Thursday December 3rd 2020

thor’s hammer and uranus/pluto intensity!

between yesterday and early this morning today mercury triggered the uranus/pluto square by forming an aspect known as ‘thor’s hammer’.  communication could have been fiesty, aggressive and conflictual- but it also may have been illuminating, game-changing and Truth-revealing!  the sun also triggers the uranus/pluto square this week with a trine to pluto tomorrow (wednesday) and a quincunx to uranus on thursday.  more Light shed on the changes/breakdowns/breakthroughs in our lives is set to come!  

i suggest you get used to this frequency NOW and start working with the energies of change and transformation.  uranus/pluto lasts until 2015 so resistance is futile.  with the north node of destiny and evolution moving into pluto’s sign on wednesday pluto becomes the ruler of our evolution and growth for the next 19 months!  dive deep, confront shadow, see where the crap has gotten stuck, purge it and rebirth yourself!  

enjoy your transformative day!

~divine harmony

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