the 29th degree- the end of a cycle, the end of an era

by | Apr 11, 2018 | Astrology Blog

we have two very signifiant planetary shifts incoming in april and may that speaks to HUGE new cycles being seeded that are predicated on old cycles dissolving and ending. all year long and into early 2019 we have chiron transiting back and forth over the 29th degree of pisces and we have uranus transiting back and forth over the 29th degree of aries. both planets shift into new signs in the next 2 months but due to their retrograde journeys they will backtrack into their old signs for one last go-around in the last degrees of pisces and aries respectively.

whenever a planet shifts from the last degree of one sign and the first degree of another it’s significant. of course this happens 12 times a year with the sun and 12 times a month with the moon. with the faster moving planets the shift is more common and more subtle but still there. 29 gemini gives way to 0 cancer and we have the start of summer in the north hemisphere. 29 aquarius gives way to 0 pisces and we head into the last month of the astrological year. the 29th degree has a culmination and completion energy to it. it’s also very karmic- as any and everything not addressed or dealt with in the previous cycle can come up and out to be dealt with in at times quite intense ways!

when you see the 29th degree in a natal chart you know something is being asked to be finally put to rest, finally learned and moved on from, finally completed. there is something like this going on anytime a planet moves over the last degree of a sign and into the 1st degree of the next- but when the slower moving planets do this it is way more significant and represents bigger collective shifts and completions playing out.

chiron the Wounded Healer has a 50/51 year cycle. because his orbit is erratic he spends more time in certain signs (the longest is aries) and less time in others (the shortest is libra). we are on the long end of the cycle right now so chiron moving from 29 pisces to 0 aries takes him into his longest journey through a sign which will be about 8 years for his jaunt through aries. uranus, on the other hand, has a more stable orbit and tends to transit signs for approximately 7 years, with his full cycle being 84 years long to move through all the signs.

uranus and chiron have an interesting relationship- as uranus is the 1st of the transpersonal/invisible planets (the outer planets) and chiron is the bridge between the last of the personal/social/visible planets (saturn) and the first of the transpersonal (uranus). barbara hand clow calls him the rainbow bridge- taking us from personal to transpersonal, from mundane to sacred, from small self to Higher Self, from the known to the unknown.

chiron is part horse, part man: part God, part human. he literally is a bridge between animal and human, Divine and mortal. in his myth he accidentally gets wounded by an arrow dipped in hydra’s blood. because he is part mortal he is mortally wounded and because he is part God he cannot die. he ends up walking around in eternal pain and suffering- passionately seeking a cure- and out of this experience generates a lot of compassion and wisdom and becomes an amazing healer, teacher and astrologer to a lot of the major heroes in greek mythology.

where chiron is transiting is where the collective wounding we need to deal with is. where chiron is natally is where our personal wounds and pain are. in both cases they are not the wounds and pain we will find a magic wand and poof they disappear. they are the wounds and pain we need to relate more intimately to. they demand that we cultivate self-awareness, self-reflection, self-Love and self-acceptance (or in the case of the collective where we need to develop collective awareness, collective reflection, etc…). in doing so we shift our relationship to the wound and rather than act out in it, enmeshed with it- we instead start to relate TO it and in doing so become able to shift from reacting in our wounds to responding to our wounds. we also shift from wound as burden to wound as gift.

chiron transiting from 29 pisces- the very last degree of the zodiac- to 0 aries- the very first degree of the zodiac- is HUGE. this is a shift from the OMEGA POINT (29 pisces) to the ALPHA POINT (0 aries)- from the end of the end to the beginning of the beginning. if you work with the tarot this is like going from the world to the fool. if you can recall back in 2010 and 11 when uranus transited from 29 pisces to 0 aries you may recall what it means to be on the precipice of an old cycle dying and a new one birthing. similar to what chiron is doing this year- uranus went back and forth over 29 pisces before he officially entered aries to stay for good. the day he made his entrance into aries for good was 3/11/2011. do you remember what happened on that date? it was the day of the fukushima nuclear power plant earthquake, tsunami and subsequent nuclear meltdown. talk about a shocking and unexpected (uranian!) event that involved the ocean (pisces rules the oceans).

for this shift of chiron the focus is less on shocking outer events and more focused inwardly- which is not to say world events won’t happen as often they do happen when planets transit the 29th degree. but water is deep and subtle and not as in your face as fire. this transit relates to our deepest wounds and pain- personally and collectively. these are the wounds that run us subconsciously and unconsciously, and until we face these wounds and relate to them directly we will find them wreaking havoc in our lives. the shadow of pisces has really been highlighted in the last years of chiron in pisces (with neptune in pisces definitely adding to it). these pisces shadow qualities are: denial, delusion, avoidance of reality, playing the victim or the martyr, turning to addictions to numb out, escapism, codependency, enabling, lying to ourselves, lying to others and spiritual bypassing (where we use spirituality to avoid dealing with our shit, shadow and pain). chiron at 29 pisces is going to magnify these shadow qualities- asking us to see where we are fooling ourselves and where we are avoiding facing our pain or owning the Truth about our actions and choices in life. does this sound heavy? well yes chiron is kind of heavy. but the key to working with chiron consciously is realizing that until you face what hinders you you cannot move past it. until you do this deep work your life gets directed by your wounding and unconscious conditioning and you will experience it as though it’s fate, always blaming others or the Universe but never taking the accountability and responsibility necessary to spiritually grow up and change. we can use chiron at 29 pisces to numb out even more or we can use it to wake up. we can use chiron at 29 pisces to project all our crap on others and only see it out there or we can use it to face that mirror reflection back at ourselves and see what is going on within.

where chiron at 29 pisces is more yin and more internal, emotional, sensitive and psychic- uranus at 29 aries is more yang, more external, more active and dynamic. because uranus rules shocks and unexpected events- when we have him at the last degree any manner of things can arise that we were not expecting. with mars ruled aries involved this can relate to freedom, rebellion, independence and sudden actions taken that bring sudden change, reversals and liberation! yet this transit can also unearth massive unresolved and unprocessed anger and rage. it can also exacerbate violence, provoke war and trigger uncontrolled expressions of egoic will (on the part of individuals or on the part of countries and religions). when aries is excessively self focused and aggressive- uranus in aries can amplify and exacerbate the selfish, immature, reactive and aggressive energy of people and leaders and countries. but if we have spent the whole uranus in aries transit NOT doing what we need to do for ourselves- this can be like the last hurrah for us taking a stand, saying no, taking full agency in our lives and implementing lasting and significant change.

as you can see we have some very big shifts incoming- and i have not even written about what chiron moving in aries and uranus moving in taurus will be about. i am going to leave that for another blog as this one is getting long enough. we are lucky right now to have uranus and chiron in semisextile aspect from 2009 to 2021. this 12 year period of time is ripe with opportunities for awakening (uranus) and healing (chiron)- for awakening to the pain and wounds that run us so that we can relate to them differently, grow up and evolve. with these planets in the midst of their long term dance with each other and both of them moving into new signs- i see big shifts incoming in both our personal and collective awakening and our personal and collective healing. the 29th degree is like the 11th hour. it’s almost midnight- there is only 1 more hour in the day. the hour is getting late- are you ready, willing and able to make the change you so desperately need to make? growth comes in cycles and there are times where the potential for growth is massive IF we are ready, willing and able to go into uncharted territory, be bold and courageous and cross that threshold. the 29th degree is a threshold degree and with uranus and chiron- the liberator and healer- crossing over the threshold, we have a chance to move ourselves into a whole new frequency right now. it will take work and it will take awareness. and it will be worth it.