Friday April 10th 2020

the full moon at 2’00 aries is exact on monday september 24th 2018 at 7:52pm PDT, marking the midway point of the current lunar cycle we are in that began with the new moon in virgo on september 9th. that new moon made a tense aspect to the mars/uranus square while at the same time trined pluto. there has been deep potential for transformation and evolution in this lunar cycle but it has come by way of surprises, upset, chaos, unexpected events, endings, separations and cutting away of old karma. the 3rd and final mars/uranus square and mars/south node conjunction just occurred last week (9/18-22) and yet we are still in the back end shadow of mars’ Underworld journey until october 8th. this mars-ruled full moon is really bringing up all our wounds and pain around expression of anger, aggression, will, drive, sexuality and dominance. some of us are aggressive and combative (and omg let me tell i have had 3 people in the last days write aggressive and combative comments on my Facebook or instagram as though they were so full of anger they just had to take it out on someone else) and others of us stuff our anger and repress it which can turn into depression, illness and apathy. this full moon is bringing ALL OF THAT up and out to be looked at!

this full moon in the mars-ruled sign of aries is conjunct chiron the Wounded Healer who is just about to backtrack into the 29th degree of pisces (exact tuesday the 25th). with chiron at the aries point- the alpha and ultimate expression of the yang/fire/masculine energy there’s a lot of energy to be harnessed right now! if we are not consciously working WITH our anger and rage it will consume us, destroy us and our relationships with others. this full moon conjunct chiron is illuminating what is out of balance in our masculine/feminine expression, our relationships and our lives. the full moon is opposite the sun/mercury/ceres conjunction in libra- bringing home, family, children and childhood dynamics to Light. libra wants peace and harmony but sometimes will settle for the facade of peace and harmony and will sweep shadow under the carpet. this is a time to face what is going on behind the scenes and deal with imbalances and places where harmony is not present so as to do the deep work of healing right now.

the full moon forms a T-square with saturn and vesta as well- the Lord of Karma and Father of Time linking with the Priestess asteroid Goddess is quite potent. this speaks to our deep commitment to our path, our purpose and our calling. yet the shadow of capricorn can be where we stick with something/someone beyond it’s expiration date. capricorn can be so focused on following through on commitments that we sacrifice ourselves in relationship, in work and more. the aries/libra balance is about balance of self and other, give and take, independence and interconnection. wherever we overdo one at the expense of the other- the opposite point is needing energy and focus. with the T-square of aries, libra capricorn formed we have the empty focal point in cancer. this is a great time to get in touch with emotions and feelings as well as with our childhood story that may still be running us and our decisions we make in life.

luckily the full moon sextile mars on the south node with black moon lilith- which speaks to much power that can be harnessed for change and awakening when we consciously confront our attachment to or our fear/disconnection from ego, anger, rage, desire, will and selfishness. with mars/lilith opposite the north node in leo- it’s our passion and our heart’s desires that lead us towards greater growth and evolution. if the whole world was full of people living their greatest passions can you imagine what kind of place it would be!?

when you look at the chart as a whole you see that the sun, moon, venus, mars, saturn and pluto are all slow in their motion- with venus about to station retrograde in 10 days and pluto about to station direct in 6 days. the Lord of the Underworld is about to move forward while venus is about to move backward into the Underworld in the sign of pluto. deep times ahead in relationships, finances, our values, self worth and self-Love. we are entering a potent portal where re-evaluating these areas of life. anchoring into deeper self-love and self-value first requires that we see where we have not been operating from this place. your willingness to get deep is your super power in the coming couple of months.

i leave you with ellias lonsdale’s star sparks for this full moon in aries which could not be MORE PERFECT. old stone steps descending into darkness. will we go there and surrender gracefully? let’s all walk together into the deep, into the dark- to retrieve our lost Light and recover our Soul.

blessed be!

~divine harmony

by ellias lonsdale

Aries 2 Old stone steps descending into darkness

The heavy tread of the karmic past leads us to places we do not want to go, but where we need to go. Somebody got left behind somewhere. We need that aspect of ourselves now. We can’t really get anywhere without him.
So we seek out shadows, are magnetized to the depths. We subconsciously generate what we consciously prefer to avoid. And the process draws us through spaces which can be consuming and painful and quite extended before they even can turn into liberating and fresh directions.
We have to go back to get on with it. We have to get under our disguise to find our way through. We cannot shrug off the inner demand that we hunt ourselves down, flesh ourselves out, get in touch and in tune with everything which is elusive and very hard to reach.
This particular pathway is one of the least attractive and reinforcing and rewarding of frequencies to move through. It is trouble. There is no way to minimize the factor of risk and of menace. This is no place to play.
Yet in the ultimate reckoning, this can well be the beginning point, the spark for taking a new direction that needs to have it’s root structure unearthed along the way. We get down to essentials honestly, candidly, and with a sense of every moment counting.
The possibilities of getting lost in this realm are multiple. The likelihood of doing it in too rough a fashion is very great. When you are doing shadow work, you tend to constellate the shadow, and to make it all happen from a place that is shadowed itself.
We can ask of ourselves here for the foolish willingness to go where we are called, and to surrender gracefully, or at least without pulling back away. What we can look toward is raw primal recovery of soul in startling depth.

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