Monday March 8th 2021

the new moon in virgo that occurs on august 28th at 8:04pm PDT is the most potent, positive and empowering new moon i have seen in a long time. it truly is amazing and consciously working with the energy of this new moon and the lunar cycle it commences is highly recommended!

this new moon (when the sun and moon cojoin) is in the earth sign of virgo- the sign of service, healing, and self-adjustment. new moons signify times where we are supported in beginning a new chapter, taking a new path and/or initiating something. in virgo we are supported in organizing our life, healing ourselves, committing to a path of service, and tapping into the best qualities of virgo: discrimination and discernment. i once said that the one of the most powerful siddhis on the spiritual path is discernment- more powerful than say bilocating, reading minds or making things magically appear or disappear. if we can be truly discerning and see things for what they are while still being open to what can be- we can find balance in our lives. this new moon totally supports finding that inner balance in potent ways.

what makes this new moon so potent are the aspects it makes to the other planets- specifically venus in virgo, jupiter in taurus, pluto in capricorn, neptune in aquarius and chiron in pisces. the sun and moon, together with the above mentioned planets, forms what is called a kite aspect in astrological terms. we have a grand earth trine with the sun/moon/venus in virgo, jupiter in taurus and pluto in capricorn- and at the apex of the trine is neptune/chiron forming the kite point. this is a very powerful aspect. grand trines facilitate a lot of energy and in earth the gifts bestowed relate to manifestation, grounding, physical prowess, building foundations that can last for a very long time, and abundance! especially with jupiter and pluto involved- we are supported in expanding and attracting abundance- material and spiritual, as well as transforming and evolving ourselves and our life path in really profound ways. with neptune and chiron in the mix we have spirituality, mysticism, awareness and healing being a key aspect of whatever we are manifesting, building on, or grounding right now. this is excellent- as it is often the physical and spiritual worlds that we have a hard time reconciling. this potent new moon truly supports us in grounding our spiritual visions and mystical ideas, and helping us to be realistic in our compassion, intuition and desire to heal and serve others.

this new moon is ruled by mercury who stations direct two days before (on friday the 26th)- so with mercury still very slow and moving forward it is best if we can remember that slow and steady wins the race. with the grand earth trine and mercury stationary we want to make sure the foundation is solid before we build the house. no cutting corners, no shooting from the hip without foresight and wisdom- we need to think in the long term and make the necessary sacrifices of the need for immediate gratification or the desire to avoid or procrastinate. it is time to act methodically and with discipline and commitment. as mercury picks up speed we will start seeing things unfold in our lives that we start now- and they will last a very long time.

mercury still has to oppose neptune one last time (he already did so by aspect on july 28th and august 8th, and by declination on august 23rd) so we are not seeing everything clearly or in totality just yet. things have yet to reveal themselves- so we need to stay open to seeing reality AS IT IS. with neptune oppositions there is a strong likelihood of confusion, illusion and even possibly deception going on. make sure the words you speak are honest and in integrity- and question what you hear from others. use virgoan discernment- not piscean idealism, fantasy and denial. the last opposition of mercury and neptune occurs on september 8th- so wait for the final words that need to be said or heard then to fully formulate your plan. from now until then make plans for your life but allow for a changes in direction based on what you discover in your communications and conversation with others.

this truly is an amazingly potent new moon, and the following month is important as well as the new moon plants the seed but the rest of the lunar cycle is how we follow through on what we’ve planted. so gear up and get ready to make powerful changes in your life. know that whatever you intend and attend to right now has a lot of potential and is very long-lasting. so choose and act wisely.


~divine harmony

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