Wednesday January 26th 2022

post full moon

yes we are post full moon but venus, the ruler of the moon, is still very much being activated.  if you recall this week was dominated by a t-square formed by venus, retrograde mars and neptune.  with the Divine Lovers in tense aspect to the planet of romance, spirituality, illusion and confusion there has been heightened potential for both sweep you off your feet romance AND deer-in-the-headlights deception.  

the full moon yesterday was in the same sign as saturn- pointing to a need to get real about relationships.  dealing with boundaries, balance of give and take, self and other, and finding our integrity in relationships is key.  yet that is the last thing neptune wants to focus on!

today venus squares retrograde mars- bringing potential for passion and creativity, but also the potential for arguments, conflict and issues in relationships and financial situations.  mars is weakened right now due to his retrograde and his square to nebulous neptune (not precise but because he is slowing to a stop in the sky to go direct this coming week the aspect is very potent).  this can point to a weakened will as well as a tendency to deceive or be deceived by the masculine.

the week ends with the sun tensely aspecting saturn by declination and by degree at the end of next week (4/15)- so the next 7 days we have a sun opposite saturn vibe that permeates the air.  we are supported if we are dealing with reality rather than avoiding it, living with integrity and honesty, and taking personal responsibility for the karmas and limitations in our lives.  the vibe may be heavy- but it’s fertile ground for Self-mastery and maturity, if we choose to use the lessons in our lives as stepping stones for our evolution.  it’s all how you look at it- and how you deal with it ;)

yours in the karmic dance…

~divine harmony

p.s.  if you missed it check out the lunar insight about the recent full moon- it was potent and is still in effect!

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