new moon in gemini: living in the Truth, seeing thru the lies

by | Jun 10, 2015 | Astrology Blog

the new moon in mercurial gemini is exact on tuesday june 16th 2015 at 7:05am PDT. with the sign gemini in the spotlight- the coming lunar cycle has a focus on communication, thinking, ideas, connection, change and movement. this is massively amplified by the fact that mars is conjunct both the sun and moon! with the will, warrior and drive involved in this lunation there’s a lot of action-oriented energy available in the coming month- yet we have to work with it wisely and consciously as shadow mars can erupt as aggression, irritation, accidents and even violence. being conscious of our need to act, assert ourselves or take action in life will definitely serve us in this next lunar cycle.

it’s interesting to note that the mars energy has actually been in focus for the last week or two as mars has perfected several aspects to other planets. he has squared chiron, sextiled uranus and sextiled jupiter. in his connection with both jupiter and uranus he has activated, by midpoint, the jupiter/uranus trine that will be exact for the 3rd and final time on june 22nd. this expansive, innovative and growth oriented energy is involved with the lunation- and the best use of mars on the new moon is in honing our desires and wills so that we can make things happen and go after what we want in positive, expansive, growth oriented ways.

of course mars and the new moon’s square to chiron shows another side of the picture. this new moon is not all about taking action, speaking up and/or going for it. we have to temper our wills so they work in service of Spirit. this new moon conjunct mars and square chiron can bring us face to fact with wounds we have around asserting ourselves, taking a stand or taking action in our lives. alternatively this lunation could also face us with where we run rough shod over others and don’t have enough sensitivity or empathy for other people’s ideas or situations they are in. that fine line between victimization/passivity, healthy assertion and negative aggression is highlighted right now- and it can be very easy to tip over too far in either direction.

the ruler of the new moon is mercury who is now direct in gemini- THANK THE GODDESS! that was one crazy insane mercury retrograde OMG. mercury is direct and he is opposition to saturn and square to neptune, triggering the saturn/neptune square that lasts throughout this year and all of next year. the push pull between reality and dreams, the material world and the spiritual world, what IS and what can BE are highlighted by this square. mercury in tense aspect to both is a reminder to question our thoughts, ideas, attitudes and things we hear or say to others around us. saturn at the last degree of scorpio (he just backtracked back in days before) brings up lots of shadow to confront- but also the potential to master said shadow and integrate what we are cut off from. with mercury in his home sign of gemini square to neptune in his home sign of pisces and both of them square- a big theme that is up is that of discerning Truth from lies, fact from fiction, fantasy from reality. this aspect has occurred a total of 3 times so it has been a theme all of may and june- and because the 3rd aspect does not occur until june 23rd we are not quite out of the woods yet.

there’s also an auspicious Grand Air Trine formed between mercury in gemini, ceres in aquarius and the north node in libra. opportunities for new connections and ideas/visions shared with Kindred Spirits can form or deep right now. mercury trine ceres is focused on nurturing and nourishing through information and learning, while mercury trine the north node brings in path-altering ideas, teachings or connections. and ceres trine the north node is all about focusing on giving back to community (ceres is in aquarius) in some way. this Grand Trine has potential seeded in it- and it is up to each of us to discover that potential and run with it. and that is what a new moon conjunct mars is for!

the sun/moon/mars alignment is also conjunct asteroid arachne- bringing to mind the spinning weaver and spider medicine. this makes me think of the intricate detail you can find in a spider’s web but also the tangled webs we weave and get ourselves caught in. with gemini involved and with us still right smack in the middle of intrigue with mercury square neptune- arachne on the new moon reminds us to to be honest and in integrity with the words we say as if we say things that don’t line up eventually we can get caught in our own trap! looking beneath the surface of things so that we can get to the Truth is key in this gemini season. people, things and situations are not what they seem- and we need to be willing to challenge our perceptions as well as the proclamations of others (and the media). we need to ask the right questions to get to the Truth!

there’s one more thing i would like to mention about this new moon chart and that is the fact that the sun, moon and mars are all approaching the Gate of Man which is exactly opposite the Gate of God (which is the Galactic Center). these are two very esoteric, powerful points in the sky and when planets cross them there’s potential for awareness, information and realization to be incoming. this is likely to play out more subtly unless you are intentionally working with the energetic gates. if this resonates for you take some time at this new moon and up to a week after to tune into whatever messages are waiting to be received.

on a more mundane level this new moon can be used to get clear on what we think, what Truth we are aligned with and what actions we need to take in our lives to further our pursuit of living that Truth OR to realign our lives with a new Truth that is being revealed to us. for more info on how this plays out in your natal chart check the weekly horoscopes that will be posted no later than monday june 15th.

new moon blessings to you!

~divine harmony