new moon in sagittarius- leaping into the unknown!

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the new moon in sagittarius is exact on friday december 11th 2015 at 2:29am PST, commencing a new lunar cycle that is focused on growth, expansion, positivity and taking chances in life! typically sagittarius operates from a place of freedom, limitlessness, optimism and generosity- and these qualities are definitely available to us all right now. yet we cannot forget that this new moon is in the same sign that saturn is in (and 11 degrees away from saturn- which could be considered a super wide conjunction)- so there’s also an energy of contraction, reality, karma, integrity and mastery playing out right now as well. ultimately we are being called to find a balance between leaping into the unknown and checking to make sure there’s a net securely placed below us. too much jupiter/sadge energy and we are overcommitting, overachieving, overdoing, overspending! yet too much saturn energy and we are holding ourselves back from doing and being more. this new moon challenges us to get a healthy assessment of ourselves and our potential- and then by utilizing the saturn energy we can show up to do the work and make our dreams and visions fully materialize in the 3d world.

this new moon makes several important aspects to take note of: it harmoniously triggers the mars/uranus opposition (which was exact the day before), it links up with the uranus/chiron semisextile and it squares jupiter (the ruler of the new moon) who is conjunct the north node of destiny and evolution. the mars/uranus opposition is an exciting but also destabilizing energy which when used consciously can help facilitate positive change, evolution and consciousness shifts in our lives. with the new moon sextile mars and trine uranus- we are emblazoned to take action and make things happen in our lives. if we keep talking about what we want and desire but continue to sit on the sidelines dreaming- this new moon is a call to stand up, show up and pursue said dreams so they can become a part of our reality.

the new moon square chiron has an important reminder for us though. we don’t want to be going for it or embracing opportunities to grow and expand as a means to cover up wounds and pain we have that source from deep within (going back to childhood and even past lives). if buying x, y or z or marketing ourselves or telling people how great we are is merely a cover up for low self worth or lack of self-Love- it will come through the veneer put on the surface of things. chiron reminds us that we all have wounds and pain and even the most glittery picture perfect people with 1 million instagram followers have bad days, insecurities, shadow and inner suffering to navigate in their own lives. when our outer persona is a mask we wear to hide our inner reality and Truth- we are challenged to look and see where we have been only focusing on the surface (beauty, fame, fortune, lots of followers) at the expense of our own depths (inner fulfillment, deep meaning, Soul’s purpose, inner Light).

with the new moon square the nodes and jupiter on the north node- we can find ourselves at pivotal points of choice in our lives. do we grow into uncharted territory or do we keep on doing the same old things expecting a different outcome? jupiter and the north node in virgo remind us that whatever we want to grow or expand into in our lives must be worked for. we have to show up, do the work, be humble and be focused on being of service. if we focus on glamour or some other idealistic vision of ourselves being seen in the world (the shadow of pisces south node) we can get ourselves heading down the wrong path- chasing things that won’t truly fulfill us.

jupiter on the north node is an amazing alignment (that is building until summer solstice- exact on 6/24) that brings profound gifts when we choose the path of growth and evolution above and beyond anything else our ego is calling us to do. the north node is not the easy path. following it necessarily pushes us out of the nest while we figure out how to fly falling down. the south node is what we came in with, we are good at, but we can also stay stuck in and keep on playing out old karmic patterns. because saturn is square neptune all throughout 2016- part of the south node lesson is to really face where we are in delusion, self deception, denial and avoidance of reality. where do we check out- drink, do drugs, get sucked into screen time (TV/computer/iphone)? where do we play the victim or the martyr? where do we try to save everyone else so that we don’t have to focus on saving ourselves? jupiter on the north node can bring deep discernment about our own shadow and also the shadow of others and the world around us. peeling back the curtain and being able to see beyond the facade to get to the Truth is the gift of jupiter in virgo- but the key is we have to be willing to do this with ourselves first and then we can do it with others/the world around us. what good is it to see the shadow in everyone else but yourself?

with jupiter as ruler of the new moon- his alignment with the north node, activation of uranus and chiron, square with the sun/moon conjunction and trine to pluto are important. lots of jupiter energy in a chart brings major activation and opportunity for spiritual and material growth. yet it must be tempered by saturn. we cannot be out for material growth at the expense of our Spirit, Soul and integrity. choosing the Spirit first- without spiritually by passing the shadow or neglecting the day to day needs and material world mastery- will open doors like nothing else will.

the sabian symbol for 20 sagittarius (rounding up from 19’03 sadge) is ‘in an old-fashioned northern village men cut the ice of a frozen pond for use during the summer.’ dane rhudyar says this degree speaks to ‘the foresighted use of natural resources to supply future needs.’ this is fascinating to me as natural resources and future needs are up big time on planet earth. from chemtrails dumping toxins in the sky to GMO’s in our food and radiation spreading in the pacific ocean- we are doing horrible things to our precious natural resources that our children need to survive on planet earth. on a personal level this sabian symbol can speak to paying attention to implications in the future of what we do today- yet on a collective level this becomes even more significant and clearly appropriate right now. we all need to think long term consequence- not short term reward. in our fast food nation where we seem to want everything faster, quicker, larger more- we are living out the shadow side of jupiter and sagittarius and this kind of mentality can and will cost us. looking at where we do this personally and shifting our own trajectory will do much to contribute to the larger collective shift that needs to happen (as within, so without). having more is not always better. more Facebook fans, instagram likes, more pretty clothes and jewelry, more alcohol, more sex, more fame, more money- it’s not all that is cracked up to be. it also takes us down a path where we are focused on the outer at the expense of the inner. ultimately the earth walk journey is about navigating both- being a spiritual being having a human experience. i am not suggesting to be an ascetic and not focus on money or material things at all. what i am suggesting is allowing the inner calling, passion and purpose to guide you and then the other things naturally fall into place as a result of alignment within- rather than an over focus on whatever it is we are trying to make happen without.

elias lonsdales’ star sparks degree for 20 sagittarius speaks to a deeper more esoteric level this new moon can take us to- if we are willing, able and ready to go there. read on…

Sagittarius 20 The changing of water into wine

Blessed. Surrounded by every opportunity in the world. Granted to meet in life that which can revitalize and restore and reawaken what was lost, stuck, stopped.
Given a charge of inner worlds power. A prana of life-giving essence to offer into the most obdurate situations hope and enthusiasm. Not put off by coming up against tremendous outward and inward stuff to cut through. Just knowing there is a force, there is a way somehow.
Bearing a treasure that is priceless. Offered the keys to the kingdom. It is simply a matter of calibrating the Living Spirit in all things as supreme. Yet there is something in this worship, in this ritual that is more than the simple basic model would suggest.
We are here entering upon the mystery of soul remembrance. What does it mean when we can recall in a fragrant fashion all good and essential things and we never can forget them? What does it do for us when we immerse ourselves over and again in especially painful and enduring lessons and repetitive experience, yet all throughout we feel and know inside that we can come through and that everybody can come through?
What this does is to tap a storehouse of spirit spark that is right here available whenever we are ready to surrender to it’s depth of power. Usually, we must first exhaust every other way of dealing with what is at hand. Only then do we remember the prayer, the vision, the promise.
The Christ Spirit dwells inside this frequency. We meet Him freshly endowed with a cosmic spirit presence. He seeks access to our most basic life path. Always, He wishes to endow us with His indomitable spirit so that we can do as He does, be as He is.
It is a rhythm, a pulse, a knack. Once you get it, you can’t lose it. Then you know the New Birth in all things.

may we all find the Christ Spirit (or God/Goddess/All That Is- or however else you name it)- as remembering our divinity is the first step towards rising up to ACT from and BE in our divinity. this is the best use of all the jupiter/sadge energy- to elevate our Spirits, not our egos- and to focus on giving, doing good, helping to expand consciousness (ours first and others by example)- all so that we can make the world a better place for our children, their children and their children. the changing of water into wine happens when we realize that it’s up to us to make the shift- as within, so without.

new moon blessings sent your way…

~divine harmony

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