pluto opposite Sirius: the sacred lies concealed in the profane

by | Feb 4, 2015 | Astrology Blog

there’s a lot of astrology flying around this year of 2015 that will likely keep all of us pretty busy. we have the last uranus/pluto square on march 16th, right on the heels of a T-square that just formed by the nodes of destiny and karma and uranus and pluto in january. major shifts, changes, upheavals and pivotal points of choice on our personal and collective paths of destiny and evolution are the focus the first 3 months of year.

and of course we have saturn square neptune all year and throughout 2016- pitting the material against the spiritual, reality against dreams. this is a powerful transit of spiritual crisis or spiritual mastery- and likely both will occur with the first one (spiritual crisis) initiating us into the other (spiritual mastery).

we also have jupiter moving into virgo this summer and jupiter will activate regulus who is now in virgo- the sign of the Divine Feminine, the sign of service, nature, humility and healing. regulus is the most powerful royal fixed star and it’s shift from leo to virgo (in 2012) points to the shift of power from ego-centered to service-centered, from masculine to feminine, from rulership to stewardship. venus will station retrograde this summer and activate the 1st degree of virgo and regulus as well- so this summer looks to be a time of activation of powerful women and men who serve the Goddess and care about the earth to come into positions of leadership and influence in the world (it’s about time!!!).

but behind and beyond all that is a transit that i believe to be even more significant and it was exact for the first time this week (on 2/2) all year long throughout this powerful year of 2015 transiting pluto- the Lord of the Underworld and planet of death, rebirth and transformation- will oppose the fixed star Sirius at 14’17 cancer, uncovering and deeply activating the very mystical, mysterious energies that Sirius has accumulated throughout history.

Sirius is the brightest fixed star in our sky that many ancient cultures saw as spiritually significant. if you have heard of this great star you probably know of Sirius’ association with the egyptian culture. ancient egyptians have stories about Isis and Osiris- their Goddess and God figures- coming from Sirius down to earth in space ships (yes they were aliens) to help awaken, instruct and evolve humanity and life here on Mother Earth. from the mundane perspective Sirius speaks to the ability to make the mundane sacred and bridge the material world with the mystical. but on a deeper level this star points to our connection to Cosmic Consciousness and Higher Frequency Light, Wisdom and Love that channels here from Sirius to Regulus and then through our Sun. of course Sirius gets it’s Higher Frequency from somewhere as well- so it’s not that Sirius is the end all/be all point. but for humans in the 3D world just wrapping our heads around the Sirius connection is enough- so we may as well get a grasp on that first before we start looking beyond for the true Source ;)

pluto is the transpersonal planet of Higher Will. he is the Higher Octave of mars, the lower will. with the Higher Will energizing the Spiritual Sun of our sun, we have major openings or rifts occurring between the 3d world and the spiritual, mystical, transpersonal experience. pluto rules birth and death- and so pluto opposing sirius can play the midwife or guide for us out of one one mode of being (3 dimensional, ego based) and into another (transdimensional, Spirit based). this can come by way of intense experiences that burn away the dross- and whatever is left standing is what is True and what is Right. one of the images of pluto is the phoenix- an amazing image of rebirth and empowerment. but we must remember that in order to rise out of the ashes, something previously needs to have been burn to a crisp. so this year can be one of alchemical fires of transformation- where we can turn base metal into gold. of course to do this we need to be keeping up with our Inner Work. and we need to be willing to question and take down the structures, limitations, dogmas and traditions that are not valid for our lives- and may never have been valid but we believed in them because we were told they were true.

this pluto/Sirius transit has been building all throughout 2014 so we have been feeling it (not to mention uranus squared Sirius all last year starting in may 2014 with the last exact square being this month on 2/24/15) and it will still be energetically present but waning in 2016. but this is the year when the transit is exact. the first opposition was yesterday on 2/2 and the next two will be on 7/5 and 12/8. i find the 7/5 one particularly interesting as that is a day after the birthdate of the USA, which means that the pluto/Sirius opposition will be occurring at the same time as the pluto opposition to the USA’s natal sun. a pluto transit to one’s natal sun is all about massive transformation, death and rebirth and/or regeneration around identity and who we know ourselves to be. this is the same for a country, although it’s repercussions are felt collectively and historically rather than personally (as it would be for an individual). i see this year a huge year in which the USA can choose to evolve and grow and make much needed changes. there are other options of course- but i am focusing on the positive ones in this article (you can google pluto transit to the USA’s sun to see some other astrologer’s ideas on the topic if you are interested).

you may have already surmised that as a country the USA has Sirius on their sun. this was timed perfectly and i have no doubt that whoever choose the birth date and time of the USA was very well aware of this. the uranus/pluto square activates the USA’s sun from 2014-2015- and when the wake up/shake up duo activate the sun of a country there are huge forces pushing for evolution, revolution and transformation in the identity of the country. ask anyone who had uranus/pluto activate a planet or angle in their chart in the last few years- your life dramatically changes in some form by the time the transit ends. what i personally would LOVE to see in the USA is a deeper connection to our Source and awareness of our part in the unfolding destiny of Planet Earth. when we unconsciously contribute to the Earth’s destiny- problems occur (just look at the environment, our food supply, the quality of education and health care in our country!). but when we consciously contribute to the Earth’s destiny- that is when we can effect some profound changes that can alter the course of history.

i highly recommend prioritizing Inner Work, meditation, dream work and other types of Spiritual support that help you see beyond the veil, get to the Truth of things (within your own psyche as well as in the world around you). it’s a great year for MAJOR transformations and awakenings- personally and collectively. if you happen to have planets or angles at 14-15 degrees of aries, cancer, libra or capricorn you are in the direct line of transformational fire. i actually get a sense that these people can be the conduits for the Higher Frequency energy coming in. of course you can be an unconscious conduit or a conscious one- so the Inner Work, meditation and practices that help ground and anchor you are recommended.

it will be interesting to see what unfolds in this powerful year of 2015!

may we all navigate the transformational journey with grace and ease…

~divine harmony