Tuesday October 26th 2021

Astrology Classes with Divine Harmony

astrology-classesDo you want to learn the sacred and scientific art of Astrology? Did you know that in all ancient mystery schools a working understanding of astrology was a prerequisite to go deeper into the mysteries? Astrology is an amazing tool for self-study and evolution- and can be a gateway into deeper and more expansive understanding of the Cosmos and your place in it! Join Divine Harmony’s Astrology Classes to dive deep into this fascinating topic!

Divine Harmony will be offering her popular In-Depth Astrology: FoundationSeries astrology classes by webinar and conference call (both options will be available but computer access is preferred) in May/June 2018.

This series of classes will cover the planets, the signs, the houses and the aspects- the four cornerstones to a working understanding of astrology. The classes are taught from an In-Depth, psychological and spiritual perspective- so even if you have been studying mainstream astrology for a while you will find insight from DH’s unique perspective. The classes are also very interactive, using student charts as examples to see how astrology translates into real life experience.

Classes will meet once a week on Saturday from 9am-11am Pacific Time/11am-1pm Eastern Time/5pm-7pm London Time for five weeks in a row starting Saturday May 19th with the last class on Saturday June 16th. The classes will be recorded and viewable/downloadable after class is over (so if you cannot make class live- you can watch them when you are able to). The exchange for these classes is $250.

PLEASE NOTE: space is limited as DH uses students charts as examples in class so she keeps the class size small as she personally casts all the charts and takes notes on what charts she will use when.

To register and pay for astrology classes please do so here.

To email requesting more information please contact DH here.

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