Wednesday January 26th 2022

full moon in aquarius- 8/10/14

the full moon in aquarius is exact on sunday august 10th at 11:09am PDT. this marks the midway point of the current lunar cycle we are in the began with the fiery and auspicious new moon in leo conjunct jupiter that was exact on july 26th. that new moon was a time to set intentions and start new things in our lives related to passion, creativity, relationships, leadership and self-expression- so this full moon is the checkpoint so-to-speak, where we checkin to see where we are at and if our intentions were followed up by conscious action or not. the full moon can be a time of illumination of where we are at- or a time of realizing we are not where we intended which requires a change of course.

this full moon is in airy aquarius, bringing focus to our thoughts, ideas, visions and connection to the global community around us. leo is a sign that is focused on “me” while aquarius is focused on “we” and how we all get along and work together as a global family. this full moon is part of T-square formed between the sun/mercury/black moon lilith conjunction in leo and saturn in scorpio. this T-square has saturn at the apex- showing us that important lessons about facing reality, shadow, fears and desires that run us is key in our ability to really make use of the new moon in leo lunar cycle we are in the midst of.

saturn is actually a heavy hitter in the new moon chart- as he squares the sun, moon and mercury, he cojoins mars (widely), and quincunxes uranus (a long term aspect these two are in right now). the saturn/uranus quincunx was especially potent around july 20th/21st as both stationed (saturn direct, uranus retrograde) while in tense aspect to each other. this symbolize the push pull dynamic between the old and the new, the past and the future, tradition and change. with both bodies in mars-ruled signs- there can be a lot of anger, irritation and rage bubbling up (look at gaza and israel! or just look at your own life). but there is also potential for important actions being taken. if you have been sitting on the sidelines vacillating about what to do in your life- this astrology will take you to your edge and ask you to do something now! the key is learning how to balance the impulsivity and restlessness with foresight and awareness of the consequences.

the positive aspects this full moon makes are to uranus- the ruler of the full moon- and the north node. we have MAJOR potential right now to align with our personal path of destiny and evolution- and it will require radical shifts, changes and opening up to the unknown. with the north node in libra, relationships are evolving. the key is evolve along with them- OR to be able to see where they are no longer evolving and it is thwarting our own growth.

in the full moon chart venus is in the last degrees of cancer and pallas is at the last degree of virgo. with two of the asteroid Goddesses ready to shift into new signs in the next several days- we have major shifts playing out in relationships of all kinds. and with juno just having moved into cancer- we also have new beginnings playing out. it is important that we align with our own Inner Truth so that we can take action from this place and not be swayed by the actions or demands of others. taking time to meditate and introspect is key at this lunation.

i think the fiercest aspect of this full moon is the opposition to mean black moon lilith. she is also conjunct the sun and moon, trine uranus, square saturn and quincunx chiron. BML is forcing us to look at our wounds around ego, passion, narcissism and the need to be seen and loved. saturn/chiron can be a deeply healing influence- but in order to get into the emotions that need clearing and releasing we have to go into the pain, not try to escape from it. this full moon can illuminate our issues with ego, power, rage and victimization. it can bring cathartic clearing if we are ready to face what we need to face- or it can bring up a lot of intensity for us to navigate because we have been avoiding dealing with reality.

the best news about the full moon chart is that uranus and the north node dominate. so if you can stay aligned with your personal path of growth and evolution- and if you can stay open to shifts, changes and sudden reversals- you can use this new moon to move into a new phase of your life. what comes with you and what gets left behind- only you know. but the one thing that is the lowest common denominator is YOU. so take time at this new moon to deeply align with your own path and Truth- and the Universe will help lead you to where you are meant to be going.

have a blessed full moon…

~divine harmony

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