Friends of DH

The following is a list of Healers, Teachers, Books and Websites that DH recommends. DH has personally experienced work and/or teachings with those listed below and highly recommends them. Of course every person is unique and has specific needs/resonances, so check out any of the recommendations below and if they resonate for you check them out!

(this list is in the process of being compiled and is “under construction” right now)



jesse ayani- lineage of the codes of light, the brotherhood of the magi
brother of the 3rd degree
kathleen mcgowan- the expected one, the book of love
tom kenyon- magdalene manuscript, also his changelings (check his website)
robert august masters- spiritual bypassing, transformational through intimacy


liz greene (anything by her)
howard sasportas
richard idemon
marina costelloe- crystal astrology
ellias lonsdale- star sparks (meditations on the zodiac)