Wednesday August 5th 2020

notice to subscribers…

hello to all my subscribers :) first of all i would like to say a deep, heartfelt thank you so much for your readership and support of my work. i appreciate you very much!

i also wanted you to be aware that this coming week my developer will be transferring my membership component to a new one. the one i have been using for the last year has had a lot of really frustrating issues which has caused me countless hours of extra work to manually address. it’s been a full on headache experience dealing with this and it has definitely impacted my ability to write as much content as i am capable of. i finally found another service that is widely used by big name companies and i am VERY EXCITED to be changing over to member mouse this week! (and to put this website fiasco behind me)

i am telling all my subscribers this so you will understand and know ahead of time about the switch. yesterday i spent 7 hours doing manual admin work going through each membership line by line looking for issues or inconsistencies before the transfer. you may be getting website emails saying your membership is changing or ending. if it says something has changed please do not worry and wait for the final email introducing you to the new system. if you get a notification saying your membership has ended it is mostly likely because your paypal account stopped paying dues (i had about a dozen accounts that were open but their dues stopped coming in- something my current membership component should not have let happen). if you think there is an error please check your paypal to be sure you have paid dues recently- do not look this up on your account settings on my website as that only lists when the website tries to take payment not when paypal actually transfers it. if you clearly have paid dues then please do email me asap so i can resolve any issues. i hope to move through this transfer process with as few hiccups as possible! and i can assure you that once we are transferred over it will be much smoother sailing :) and i can get back to writing and teaching more- YAY!

thank you so much for your patience and understanding. i look forward to reporting to you all about the competed transition by the end of this coming week =)



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