new moon in libra: initiation, activation and evolution

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the new moon at 1’08 libra is exact on tuesday september 23rd, 2014 at 11:14pm PDT. this new moon happens a day after the sun’s ingress into libra, the time of the fall equinox in the northern hemisphere and the spring equinox in the southern hemisphere. the equinoxes are the times of year when day and night are equal- and symbolically this is a time to find balance within the self and in our outer lives. libra is a sign of balance- so this equinox new moon can start a brand new chapter in our lives in regards to how we strike this balance, or it may highlight where things are out of balance first so that we can be clear on what it is we need to realign within and without ;)

it is interesting to note that the equinox is the day BEFORE the new moon- so the equinox chart itself shows a dark moon (balsamic moon). there is something about the coming season (fall for those in the north, spring for those in the south) that has a focus on endings, completion, release, renewal and regeneration. we are seeking balance in our lives, relationships and the world around us- yet it is not until we are able to truly end and complete an old way of doing and being that we can birth something new and find the true, masterful balance we seek in our lives. this is amplified by the fact that pluto also stations direct on the same day as the equinox- so the lord of the underworld and planet of transformation, death and rebirth is strongly configured as an old cycle and season makes it way out. pluto is the root rooter of the Universe- so when he is stationary it truly is time to clear out the inner and outer crap in our lives!

this new moon is a powerhouse new moon for many reasons- and i HIGHLY recommend cleansing, retreating and taking time to introspect and reflect in the days leading up to it. we are not only ending an old lunar cycle at the start of next week (september 22nd-23rd)- we are also ending a whole season. endings precede new beginnings, but if we are still stuck in the past with one foot in and one foot out- we will not be going anywhere new! and worst, we will be dragging the past into our future with us- which depending on what it is we are holding onto, could actually serve to slow our growth and evolution down.

the sabian symbol for this new moon is ‘the light of the sixth race transmuted to the seventh’. this is a very powerful occult symbol, that is unlike any of the other symbols written in the traditional sabian symbols by marc edmond jones. one one level this symbol speaks to the profound evolution, ascension and transmutation we are all going through- universally and personally. this sabian symbol points to evolution, profound shift and to me it represents the tipping point. elias lonsdale’s meditation on this degree is entitled ‘an apprentice medicine man allowing himself to be bitten by a snake’. this title shows the association with this degree with INTIATION.

in the crystal bible by judy hall, the crystal she associates with this degree is moldavite- also known as the grail stone. if you know anything about the myth of the grail- in some interpretations what was being sought was a cup or chalice, but in others there was actually a green stone that was being searched for. some people have put these two together and said that the chalice itself was made out of a rare green stone- some say emerald, but others say moldavite. moldavite is a meteorite stone that is not from our planet. this high vibration stone helps us to connect with star beings and our star origins. it’s a very intense stone so it’s not to be worked with unconsciously. i remember the first time i purchased on as a pendant- i wore it everyday and for over a week i was buzzing, felt sick to my stomach and had a lot of very odd and strange things happening to me inwardly and outwardly. after about a week of wearing it everyday i seemed to stabilize and now i don’t have the same impact when i wear it- but boy was it doing some major clearing work on me!

if you look into the grail myth- often the interpretation is of seeking a literal cup, but this misses the deep metaphorical meaning behind the whole story. a cup or chalice is a symbol for the womb. the seeking of the grail is actually about seeking the Goddess and Divine Feminine- that aspect of the Universe that we have seriously lost touch with and as a result we have created imbalance within ourselves and the world around us. there is something that is getting ready to reveal itself to us and it can be felt as underlying excitement or perhaps fear about what exactly it will be. many are afraid of the apocalypse- but it may hearten you to know that the root meaning of apocalypsia in latin is ‘the lifting of the bridal veil’. so the apocalypse is really about revelation and lifting of the veil of delusion- and it’s also about lifting of the veil of the Goddess so that we can consciously connect and integrate her back into the depths of our being and realize that she is in fact the World Soul (and as such the Soul of us all).

the new moon is conjunct venus- the ruler of this lunation- so the Goddess theme is about as in your face as you can get. if you are man please do not feel left out of this new moon/blog. men have inner feminines just as women have inner masculines and all of life is made up of both (Masculine and Feminine). ultimately it’s all about balancing both so they work together effectively, rather than having one dominate and the other submit in a power/over, power/under structure. i personally think we have been swinging from one of the spectrum to the other for millennia. i think the Feminine has come into power and then dominated the Masculine, and i think things then went in the other direction and the Masculine came into power and dominated the Feminine (which is where we are now). what we need to do is stop playing the yo-yo game and work TOGETHER so that we can move into both/and, win/win situations. i don’t know about you but i am tired of fighting, i am tired of playing the victim and i am tired of playing the tyrant. i am ready for a new path forward! of course to navigate this path it will take hard work, deep commitment and an ability to rise above old neural pathways that keep us playing out Unconscious patterns ad nausea. this is not easy work- but it is certainly rewarding and definitely worth it!

because the new moon is in libra, there is certainly an implication here on relationships. new cycles, new chapters, new paths forward can be found in relationships of all kinds. for some this may mean reaching new ground, for others the path forward requires letting go of some aspect/situation/person/belief of the past. the sun/moon conjunction is parallel chiron the wounded healer, so the key to making the most of this new moon is being willing to see and own your wounding and pain. projecting them out seems easier- and when we do that we don’t have to take personal responsibility for what is going on in our lives (inside and outside). but UNTIL we get to this place of ownership, personal responsibility and integrity- we will keep on playing out the same karmic patterns of the past- and we will keep meeting our own Unconscious projections outside of us and label it as fate. when we do this we give away our power as creators of our personal experience and co-creators of our Universal experience. in order to heal the world around us, we MUST heal ourselves first. as long as we think it is “out there” we are missing the Bigger Picture completely.

i personally see the healing of the split between the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine as a healing and reuniting of the quaternity. there is Dark and there is Light, there is Feminine and there is Masculine. in the quaternity there is Dark and Light Feminine and Dark and Light Masculine- four aspects of the Divine making up the totality of the God/Goddess expression. of the four, the Dark Feminine is the one that has been the most demonize, repressed, controlled and violated- and so i feel it is the Dark Feminine that we need to do the most work with right now. this is reflected in the new moon chart as the 3 Liliths feature strongly in the chart. asteroid lilith is conjunct the new moon- showing a new path forward and away from being victims, being unseen, being repressed, being disempowered. and there is a T-square formed between saturn in scorpio conjunct vesta (the priestess archetype) opposite dark moon lilith in taurus, with both square black moon lilith in leo. i see the asteroid lilith as the victim, dark moon lilith as the tyrant and black moon lilith as the whole, empowered Dark Feminine. saturn is a symbol of patriarchy and where we get repressed, controlled and tamed in ways that do not serve us. the T-square configuration points to the need to purge fears and/or obsessions with power, sexuality, control and death (all the taboo topics of scorpio!)- so that we can come into relationship with the Dark Feminine within and without in a way that is balanced and not being motivated by Unconscious obsessions or rejections of her.

the Dark Goddess’ gifts are that of intuition, magic, prophecy, seeing in the Dark, seeing what others cannot see, getting to the root of things and sussing out the Truth. we need her right now- in a world where things are not what they seem and where we put on rose colored glasses so that we don’t have to see the shadow and toxicity that is staring us in the face. we dump radiation into Mother Ocean, thinking that it will sink and we won’t have to deal with it (yeah right!). we genetically modify foods thinking we are helping the world’s starving eat, without realizing the implications of modified food on the health of the body. there are so many things that are going on in the world where if you just look at the surface you will think one thing, but if you look deeper you will see quite another picture. this is what the Dark Feminine is for! she helps you see in the dark- like an owl or black panther (two of her totems). she helps you face that which you are afraid to face. she helps you integrate your shadow. she is key in the equation and to be honest she is the ONLY thing that has the power to balance out the Dark Masculine that has gotten distorted and out of control on planet earth today.

so at this new moon in libra, we’d all do well to seek balance between Light and Dark, self and other, Feminine and Masculine, within and without. as i stated at the start of this very long article (once i get going it just pours out!)- i highly recommend doing something that supports you detoxing, retreating and turning within this weekend and until the new moon on tuesday night. focus on what you are calling in, what you are letting go of, and all the while call it all in with grace and ease (this part is key- as you have the power to choose to receive things in different ways- some of which are more fun than others!). tap into the deep mystical meaning of the sabian symbol of this new moon- “the light of the sixth race transmuted into the seventh”. look within and see where you are ready to be initiated, where you are ready to shift, where you are ready to awaken and evolve to the next level of consciousness. i know this sounds huge and maybe a bit hard to anchor into and ground into being- but don’t let that deter you. this new moon is about seeing the Bigger Picture- and then in the weeks following you can attend to the details and start practically applying what you have realized and are ready to birth into creation in your life.

many bright new moon blessings sent your way!

~divine harmony

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