Tuesday September 18th 2018

hello there and thank you for visiting my website. i LOVE what i do with a passion and i am grateful to be doing work that my Soul loves and that provides service and support for others.

with the new moon in aries and mercury direct (in my solar 10th house) my developer and i have launched some changes and new offerings on my website. in the weeks to come these changes will be implemented (mercury is direct but he is moving slowly after all). these changes are so that i can expand my offerings and also work to find greater support for my work. as most of you know i don’t really advertise save the occasional Facebook ad about my classes. i am not a big marketer- it’s not my forte or my interest. i love what i do and i am wanting to write and offer more- and we are making some changes to support that and find ways that members can support me in doing so.

here is a preview of the shifts happening:

1) i am playing with doing audio horoscopes. i have neck pain and it comes from being on a computer too much. today i recorded the weekly horoscopes with audio and just posted them. please let me know what you think!

2) i will be starting to offer more content: monthly horoscopes, lunar gate calls for the lunar cycles, solar gates calls for the solar cycle, yearly horoscopes and more!

3) we will be offering tiered membership levels based on the new offerings. essentially the new expanded offerings will be available to different levels of membership. i am doing this because i know what it’s like to be on a budget and i want to have lower prices available to people who want cosmic insight and can only afford certain prices. but for those who want more insight and more offerings we have implemented the tiered offerings. the highest tier membership will include all lunar gates calls (13 one hour calls a year on the coming lunar cycle), all solar gates calls (8 calls a year on the coming part of the solar cycle), monthly horoscopes, yearly horoscopes, 20% off reports, 10% off readings and a yearly calendar sent out each year. to get more info on this click here- https://divineharmony.com/become-a-member/

please know that if you are currently a member at the lowest level tier you will still have access to all the content you have had access to up until now. the changes happening are about new content i am offering- nothing is changing regarding access to content i have been writing and posting on my website for the last 7 years.

thank you for your readership and support of my life’s work!


~divine harmony

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