Star Family Community ~ Instructions for Subscribing/Unsubscribing

by | Jan 5, 2024 | Astrology Blog

This is a post with instructions on Star Family subscribing and unsubscribing for those who need the information.

You can sign up for my FREE Star Family Community here-

In this Sacred Space for community I post about the Astrology Monday-Friday and you receive an email to your inbox to read it each morning (around 8-9am Eastern Time). I barely post on Social Media these days- so if you want the daily downloads come join Star Family Community :)

Due to Kajabi having Community pages be more like ‘Products’ i.e. Classes and Courses you sign up for- versus being more like a Newsletter sign up- the way to unsubscribe is different than how you would unsubscribe for my Newsletter. The emails you get Monday-Friday for Star Family are managed under your notifications and are not things I can unsubscribe you from. You must edit the notification settings yourself- and they are quite easy to follow you just need some direction which I provide below.

For Star Family there is an option of getting the free Kajabi App and getting the daily Astrology posts delivered as a notification to your phone. See below for more details.

Thank you for being part of Star Family- a Sacred Space to gather that is not full of targeted ads, crappy algorithms, keyword search & silencing or shadow banning, and not part of a companies who say in the fine print of their contracts that they essentially own all your content! Keep in mind in the rise of AI they are now taking everyone’s original content and feeding it into AI computers and people’s writing, art, original thinking and more are being used and repackaged. The only way to protect your content as a creator is to not be part of these platforms or at the very least not post anything you really value and do not want copied and used.



To change your notification settings please login to your Star Family account


Be sure to use the email address you signed up under and the password you first used to register with. If you cannot remember your password please click ‘forgot password’ and a reset link will be sent to you.

Then NAVIGATE TO SETTINGS in the upper right hand corner under your profile picture or click here-

OPTIONS FOR NOTIFICATIONS (check the box to turn on, uncheck the box to turn off)

There are 4 options pending what you want notifications for (i.e. emails in your inbox).

1) Please notify me about updates to my products

**This relates to any Courses, Masterclasses or Community Pages (like Star Family or Community Pages for current classes being taught) that you have with me and it relates to your ability to receive emails about them.

PLEASE NOTE- if you are in Star Family and want the daily email posts sent to your inbox Monday-Friday OR you want them to come to your smart phone via the Kajabi app- this box must be selected

2) Please notify me when a reply to one of my posts or comments is created

**This relates to anything you post in class or community pages. If you want to get notices of responses to your own posts/comments please check this box.

If you do not want these notices and prefer to login to Class or Community Pages to see the posts there you can unselect this box

3) Please notify me of all offers granted to me

***This relates to when i give out free masterclasses or gifts which happen from time to time. If you opt out of this you will not receive these offer emails.

4) Please email me about new products and promotions

**This is my Newsletter List where I send typically 1-4 newsletters a month, sometimes more when free classes or a big class launch is happening and sometimes less.

This is also the email list I use to send any emails out to previous students to give alumni discounts, share with past students about new classes and offers, and more.

If you sign up for my free Masterclasses this is also the box that has to be checked if you want to receive the emails with zoom link to attend class or the replay links afterwards.


If you want to receive Star Family notices to your smart phone device follow the instructions below:

1) Download the Kajabi app in iTunes or the app store on your device

2) Sign in to your Kajabi account with Divine Harmony using the username and password you set up when you signed up for Star Family, bought a Course/Masterclass, were given a free Masterclass, etc… If you forgot your password you can reset it via the instructions above for the notification settings

3) Under settings on your device scroll down to find the Kajabi app settings- and click on ‘notifications’

4) Click ‘allow notifications’ and choose how you want to see it, if you want previews, sounds, badges, etc… (there may be other choices if you are not on an iphone- this is what i see)

PLEASE NOTE- if you want the daily astrology posts delivered as a notification on your device you must have #1 turned on in the ‘allow notifications’ section referenced above.

I hope this is helpful! Thank you for being part of Star Family!