waterworks: a chironic full moon in pisces

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hello friends and readers…  i am posting the full moon in pisces lunar insight on the public astrology blog for all to see.  i have been feeling this full moon building since last week!!!  it’s a deep one.

yours in the stars,

divine harmony


the full moon in pisces is exact on monday september 8th at 6:38pm PDT, marking the midway point of the current lunar cycle we are in that began with the new moon in virgo on august 25th. that new moon was in earthy, grounded, discerning virgo- but it was also opposite nebulous, diffusive, illusory neptune- so the whole lunar cycle has something of the mythical and magical, as well as the delusional and deceptive about it. can you think of at least one area in your life where things are not what they seem and where you are trying to get yourself out of some kind of neptunian fog? i know i sure can!

this full moon is potent- as it is in the last sign of the zodiac (pisces) and it is conjunct chiron, the wounded healer planetoid. new moon opposite neptune began a vague, watery and misty moon cycle- and this full moon which marks the midpoint is what i am calling a waterworks full moon! the moon in any of the water signs is already very emotional, sensitive and receptive- but i would argue that pisces is the most sensitive of all the signs. pisces is the sign of permeability of the ego self. the reason why strong pisces/neptune people tend to be so spiritual and creative (or delusional and deceptive) is because of their permeable boundaries. with the full moon in pisces we have a heightened sense of sensitivity- which could bring us to the point of bliss or to the point of pain and suffering. if you find yourself in tears leading up to this full moon- now you know why (i think crying is good- it helps you to release all that you are holding onto).

moon conjunct chiron is a very heavy aspect. there is wounding and pain around emotions, being supported, nurtured and being contained. since pisces is the sign of vast consciousness- there is simply no way to put a container around all that it feels and experiences! this full moon can bring up some deep psychic stuff around childhood, the past and/or the shadow. looking at any wounds and pain (or denial) we have around codependency, enabling, addiction, victimization or playing the martyr is key right now. to add to this on thursday 9/4 chiron was perigee- which means his orbit was closest to earth. whenever planets (or planetoids) are closest to earth their energy is felt more palpably- and so this amplifies the sensitivity and woundedness in the air right now.

in the full moon chart there are two yods, or finger of God/Goddess. the first yod involves the full moon/chiron conjunction, mercury in libra and jupiter in leo. mercury is sextile jupiter- opening the mind and helping support learning, communication and self-expression. yet they are both in tense aspect to moon/chiron in pisces- so what we think or say may be at odds with what we deeply feel and experience on the inside. being able to navigate both realms- that of the mind AND the heart- is important right now. yet the tendency to ignore, deny or sweep under the carpet that which is not rosy, Light and carefree (what leo and libra often prefer) can be high right now.

the second yod is with the sun in virgo sextile saturn in scorpio- with bodies intensely pointing to uranus in aries. sun/saturn wants structure, containment, grounding and predictability- while uranus in aries is a live wire and wild card who comes in to upset the order and create chaos! this yod can unearth stuff we did not see or did not want to see- particularly stuff around anger. if we have been repressing it or holding in for a while- watch out! this full moon chart could pop the lid of all that repression- which can be great for release but could also wreak a bit of havoc in your life if you don’t express that anger consciously!

the full moon also forms a Grand Water Trine with saturn in scorpio and juno in cancer. this sweet watery alignment supports healing and cleaning of the karmic past in relationships and commitments in our lives. the full moon may necessarily bring up stuff we need to look at- but if we can tap into saturn in scorpio and our ability to navigate the shadow, as well as juno in cancer and our ability to attend to the relationships that mean the most to us- then this full moon can be fruitful.

the ruler of this full moon is neptune who is in his home sign of pisces. he is one of the final dispositors of the chart- meaning he stands alone and is strong in his signature. the Highest expression of neptune in pisces is that of the mystic, compassionate one, empath and open-hearted being who is hear to help the world heal from all the suffering. the shadow side can be quite dark though- as that mystic could really be a deluded person, that compassionate one could really be helping others because it makes them look good, that empath and open-hearted person could be inept with boundaries and that open hearted being could be spiritually bypassing their own shadow and personal work. pisces is such a fascinating sign as it rules the mystic or healer AND the addict or psychotic. they are all swimming in the same waters of the Unconscious but it’s only the former who have a life raft, while the latter just get pulled down and sucked under (addiction is often a means of trying to escape oversensitivity).

in the background of this full moon chart is the approaching jupiter/uranus trine. these two bodies in passionate, spirited fire signs will be exactly trine on september 25th- but the energy is in effect all month long. this is a highly beneficial aspect and it is absolutely great for inventions, innovations, getting your mojo back and pushing beyond your own boundaries so you can grow. of course wherever this alignment is in your natal chart will determine what expansive, positive things are headed your way (so check your horoscopes for that info)- but in broad terms this positive energy gives us an opportunity to take whatever lemons we are dealing with in life (full moon conjunct chiron) and turn them into lemonade. they say that everything is grist for the mill- and if that is true, then after the last 2 months you should have a lot there to work with! i highly recommend tapping into the areas of your chart that jupiter and uranus are transiting (by house and by aspect) as these are the areas of life where you are going to be getting some big time blessings to balance out the thrashing the Universe has been giving you of late (or is that just me?? ;)

with so much jupiter all over this full moon chart (sextile sun and mercury, square saturn, trine uranus, quincunx pluto, quincunx chiron/moon- with a 3rd yod being formed by jupiter/pluto/chiron/moon!)- there is a hugely expansive, expressive energy present. so work with it! be grateful, give thanks, see the Bigger Picture, think positive. i am not talking about being delusional or overly idealistic- i am talking about being practical and grounded and calling more of what you really Love into your life by giving thanks for/appreciating what you’ve got.

happy full moon!

~divine harmony

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