilith)- they are all retrograde but the moon. this means we are in deep diving territory- needing to go down and in, confront shadow, not act in the moment and be impulsive- but to stop, pause, breathe, count to 10 so we can get under our impulsive reactions and into what is driving them from behind the scenes. if you tend to be one of those who does not act in the moment but also does not act PERIOD then this time is asking you to start taking definitive action- taking one step at a time.

the ruler of this lunation is mars and he is in midst of the 2nd pass of triggers to saturn, eris, pluto and jupiter (from september 29th through october 18th). we all would do well to PAY ATTENTION to what is up for us right now (listen to weekly/lunar monthly horoscopes for more info)- as the seeming chaos and upheaval is really meant to expose what is toxic in the roots and foundations of our lives personally and collectively so we can address what needs to be addressed.

in the full moon chart pluto is stationary set to go direct on sunday october 4th and the day before he quincunxes the true north node in gemini and will quincunx the mean north node on october 22nd. all month long we have the Lord of the Underworld exposing what is in the shadow- in tense aspect to the north node in gemini which asks us to come back to beginners mind. the karmic south node in sagittarius has everyone thinking they are right and others are wrong. i see it all over social media- arguments, attacks, hubris, self righteousness. not a lot of conversations and communications are coming from a place of ‘let me understand your point of view’. without understanding, a desire to find common ground, capacity to put ourselves in other’s shoes and really see another’s perspective we are contributing to the problem, not the answer.

the gemini north node prefers we say ‘i am curious’ and ‘i don’t know’ versus ‘i know exactly what the truth is and these other people are idiots’. dehumanizing other people so we can bolster ourselves and our beliefs is not the evolutionary path forward. as someone posted on FB (i lost the thread so cannot quote the person) the gene key #44 has much to teach us right now. richard rudd says about this key- “Synarchy means we all lead together! It doesn’t mean that we’re all the same. Not at all. It means that our uniqueness has a place within the orchestra, and instead of just playing a nice tune and being oblivious to all those around us, we begin to play in harmony with everyone.”

this means move past patriarchy- move past matriarchy- and come into synarchy which is the Union of both. the Sacred Marriage/Hierosgamos of masculine and feminine, democrat and republican, light and shadow, sun and moon, above and below, without and within. the journey of alchemy is to move beyond black and white and find the Truth in between. when you have two points on a continuum it looks like this or that. when you find a 3rd place for both to meet and create lines to connect them you get a pyramid- a geometry that symbolizes ascension. we cannot ascend when we stay in duality. we must raise our capacity to see and understand to Higher ground.

for me personally (harmony)- i have found this time to be one of backing down from doing doing doing and dropping more deeply into being. i have had a month to myself with my daughter staying with her dad- as i moved us to oregon only to arrive a day before the fires began. a lot of grace and owl/hawk feathers led me here! i found a great sublet that accepted pets when housing pickings were slim. the day before the fire i bought the last austin air purifier available locally. i landed in the south as far away from the fire as i could be. i arrived here in divine timing it seems although i still am not entirely sure why i had to be here for this experience.

surrender has been the order of the day/week/last month. as the fires took flight i saw this community rise to help each other. i saw trauma and i saw healing and love. then after the fires the days and weeks of horrible smoke set in. i had no idea how it feels to not see blue sky and to instead see toxic smoke for miles. depression is more common in winter because of less light and more cloudy/stormy days. it can be even worse when it’s not that it’s winter or that there are storms but that the sky is socked in with smoke! it affects one’s emotional and mental health.

for days i just laid on my couch crying. but this was part of my process. stop going going going- doing doing doing (as a single mama i am super good at keeping 100 balls in the air). i let the balls drop, i dropped and i just grieved for myself, for the planet, for what is going on right now. i dove deeper into my studies of climate change. i watched documentaries- the social dilemma, poisoning paradise, kiss the ground and more. i made a list of all the things happening on the planet that are of concern and then got depressed at how long the list was and cried some more.

the shadow of the aries archetype is selfishness, a me first mentality, being combative, argumentative and immature. yet the positive side of this archetype is activating the WARRIOR WITHIN. i personally feel my inner Activist stirring. sacred rage and heart anger can help change the world. when you look around and there are MANY things that are not right- you can give up, get depressed, shut down- or you can fight the good fight and take a stand for the earth, the animals, the children, the elders- taking a stand for those who do not have a voice and cannot stand for themselves. we each have the thing we are passionate about so this is not a one sized fits all situation. find what calls to your heart and get involved! we each have our calling. this is the best use of the aries activation right now!

i leave you with the star sparks degree for this full moon- as ellias reminds us we would all do well to orient to our inner authority. look outside less, look inside more. stop projecting, start reflecting. when are truly SELF-CENTERED (as in Higher Self centered) we are rooted within our core. from this place of BEING we are supported in consciously becoming and contributing to the change and shift in our world that is needed right now. courage is of the heart- so stay heart centered people. love for yourself, love for your neighbors, love for your planet. let Love lead your actions and you will be part of the leadership that will take us into our destined future <3



by ellias lonsdale

Aries 10 Roots of a tree entwined around the statue of a nude woman

I am bound by vows to take my stand here. My wandering days are over. For I am meant to bear witness, to balance the equation, to reveal what only shows itself to me when I stay within the focus of the Mysteries.
Even as my outward movement ceases, my internal authority intensifies. The less I go out and do, the more I can accomplish by being present to this extraordinary chance I am given, to be active on the inside and be free of the turbulent waters, released to be strictly myself.
Much of my focus is to root myself within myself, to take my body and soul and empower them to drink of the cup of this world without ceasing. I learn to make no apology for my considerable obsession. I must make something new arise out of all the old stuff I bear and compost and liberate.
This interior quiet is so fierce and demanding that I relinquish all claims upon reputation and currency and supplant these with putting all my life on the line for something that can grow through me. I have no proof, no certainty, no guarantees. But that fiery instinct is supported by so many earth forces, once I join up with them, going deep, staying put.
Everything tells me to get to work on myself and to do everything I possibly can to eliminate the costly error of the feverish attempt we easily succumb to. We want to be approved. We need to be appreciated. So we sell out our souls routinely. That’s what I stand against.
What can happen I become in the here and now, authentic to the one I’ve always been, and from there hearkening toward the one I am meant to become. What if I persist in the core practice of getting straight and getting clear and don’t sell this short for anything? What will come of this experiment?
I do know where it goes. I do know what I’m doing. I’m tapping a wisdom which is older than the world. The only thing it tells me is ; take courage, walk courage, stay on with what is in you.

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