Venus Retrograde, Plagiarism, Extractor Culture and disentangling from the Patriarchy

by | Nov 16, 2021 | Astrology Blog

I just sent out a newsletter and this excerpt below is something I wanted to share on my website as well.



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I want to speak to a trend happening in recent years of people taking other people’s original writings and content and repurposing them, cutting and pasting in some instances or cutting, pasting and inserting a few new words so it looks slightly different- and then slapping their name on it. This is called plagiarism.

All my content is copy-righted and as someone who is a writer AND an intuitive/psychic I can feel the energy of my voice when it’s taken in the form of cut and paste and put into other’s content and not attributed and linked back to my website. I just had a situation like this with a writer on Medium. I alerted Medium and they have investigated and found my claims to be accurate and they completely suspended this person’s account.

Had this person responded to my email with “I am so sorry you are right I did take from your article, I will make the correct attributions immediately” I would not have contacted Medium. Instead this person’s response was “We are both psychic and we are tapping into the same Source” which is called Spiritual Bypassing B.S.

Why am I sharing all of this? In part to publicly let everyone know ALL of my content (writings, teachings, recordings) is copyrighted and no one has permission to take it, use it, repurpose it and sell or publish it under their own name. If any of my original content inspires you- to be in integrity you should credit and link back directly to my work. You would think this goes without saying- but that is not always the case. I have had this happen many times actually- a few times by close students/friends!

But I am also sharing this because this is part of Venus’ upcoming descent. It is time to question how we adhere to the patriarchal paradigms of extractor culture- taking from others so we can boost ourselves, claiming other’s original insights as our own and just adding in new words so it’s not the exact sentences- but the energy is there and readable by anyone who reads energy. Add in spirituality and the ability to spiritually bypass and it’s even easy to convince ourselves that we did not take from someone but downloaded it ourselves from the same part of the cosmos this other person did.

In this information overload culture where we consume so many articles, images, posts, messages and then can forget (or maybe intentionally block?) where we get things from- and you can see how things can get VERY MESSY.

I always recommend that if you write your own astrology articles or teach your own content- you write/prepare your content first before researching and reading other people’s stuff (books/articles/social media posts). Very early on in my work as an astrologer I took on this practice as I saw how easy it was to research and have everyone else’s voice come through my writing- and not have it be original or even mine.

After you write your own article if you choose to do additional research and include other’s insights/unique phrases/etc… you should always attribute where you got it from including full name and link to the person’s article or website. But to stay honest- write your own content first before looking around. If you do not know astrology enough to have your own unique insights then perhaps it’s not your dharma to be writing about astrology yet?

There is a reason I was a student of astrology for 12 years before I ever did anything professional with it. Astrology is a deep study that takes devotion and much learning and in the ancient days you trained to be an astrologer for decades before you were ever allowed to to start consulting or sharing the Star Wisdom. There was a reason for this- and in our fast food, consume everything quickly culture we have lost the path of Devotion to something before we try to turn it into a sales pitch or career.

Venus will give us so much to explore and question and get underneath in her upcoming descent. Our willingness to face our own shadows and ways of adhering to a patriarchal culture will be a deep journey worth its weight in gold during this Dark Sun/New Sun season (end of Fall/most of Winter).

More on that soon- I will have a blog and/or video up hopefully this week :)

Thank you for reading and walking the path of Devotion, Integrity and Truth with me…

~Divine Harmony

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