new moon in capricorn- start as you mean to finish

by | Jan 5, 2016 | Astrology Blog

the first new moon of 2016 is exact on saturday january 9th at 5:30pm PST. this new moon is a time to plant seeds and set intentions about what we are calling into our lives in regards to ambition, success, professional standing, structure, discipline and integrity. this is a great new moon to get clear on what you are calling in and then do something practical, tangible and masterful about it. if we reap what we sow then we want to take care as we sow the seeds of our future success right now, all the while staying deeply committed to our Greater Purpose in the world!

this new moon makes two significant aspect configurations with other planets in the new moon chart. first of all the new moon is trine retrograde jupiter in virgo who is conjunct the north node, also in virgo. jupiter cojoins the true north node twice in january and a third and final time on june 21st- whereas jupiter cojoins the mean north node on june 24th. so this month and the month of june are HUGE in terms of growth, expansion and opportunities coming into our lives for inner work as well as being of service to the world. the new moon trines both bodies in earth signs shows that what we set into motion right now has amazing potential behind it to grow deep roots as well as reach high into the sky. like a tree being anchored into the underworld and upperworld- the things we set into motion right now have the potential to do the same and help us bridge our dreams with our reality.

the other major configuration in the new moon chart is a T-square formed between the new moon, uranus, pluto and black moon lilith. during the entire month of january uranus, pluto and BML are in a T-square formation (pluto squares BML on january 10th and uranus opposes her on january 25th)- and the new moon on january 9th triggers the whole configuration. the uranus/pluto square is no longer exact but they are still traveling close together and they are still bringing in shake ups and wake up calls, breakdowns and breakthroughs. with black moon lilith in libra involved the evolutionary and revolutionary energy is permeating relationships in our lives as well as structures and traditions that are old paradigm and need to be taken down. this can be amazingly freeing and liberating, but it can also be anxiety producing and unnerving as things we are holding onto that are no longer good for us can be snatched away by the Universe right now.

with the new moon conjunct pluto, square uranus and square BML- we have a powerful force of energy for evolution or destruction- and it’s up to us how we use it. the new moon in capricorn helps us to set new foundations but pluto on the new moon and square uranus and BML is a reminder that we don’t want to build on the ruins of the past. we first need to clear out, detoxify, cleanse, renew, regenerate or release the past all together- and then we can start to set a new foundation on which to build. this can play out in relationships, career situations and in the world around us! whether something has to die or something can be revived all depends on the work we are willing to do on ourselves as well as the work we are willing to contribute to the world around us.

the ruler of this lunation is saturn (he rules capricorn) and is currently in sagittarius and during the week leading up to the new moon he cojoined venus. reality checks as well as serious and perhaps somber assessments of relationships, money situations, our values and self-worth are the focus right now. before we can create was is possible we have to be able to fully face what is and take personal responsibility for it being that way. if we keep blaming others we play the victim and then we cannot conscious create anything in our lives (we will simply be passive receivers of whatever is thrown at us). saturn is in square aspect to both neptune and chiron- reminding us that we need to reality check ourselves when we are in denial, delusion, or allowing ourselves to be deceived (or perhaps where we are deceiving others?). luckily saturn trines uranus- which helps us to find a bridge between the old and the new, the past and the future and step up to create the change within that we so desperately want to see without.

a few other notable things in the new moon chart are mercury at the 29th degree- having just backtracked into capricorn due to his retrograde station early in the week. we are in the 3 week underworld phase of mercury where we are asked to rethink, review and revise the past first before we can move forward and create the future we want to experience. with mercury in the same sign as the new moon we are reminded that what we intend at this new moon must be balanced with concrete actions of dealing with the past and all the implications or consequences of past actions. if we ignore this we will miss the opportunity to set something new into motion. but if we do this inner work then we can get clear on patterns we have played out Unconsciously and we can consciously change them- which will put into effect a new outcome.

we also have eris- the 10th planet- stationary and set to go direct a mere 4 hours and 48 minutes after the new moon is exact! with the activist Goddess who is here to makes waves of change on the individual as well as collective level at a standstill in the sky- there is a strong urge to act, to do something and fight or take a stand for whatever cause we believe in! of course this needs to be balanced with some pragmatism so that we don’t impulsively or reactively take action without balancing it with wisdom, forethought and healthy self-restraint (the positive side of capricorn).

clearly there is a lot of fire in this earthy capricorn new moon. that fire can be wielded for creation and positivity or destruction and negativity. it is up to us to choose wisely! tune into your Highest, elder self (aka the capricorn hermit/wise old man/crone woman) and allow that being to lead your desires, intentions and actions during the new moon this month.

new moon blessings sent your way…

~divine harmony