total solar eclipse in leo- leading from the Heart <3

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a much anticipated new moon/total solar eclipse at the 29th degree of leo is exact on monday august 21st 2017 at 11:30am PDT. this eclipse is total and it spans all across the USA- the first total solar eclipse to fall only on USA land from west to east coast since the inception of the USA on july 4th 1776. in this lunar insight i will talk about the eclipse in general but i will also speak to what it means for the united states of america. to understand how this eclipse will activate your personal chart be sure to read the weekly horoscopes for the week this eclipse falls in.

we have been in the eclipse portal since the partial lunar eclipse/full moon in aquarius on august 7th. eclipse portals are times of radical activation, evolution and change. endings precede new beginnings and breakdowns precede breakthroughs. eclipse portals are times to move with the energy of change- as being proactive about our own evolution makes the ride a lot more graceful and easeful ;)

there are some pretty powerful aspects to this new moon/eclipse that make it one of a kind! this includes the Grand Fire Trine the eclipse forms and activates as well as the royal fixed star Regulus that the eclipse is conjunct. add to that mars, the activator, energizing the eclipse degree 2 weeks after the eclipse and i get an image of something being set on fire/coming to Life! (metaphorically speaking i hope!).

the sun/moon conjunction is at 28’53 leo- which rounding up puts it at the 29th degree of leo, the 2nd to the last degree of the sign of the king, queen and royal one. regulus is the royal fixed star of leadership. it is the heart of the lion and speaks to leaders, kings, queens and those in power- but it also speaks to owning our own power, anchoring our crowns and living from a place of sovereignty. an eclipse conjunct regulus is a harbinger of change in the leaders of the world. for those willing to step up and lead from the heart, from compassion and generosity- this eclipse bodes really well. for those who are going against the heart- the discord and chaos that arises from this eclipse could prove to be very destructive! an astrologer/priestess/sistar cathy pagano shared with me how eris, Goddess of discord, can be translated as going against the heart (discord). to me eris comes into expose what is toxic, stagnant and stuck. she does not create discord and chaos as much as reveal what is already there but hidden. cathy’s take on discord as going against the heart is totally resonant to me- and i feel her fierce warrior Goddess energy gets activated when things are out of balance and people are disconnected from their hearts. and with eris’ powerful position in the solar eclipse chart- her voice is here to be heard! (more on her below)

this eclipse is widely conjunct mars and the north node, trine uranus (near exact) and trine eris, and trine saturn and black moon lilith. a Grand Fire Trine is formed between all of these bodies in fire signs leo (sun/moon/mars/north node), aries (uranus/eris), and sagittarius (saturn/lilith). grand trines confer gifts and opportunities. with the element of fire this expresses as vision, Spirit, creativity, leadership, alchemical activate, transmutation and change. with uranus the rebel and revolutionary, eris the warrior Goddess, lilith the Dark Feminine, mars the warrior God and the evolutionary north node all involved- there are HUGE currents of energy incoming around awakening the warrior and leader within! luckily saturn is a part of this configuration and he helps to ground all that fire and intensity otherwise it could seriously get out of hand.

we do need to be aware of this potent astrology as lots of fire can be harnessed for creation and alchemical transmutation. it can also burn the whole house down. if we tend to be reactive, impulsive, restless, impatient, aggressive and dominating- this can be exacerbated right now. having good grounding practices like meditation, breathe work, yoga, etc… is so key right now. we need to have the capacity to reign in our egos and drives, count to 10 before we speak or act, and take some conscious breathes so we can bring our full awareness into all of our body including our heart, feelings and somatic sensations- not just focus on our head/mind or our will.

there are two other very important alignments that are exact the day of the eclipse. once is saturn’s conjunct to mean black moon lilith and the other is pluto’s opposition to ceres the Great Mother asteroid Goddess. both of these can be pretty intense in their own way.

saturn/lilith is an interesting combination as saturn is a symbol of patriarchy and lilith is a symbol of the fierce and powerful Divine/Dark Feminine. patriarchal consciousness and the Dark Goddess have a long history together and it’s not a good one. lilith type individuals (men and women) have been ostracized, burn at the stake or otherwise killed, repressed, muted and disempowered by patriarchal consciousness. saturn/lilith could speak to this repression with subsequent reactions unfolding. yet on the more positive side this can speak to harnessing lilith’s magic, intuition and ability to see into the shadows and get to the Truth- it all depends on how you work with the energy.

pluto and ceres also have an interesting history- very much like the patriarchy versus the Divine Feminine with saturn/lilith! ceres, also known as demeter, had a daughter named persephone. if you know the persephone myth then you know that pluto abducted her into the Underworld and made her his bride. if you dig a little deeper into older tellings of the myths you actually see that this is a re-write from an older story that has ceres/demeter as the Goddess of earth and the Underworld, but because she has too much to attend to on earth her daughter persephone willingly goes down into the Underworld to rule there and take care of the dead souls. pluto was added into the myth later when patriarchy took over and was attempting to take power from the Goddess and shift the power into the hands of the Gods. pluto/ceres can speak to the power struggle between matriarchy and patriarchy, between Mother and Father, between life and death. pluto/ceres can speak to Underworld experiences and finding ways to stand in our power- not give it away to others and play the victim but also not lord it over others and play the tyrant. with such intense energy playing out between lilith and ceres with saturn and pluto respectively- i see a huge activation of the Divine Feminine and the Warrior Goddess who takes a powerful stand. (interesting to note that persephone is conjunct the north node in the eclipse chart, too!)

so now i would like to speak to the USA chart and the chart of trump- the current president of the USA. i use a scorpio rising chart for amercia- one i learned about from my friend and fellow astrology michael o’reilly ( some say the USA rising is sagittarius and some say gemini- and honestly i can see both. but for me scorpio resonates and michael has shown me a lot of proof to support this chart. regardless of the rising sign the planetary placements and aspects made between planets is the same regardless of the rising sign. so i will be mostly focusing on them.

in the USA chart this total solar eclipse is conjunct true black moon lilith- the fierce Dark Feminine- and opposite the moon in aquarius. this eclipse major brings up the hidden shadows that we as a country tend to project onto others (other people, cultures, countries, etc…). the USA chart has moon conjunct pallas- identifying with the intellect and the mind, but also identifying with war and strategy (athena is a warrior Goddess after all). yet this moon is opposite black moon lilith in leo. the Dark Goddess is passionate and deeply feeling oriented in this sign. interestingly both moon and lilith are symbols of women and can speak to the women of america and a massive uprising that is happening in feminine consciousness here in our country! when enough women say ENOUGH and stop coddling the patriarchal men and women and instead call them into accountability, shine a Light on the shadow and demand they take ownership of their shit- our country will have the awakening we are waiting for! the fixed star regulus just moved out of leo, where it’s been for 2000 years, and into virgo- the sign of the Divine Feminine and the virgin (originally meaning of the word is ‘woman who owned herself/was owned by no man). this speaks to a huge shift in leadership from masculine/yang to feminine/yin. from being a leader for prestige and power to being a leader to serve the people and to serve Mother Earth. if you have not seen the article i posted about regulus into virgo you can find that here-

as country we are heading into pluto return (exact in 2022)- something that only happens in countries charts as a person does not live long enough to see pluto return (his cycle is 248 years (approximately). a pluto return is a time of MASSIVE TRANSFORMATION, death and rebirth. it really brings to light all the hidden shadows- the things we have denied, projected onto others, hidden or otherwise tried to pretend were not there. this is a pretty potent transit and right now we are in the start of the labor process. the more of us that get on board with our personal transformation and also contribute our part into the collective transformation- the better!

now onto trump’s chart…he has 29’58 leo rising, with regulus right smack on the ascendant and the total solar eclipse illuminating his chart. he also has mars in leo at 26’47. mars is in his 12th house but also conjunct his ascendant- an interesting place for mars as the mars energy comes out in the personality but he can be largely unconscious of how this manifests. the 12th house is the house of loss, surrender and hidden enemies. this is the house of self-undoing. an eclipse on a 12th house mars on the ascendant could be major awakening and transformative IF he is willing to lead from his heart and check himself when it comes to rash or impulsive actions taken or words said. we are in a precarious time on the planet right now- and we need a leader who gets that and comes from the Highest Place possible when making decisions that affect everyone (not just our country but our whole planet). if you have not read the lunar eclipse in aquarius write up where i speak to this more you can find that here-

i leave you with the star sparks meditations for 29 leo (the degree of the solar eclipse) and 24 leo (the degree of the north node)- as this eclipse is conjunct the north node and both meditations are important to tune into. may “we (all) make the claim to free self and world of their most poisonous blockages” by “being (the) warrior who moves beyond all fighting and resolves the disputes internally”. blessed be!

solar eclipse blessings sent your way! may the Universe help you anchor more deeply into your heart and lead from a place of compassion and generosity for all <3

~divine harmony

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by ellias lonsdale

29 leo- degree of solar eclipse

Leo 29 A broken sword

Defiance of law and precedent. Advocacy of something which can only be grasped when duality is no longer the basis for how we see things. Aspiring to a way of life which we must earn by great suffering and perseverance.
Insistency on the spirit of the law and outlasting the letters of the law. Coming to a realization, almost a second birth keyed to everything that awaits us through grace, through moving inside of deaths, and through becoming at one with spirit in the most unlikely places and times.
A formidable journey to undertake. Made to go back and relive each side of every dispute. Rights and wrongs, goods and evils, praise and blame. Needing to burn out the karma of the polarities. Showing everybody in the vicinity what it is like to be warrior who moves beyond all fighting and resolves the disputes internally.
A mission taken up with a passion. Definitely likely to fail. The odds are all against anybody freeing themselves of history and habit, routine and assumption, partisanship and ego. Yet this is the path of the impossible. We are after a miracle. Nothing less will do.
We go through this for ourselves and for all the world. We are met by Christ along this way and this encounter may be the determining one. Once we do get far enough to find the Christ Within Us, what we have sought becomes attainable. But it is only from that place of true peace that we can take our own multiple duality’s and liberate them from going against each other endlessly.
Along this journey, we know before we start what the victory is like, we see what we are signing up for. It is foolhardy, crazy to take this one on. But if we are strong and inwardly unswayed by opinion, we can make the claim to free self and world of their most poisonous blockages. It simply requires deep guts and a faith to move every mountain.


24 leo- degree of the north node

Leo 24 Sunrise over Stonehenge

The Living Spirit coming through where it is sought, where it is needed, where it can spread and multiply and generate the greatest results and impact. The collective and universal dimension taking charge so completely that all we can do is surrender, give way, get bigger.
An ancient path of bringing cosmic spirit into earth in whatever style is appropriate to context. The assignment is to go to the center and there radiate as fully as possible and show that the center shines brightly and that spirit is alive, magic is afoot.
The challenge is to take something that is so inner worlds potent and make it serve the outer world, without succumbing to the multiple side trips this can so easily call forth. Integrity and impeccable discernment are greatly needed. If we are naïve, impressionable, too quick to jump, we miss it every time.
Often, we pull ourselves back from this challenge and try to postpone the reckoning. It feels like too much is riding on too flimsy a foundation. We want to be more deeply inside the mystery and the magic. And something about this energy keeps spurning us toward the outer rings to get us to be impartial and relevant. So we may be forced indefinitely to go back to that drawing board and try anything we can to season and temper this impulse.
When we do surface with what we have come toward, it is stunning how rapidly and readily wherever we have come to is tracked by others and sensed as pivotal and vital. We have the contagious quality of being into something big that is just aching to leap into broader prominence if we can withstand the shock of such total exposure.
We have been a long time working on the inside. Now we are converging with the world around us. Everybody needs us to make spirit common, accessible, and attractive, and we are the one to do it.