Wednesday December 1st 2021

the mutable year ahead…

well 2012 has officially begun!  there is so much hope and anticipation, and for some people fear and anxiety, building up around this most auspicious year.  it’s in the air- and it’s in the astrology ;)  if you haven’t read my ‘astrology highlights of 2012’ astrology blog check it out- and stay tuned for a more in-depth analysis of 2012 coming soon.

this upcoming year is full of mutable energy.  there are 3 modalities in astrology- cardinal, fixed and mutable.  if you know indian ayurveda- cardinal is like pitta, fixed is like kapha and mutable is like vata.  cardinal is the energy of intiation, starting things, taking action and at times it can manifest as being overly impulsive and unrestrained.  fixed is the energy of staying with things, seeing them through, grounding and at times holding on too long and staying stuck in the past.  mutable is the energy of change, mutation, letting go and at times instability and lack of focus.

in 2012 we have so much mutable energy it’s kind of crazy!  mars, the masculine will and drive, is in mutable virgo for a very long stay (until july 2012) due to his retrograde towards the end of this month.  venus, the goddess of Love and beauty, will move into mutable gemini and retrograde as well, occulting the sun in june (a very rare occurrence).  jupiter, the planet of expansion and abundance, moves into mutable gemini mid-year, and neptune, the planet of mysticism and illusion, moves into mutable pisces for the next 14 years.  let’s not forget the nodes of destiny and karma that are in mutable sagittarius and gemini until late august when they change signs to scorpio and taurus.  add into the mix chiron, the wounded healer, who is in mutable pisces as well- and you have the sky dominated by mutable energy!  this is definitely a year of change, endings and releasing.

if your sun, moon or rising is in a mutable sign (gemini, virgo, sagittarius or pisces) you are definitely going to have a profound year of transition and change.  for everyone- look to where the mutable signs fall in your chart to see where opportunities for growth and letting go will occur.

2012 is a year of being in transition.  if you know anything about the birthing process- transition is that time just before the baby’s head crowns.  for many mothers it is the MOST intense part of the birthing process- yet it means that the baby is just about to enter the world.  it could serve us well to keep this metaphor in mind over the coming year- when things get their most intense remember what you are trying to birth in your life personally as well as collectively and stay focused on that rather than the birthing pains that may be overwhelming you.

yours in the birthing process,

~divine harmony


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