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by | Apr 1, 2017 | Astrology Blog

hello and thank you for visiting my website!  i have made some recent changes to my offerings so i wanted to share that with you here :)

first of all i want to say i greatly appreciate your readership and support of my life’s work.  i am a full time working astrologer and i am grateful to be doing work i love and work that helps others <3

if you are new to my website my astrological offerings include:

  1. my membership service with astrology writings like weekly horoscopes and month ahead forecasts that are members only content
  2. free astrological content posted on my website, facebook, instagram and twitter- including weekly astrology forecasts, astrology blogs and more
  3. personal astrology readings
  4. online astrology classes
  5. astrology reports
  6. teaching at festivals, in online summits and at yoga studios and spiritual retreats

i recently made changes to my membership service.  first of all i have changed the 1 week free trial to a 2 week free trial for those who have not tried a free trial yet (PLEASE NOTE free trials are for first time members only).  in addition i now have a sliding scale donation option for membership services.  you can donated $5.55, $7.77, $11.11, $13.13 or $22.22 a month to access the members only content.  i have done this because i want my work to be accessible to everyone and i wanted to make it both affordable but also, at the advice of a couple of readers, offer higher monthly donation amounts for those who can give more.  i ask that you choose a price that both honors my work and efforts and reflects the value you feel my work has in your life but also honors your financial situation.  to sign up for a membership please click here-

i also have a DONATION button added to my website as i have had people say they get a lot of value out of my free writings and they want to offer something to support my work.  there is both a recurring donation option of $4.44 a month as well as a one time donation option of any amount.  you can find this donation button (look for “become a PATRON”) on the right side bar of the main page of my website.

i have started doing READINGS again (i was on hiatus)!  right now i am booking 5-6 weeks out.  if you want to book a reading please click here-

my next FOUNDATIONS ASTROLOGY CLASS will commence mid may.  if you are interested in learning astrology from an in-depth psychological and spiritual perspective click here-

i also sell REPORTS.  natal reports and solar return reports are amazing birthday gifts! relationship reports can illuminate gifts and lessons between two people.  year ahead forecast reports give you insight into the next 12 months. children’s astrology reports are great gifts to people with kids!  astrolocality gives you insight into how places on the planet impact your natal chart (great for relocation or travel).  i also have added new reports to my offerings including a fixed star natal report and a personal calendar.  PLEASE NOTE:  astrology reports are not as in-depth and personal as astrology readings but they are great introductions to what astrology has to offer and they make great presents!  to see all my report offerings click here-

i TEACH at festivals, retreats, yoga studios and more.  my next teaching appearance is at SHAKTI FEST in joshua tree may 2017.  i have a few discount tickets to sell for this event.  right now tickets are $350 online and i am offering them for $222 each.  please email me via the contact box here if you want to purchase discount tickets.

and last but certainly not least- i have teamed up with where i offer monthly astrology horoscope video blogs as well as video blogs on other astrological topics like black moon lilith, venus retrograde and more.  if you have not checked out oneOeight’s free 10 day trial you can do so by clicking the link below.  please be sure to use HARMONY as the guide referral name and coupon code when signing up.  if you sign up now you will get access to april horoscopes as well as march ones and the 2017 year ahead horoscopes too!

thank you again for your support of my work!  i love what i do and i love being of service.  i am grateful <3





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