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full moon in aries- 10/11/2011

the full moon in aries falls on tuesday october 11th, 2011- exact at 7:06pm PDT. this is the halfway point in the current lunar cycle that began with the new moon in libra on september 27th. if you can recall that was one dynamic new moon- with the uranus/pluto square featured prominently in the lunation (uranus was opposite the new moon and pluto was square it). the libra full moon also has some very dynamic aspects to it- and speaks to the new beginnings/changes/transformations we have embraced as well as the ones we have been avoiding or putting off. this lunation will bring up anything not in integrity and bring it to the Light of consciousness in a painstaking manner. pay attention to what reveals itself at this full moon- and take responsibility for your part in creating it :)

a full moon occurs when the sun is exactly opposite the moon. in this case the sun is at 18’24 libra and it is opposite the moon at 18’24 aries. this is a juxtaposition between the feminine and the masculine, compromise and assertiveness, relationship and individuality, the need to keep the peace and the need to take a stand. if these polarities and the journey of trying to bridge them already seem pretty pronounced in your life it’s because saturn has been in libra for over a year now and uranus has been permanently in aries since spring of this year. when outer planets transits signs they do so for a long period of time (saturn takes 2 1/2 years in each sign, uranus takes 7) so the energies they highlight are major themes that last a while. when a quicker moving luminary or planet like the sun, moon, mercury, venus and mars make aspects to the slower moving planets then those themes are enunciated. the same goes for when lunations and eclipses activate the outer planets- as this full moon and the previous new moon does.

what is interesting in this full moon chart is the conjunctions to the sun and moon. we have sun in libra conjunct saturn opposite the moon in aries conjunct true black moon lilith. as you may already know- saturn is the lord of karma and the father of time. he represents both wisdom and the hard-earned lessons we are delivered that help us attain it. he represents grounding, responsibility and success as well as limitation, constriction and depression. when he make aspects or transits he brings into our lives heavy lessons that involve dealing with old karma, restructuring something from the ground up (if it can be saved)- or alternatively pruning out what is not working and letting it go for good. with saturn on the sun in this full moon chart what is brought to the Light of consciousness is saturnian themes involving relationships, finances, boundaries and balance between give and take, self and other. saturn is bringing in very significant lessons about how to be in partnership and how to deal with finances with integrity, maturity and self-mastery. as heavy as the lessons are- the rewards for doing the hard work now are huge. when we master saturn in our lives we climb the mountain of success in such a way that we have truly earned it and have the emotional maturity and wisdom to make it last.

now opposite the heavy, karmic, structured and disciplined sun/saturn conjunction we have the moon in firey, assertive and impulsive aries conjunct true black moon lilith- the dark feminine archetype. black moon lilith is the passion of the Soul- she is powerful, potent, intense, passionate, creative, tantric and wild. she cannot be controlled, she cannot be boxed in and she cannot be muted. in aries she has even more of this rebellious, wild woman quality- i get an image of an amazon warrior princess. with this firey combo opposite the saturn vibe we have quite an interesting picture painted! structure, commitment, discipline, relationships and agreements with others that bind us in some way opposes our instinctual wildness, need for freedom, impulsivity, expression of anger, and independence. these two create a chemical reaction as they are completely opposed to the other’s energy. yet we are being asked to find a bridge between the two because the answer is never to polarize/put something into the shadow but to allow space for both. this full moon will activate this major lesson for us personally and collectively (occupy USA anyone?)- but it can also bring up the shadow side of us versus them, me versus we, give versus take. anything not in balance, not in integrity, not in the Light of consciousness can and most likely will be illumined. that is literally what the full moon is about- the sun is completely opposite the moon, fully illuminating the face of the unconscious (the moon). anything in the shadows or the dark can get the full force of Light shown onto it, and sometimes what we see is what we didn’t want to really look at or acknowledge. we will do a lot in life to avoid the shadow, won’t we?

now this full moon is not bad at all- it is just intense. intensity is not positive or negative- it just is. it’s how we decide to respond to intensity that ultimately creates our ideas around what it means in our lives. at this full moon we have the ability to really check in about where we are at in our relationships and our finances- and especially where we are in the balance of self and other. there are times to compromise and there are times to speak up and take a stand. there are times to keep the peace and there are times to express anger. there are times to give and there are times to withhold and/or receive. this full moon will highlight wherever we may be out of balance with these polarities and with saturn involved there can be some heavy or limiting karmic consequences for having let things go on as they are for far too long. if you do find yourself stuck in a corner or feeling massively restricted in some way- the best thing you can do is look within and see how you created this. look at how you were and are the creator of your own drama- and then see how you can rewrite the script. if we keep looking outside ourselves expecting everyone else to change- the world to change- before we can be happy or before things can be right, then we will be waiting a really, really long time. change begins with one step in the right direction, followed by the next step and the next step and the next step. that is where saturn comes in and can teach us valuable lessons about commitment, constancy, integrity and patience.

the new consciousness that is erupting around the world is happening because one by one individuals are choosing to make significant and life-altering changes and transformations in their personal lives. as we each do our personal work we open up that energy into the cosmos, making it possible for the collective to change and transform. an old parable states that any healing work we do in this life impacts seven generations ahead and seven generations behind- healing and releasing karmas that have been carried through the lineage for way too long, as well as healing and releasing karmas for the lineage yet to come. this is how it works in the world as well. we are all one big global family- and as we do our personal work it will impact all those we are connected to and beyond! let this full moon reveal to you where your work is and then do it. let’s not complain about the politicians who won’t change or the public policies that are stuck in patriarchal thinking if we won’t make the changes in our own lives that are long overdo. let’s be Wayshowers- and show ourselves the Way first :)

enjoy the moonlight…

~divine harmony

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