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by | May 15, 2012 | Astrology Blog

venus stationed retrograde this morning at 24’00 gemini, commencing her journey into the underworld. venus will be retrograde for 43 days and will station direct again on june 27th. whenever a planet goes retrograde it is turned inward and becomes more introspective, shamanic and spiritual. it also goes against the natural, outward moving energy of the planet so there can be an inhibition, restriction and/or repression of it’s natural energy. in addition retrogrades are a time to rethink, review, revise and/or revisit whatever the planet and sign relates to.

with venus retrograde we have a time of focus on our relationships, finances, values and self-worth. thinking about our relationship patterns, revisiting past relationships for closure or another go-around, and/or meeting someone new who has karmic ties to our past (past lives is possible. this is also a time to think about our values and our material resources and gain clarity on what needs to shift or change to bring more abundance into our lives.

with venus retrograde in gemini our thoughts and ideas about relationship and finances are up for review. looking deeply at how our thoughts create our reality can help us to change our reality, if that is what we choose.

the station of venus today made a square aspect to the moon in pisces- showing a conflict between the mind energy and the heart/Soul energy. in fact a huge part of this venus transit can be about finding a balance between reality and idealism, over-rationalizing and over-compassionalizing (i made that word up). moon in pisces is idealistic, fantasy-based, romantic and and just a touch ungrounded. venus in gemini is intellectual, analytical, detached and flirtatious. with these two in tense aspect looking at how our minds/thoughts can be in conflict with our hearts/feelings is key.

when venus stations direct again on june 27th venus will be at 7’29 gemini and she will be square to neptune and chiron in pisces- pointing to a need to take off the rose-colored glasses in relationships and finances and deal with reality.

this coming venus journey coincides with the rare and auspicious transit of the sun- exact on june 5th. with the Goddess moving over the face of the ego/sun we have a symbolic image of the Divine Feminine coming back into prominence in our personal and collective lives. think back to june 2004, that is the last time venus transited the sun (it always happens in pairs and only happens once every 120 or so years). if you have anything at 15-16 degrees of gemini you have this venus transit powerfully activating your chart. the same for if you have 15-16 degrees of the other mutable signs- virgo, sagittarius and pisces.

for everyone the coming couple of months are a time to revisit our values, our relationships (patterns, paradigms and present/past partnerships), and our financial reality so that we can make some shifts, let go of the past and grow. particularly considering that this time spans the eclipse portal as well, with a solar eclipse on 5/20 and a lunar eclipse on 6/4- there are a lot of potent and activating energies present right now. it’s all about evolution, change and letting go of an old order so that a new one can come into being!

for more in-depth info about what this means for you check the weekly horoscopes or email me for a personal reading :)

into the underworld we go…

~divine harmony

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