Tuesday April 13th 2021

spring is coming! can you feel it? as the sun moves into aries the sun passes through the 3rd gate of his eight-fold yearly cycle that takes him (and us) from birth to life to death to rebirth, from ascension to descension, from enlightenment to embodiment- and back again!

our next call in the 8 solar gates: a journey through the wheel of the year has been released. the first two gates in this series of calls (winter solstice/yule and imbolc) were offered for free and now the rest of them are offered on a sliding scale basis.

these calls are deep dives into the solar mysteries! they include astrology, mythology, ritual, ceremony, yogic wisdom, mantra, shadow work and a guided meditation. they serve to deepen your relationship with the cycles of the sun, as well as the Sun/Son within (the Self!).

for more information and to sign up click here- https://www.divineharmony.org/the8solargates

ostara blessings sent your way!


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