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full moon in aquarius- 8/1/2012

the full moon in aquarius is exact on wednesday august 1st at 8:27pm PDT. this marks the midway point of the current lunar cycle that began on july 18th with the new moon in cancer. full moons bring things to completion, crisis or culmination- so whatever is up for us at this full moon gives us insight into what is not complete or needs to be looked at in deeper ways.

with the sun in firey leo opposite to the moon in airy aquarius the polarities between individuality/indepenence/personal ego and community/interdependence/the collective is highlighted. ultimately we want to find balance between our needs for affection, attention and leadership (leo) and our needs for space, freedom and community (aquarius). wherever we have issues leaning too far on either end of the spectrum- we can expect that that area of life will be up for us right now.

the aquarius moon is harmoniously aspected by jupiter and uranus- bringing opportunities for growth, opening, expansion, change and liberation! the full moon activates the uranus/pluto square- the tense aspect being a quincunx to pluto. deep emotional stuff can be up right now and the degree to which we are willing to go into the shadow and see what lies beneath the surface is the degree to which we will feel the more liberating, expansive energies available to us right now.

the sabian symbol (meditation) for this full moon is ‘during a silent hour, a man receives new inspiration which may change his life’. during this deep activation of Unconscious material the potential for profound insights and new information coming in that can positively impact our life’s journey is high. but we have to be still and quite in order to hear it. taking time to find some silent hours (or minutes) during this full moon is highly recommended!

taking time to get clear on our personal needs and our needs for community/connection to others is recommended right now. with mercury retrograde traveling with the sun (opposite the moon) deep insights can come in out of seemingly nowhere. don’t take these insights lightly- there are messages coming in, if you have ears to hear them.

to find out where this full moon falls in your chart check the weekly horoscopes. be sure to read for your sun sign and rising sign.

enjoy the full moon vibes…

~divine harmony

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