Tuesday October 26th 2021

the death of the ego (mercury RX in leo)…

mercury is retrograde right now (since 7/14) in leo- the sign of the ego. mercury is one of the few deities who can move between the worlds, with the ability to come back up after he has gone into the underworld. typically if you go into the underworld you are stuck there- but mercury, along with a couple of dark Goddesses, have the capacity to resurface again with insight gleaned while journeying down there. as such mercury is known as psychopomp and mercury retrograde journeys are times of shamanistic journeying within.

with mercury retrograde in the sign of the ego we can see his inward/downward journey as a death of the ego and a when he returns to direct motion again (on 8/7) we can see it as a rebirth into the Light. if you know the story of inanna and ereshkigal you will know that in order to go down into the underworld you must die (physically or symbolically). you cannot go down into the realms of Soul with the ego attachments to Light or to being in control. the ego always thinks it is in control- but when you go into the underworld you must release that assumption or it will be ripped away from you!

this mercury retrograde can be a powerful time of insight into our psyche and our ego dynamics. seeing where we need to be right, be in control or be the leader can be very insightful. opportunities to go beyond the ego are possible right now but we have to give something up (namely- the ego!) to get to the gold that lies within.

this week mercury makes A LOT of aspects- to jupiter, chiron, uranus, pluto and the sun (in that order). jupiter and chiron are in square aspect, exact on tuesday, and uranus and pluto are in square aspect from now until 2015. with mercury triggering both deep insight into the wounds and pain of the past as well as the healing, transformation and change of the future can come in big time right now. by week’s end as the sun aligns with mercury, marking the midway point of the current mercury retrograde cycle, prepare for some aha moments and important insights/communcations coming in. yet what you realize or what is revealed will not be fully clear or ready to act on until mercury goes retrograde. so for now the focus is on inner change/transformation/healing- and the outer will align when ready.

for more info on what this means for you by sign check the weekly horoscopes. make sure to read for your sun AND rising sign/ascendant. in esoteric astrology the rising sign is very important- as it is seen that as one gets further on their spiritual path they align more with their Soul’s journey (ascendant) and less with the ego (sun). i suggest reading for both as they both can have deep insight for the week/the path ahead.

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happy monday to you all!

~divine harmony

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