taylor swift (natal chart analysis) – a performer with heart & Soul

by | May 9, 2023 | Astrology Blog

so my daughter and i just went to taylor swift’s eras tour in nashville. we were there for the insane sunday may 7th show that was delayed by 4 hours due to severe thunderstorms, crazy lightning and 1 inch balls of hail. it was NUTS- and she went on late and we were there till almost 2am in the morning (original time to end was supposed to be around 11:30pm). it was an unforgettable concert that i wrote a bit about in my Star Family community (you can join this free community here- https://divineharmony.com/community/)

i have to say i am very impressed by taylor as an artist, a woman and a human being. i had heard through my 12 year old daughter how beloved she was by her fans- but i soon learned how much she does for her fans, donating in all the cities she hold concerts in, her work ethic and more. i am not a big concert person- i am an introvert who does not like having my ears blown out or being around too many people (i am an empath- it can be overwhelming at times and this was 70,000 people!!!). but even i really loved my time at the concert and for me one of the most important pieces is that her performance came straight from her heart and Soul (it was palpable). she clearly loves what she does, loves her fans- and they love her back. it was truly an incredible experience!

after hearing about her and seeing her in action i of course wanted to write about her chart. so this blog is going to be giving insight into some of what i see if i were doing an in-depth reading. there are several birth times out there for her- but for me intuitively the capricorn rising chart (8:36am) feels correct. when i tracked big events in the last years (scooter braun buying/selling her records, her mom’s diagnoses with cancer, ticketmaster crashing when her big eras tour sale happened)- they all have MAJOR transits/progressions occuring that make me feel that is the right birth time for her. for example right before the ticketmaster crash (11/15/22)- the 2 preceding eclipses were conjunct her MC and opposite her pluto the ruler of her MC (MC is midheaven having to do with career). i actually remember seeing that eclipse coming and wondered what was going to happen and then that ticketmaster fiasco happened. as such my analysis will be based on that time and anything referring to her ascendant or midheaven, house placements or progressed moon *could* be off pending birth time but the rest of it is going to be accurate regardless.

so first a look at her natal chart- she has her sun in fiery, sunny sagittarius in the 12th house UNASPECTED. an unaspected sun as a performer-WOW. the sun is where you shine and in the 12th house this is actually the position of the sun rising and yet it is not quite visible yet. the 12th house is actually very mystical and spiritual- not so much about the outer world. yet her south node is in leo- so she comes in with leader/performer/creator karma. in my Astrology & Your Shadow class we work with unaspected (or least aspected) planets as the place of our ‘Golden Shadow’. an unaspected planet does not interact with anything else in the chart so it is not influenced by other things, but also can be hard to tap into as it is standing there all by itself. an unaspected sun can REALLY SHINE once that sun has been tapped. i would say she has done it ;)

what is fascinating to me is her sun aspects all 4 asteroid Goddesses (when i say unaspected i am talking about major aspects/major planets- asteroids are minor so you don’t count them when looking for your least aspected planet). her sun semisquares juno the asteroid of commitment in her 10th house of career and also semisquares her vesta the Priestess asteroid of devotion in her 1st house of self (her sun is at the midpoint of the two). her sun also squares pallas athena the Wisdom Goddess and opposes ceres the Great Mother. she most certainly has the Goddess/Divine Feminine energy going for her- you can see it in her performance, hear it in her very creative and unique lyrics, and even see it in the many titles of songs named after women (marjorie, betty, dorothea) as well as songs that tell stories of women (last great american dynasty, no body no crime) and songs that are about calling out the shadow of the patriarchy (the man, karma) and narcissism (anti-hero).

i was super surprised that at her concert for her song willow (one of my favorites) the whole choreography was a bunch of women in cloaks/robes dancing with balls of light. literally it looked like celtic priestesses doing a ritual. she has vesta the Priestess asteroid in her 1st house sitting between her venus (Love & beauty) and her north node (destiny) all in visionary, progressive aquarius. i have no idea how conscious she is of it- but she clearly has Priestess energy she is sourcing from/sourced by.

her moon is at the summer solstice decent degree. after the sun stands still at the highest point of Light on summer solstice- the sun starts to descend when it hits 3 cancer symbolizing that it is time to take that highest Light of the solstice sun and do the work of anchoring and embodying it. she truly shines that Light and with the moon also being how the people or public would connect to her- her moon/jupiter clearly shows her impact on her fans AND how much she cares about them, too (jupiter is the lucky, beneficial planet). i find this quite refreshing as i lived in LA/hollywood for a long time (in my 20’s) and got to see some very celebrated celebs be so mean and nasty to people (waiters, staff, fans). to see someone in her position who knows how to be kind is very cool. (also something her grandmother marjorie taught her- listen to the song marjorie to learn more)

her moon/jupiter helps her connect to people emotionally, empathically and via her feminine essence. moon in cancer is Great Mother energy and i have no doubt she will be a great mother herself if/when she chooses. as she is super close to her mom (very moon/jupiter) and her grandmother who she wrote a song about- it would not surprise me if she has a least one daughter to continue the mother line descent.

interestingly she has chiron in cancer in the 7th house- which can speak to the wounding and pain she expresses in her music around her romantic life. lines like ‘you will be my next mistake’ and saying she has a hard time trusting are completely connected to this placement. chiron is wounding but also healing. the key is in doing our own deeper inner work of healing so that we can stop attracting people who wound us and start attracting people who are healing for us. she also has chiron conjunct Sirius the Spiritual Sun of our sun that is about making the mundane sacred – as well as also Canopus the Path Finder. two very powerful fixed stars conjunct jupiter in the sign of exhalation is very blessed! with transiting pluto heading to her natal venus- which is ruler of her 5th house- i wonder if she will meet ‘the One’ in these next couple of years and maybe start a family? (but first pluto will have to destroy everything and anything that blocks ‘the One’ from coming in)

with pluto in the 10th- we can see her MASSIVE INFLUENCE and also her going head to head with patriarchal authority figures. she started in this business as a young girl and no doubt has had TONS of lessons about seeing people for who they are and understanding that fame, fortune and beauty are only skin deep. pluto squares her nodal axis- so in this life she is at a crossroads where she gets to choose if she will stay stuck in karmic patterns or grow and evolve into new directions. the north node in aquarius points to doing things differently (my daughter pointed out how her lyrics often don’t rhyme and have extra beats in them that don’t conform to regular musical patterns). i see this also in her mercury/uranus conjunction on her ascendant. this is amazing for being outside of the box, progressive, innovative and inspired (mercury is also conjunct neptune which doubles the inspiration as well as saturn that helps her take that inspiration and bring it into manifestation).

with mean black moon lilith and juno conjunct her midheaven we see her commitment to her work (juno) and her embodiment of the archetype of the Dark Feminine (lilith). the Dark Goddess is expressed through power, intuition, sexuality and seeing into the shadows. her reputation album surely channeled the face of that archetype. and with vesta in aquarius in her 1st house- she has a sacred devotion to her life path. with both square they may be at odds with each other at times- i.e. what she wants to do for her personal growth and personal life path can be at odds with what is expected of her professionally. i am guessing that really came to a head during the scooter braun days (when transiting uranus was opposite her juno and square her vesta). interestingly her juno/vesta square is her TIGHTEST aspect in her whole chart (in my intermediate series i teach about how we can look at the one single tightest aspect in a natal chart or synastry or transits/progressions and just that alone can sum up the biggest story of one’s chart/relationship/current situation)

she has the transiting jupiter/north node conjunction coming end of may on her IC! i wonder what super positive things will be incoming? a move? family? finding deeper strength and resources within her own Soul and being? (4th house is the foundation of the Soul and can be about tapping past life gifts that one carries in the depths of their being). she is also is in the midst of her progressed ascendant squaring her natal and progressed pluto- while the progressed ascendant heads to her north node (triggering that pluto/nodal T square). as we all get transiting pluto square the nodes in late july/early august in 2023 (mundane astrology which happens for everyone)- this year will be big for her as the mundane astrology replicates a natal signature and does so by triggering her natal planet venus (the eras tour i am sure is part of it- i have NO IDEA how she is doing 3 back to back 3 1/2 hour concerts in a row. her stamina is amazing but i hope she is not overworking herself as pluto square the ascendant could force her slow down).

i feel into this and sense a new part of her life and destiny coming forward- but also perhaps challenges to break through old patriarchal paradigms for herself and for the collective (as she is definitely a symbol for the collective). this can play out professionally but also personally and in her relationships. exact dates for the pluto/ascendant progressions for the birth time i have are february 3rd and october 8th. (i would say check news items about her around these dates but often what goes on for celebs is not posted until much later). i do know she just split from her partner of 6 years (they began dating around her saturn return)- and transiting pluto just stationed retrograde on her progressed venus at 0’24 aquarius which can be about major endings of relationships. this whole year is very plutonian for her (underworld, death, rebirth, purging, releasing). pluto can strip us down but also gives us the stamina to endure and transform and move through death to a profound rebirth.

november looks pretty amazing for her with her progressed moon moving into libra (great for working on/finding healthy balanced relationships) trine her progressed venus (the ruling planet of relationship) and the north node of destiny on her ascendant. (these are all based on the time i have). we will see what happens then but it looks excellent!

i can say a ton more but will complete this for now. taylor is an amazing performer who clearly performs from her heart and Soul. she has tons of Goddess/Priestess energy and if she is not already aware of that (on a mystical, spiritual level)- i am sure part of her life path will be about realizing and remembering her connection to the Great Mother (aka the Goddess/Divine Feminine). if you go to the eras tour bring ear plugs- it is VERY LOUD. but it’s also an amazing experience. everyone is so excited to be there and the energy that taylor and her crew bring as well as the energy of all the people there makes for a very unique experience.


p.s. forgot to mention her favorite number is 13- the Goddess number. no it’s not evil. it’s the number of the Divine Feminine <3