Thursday February 20th 2020

new moon in aries: acting on our Inner Voice

the new moon in aries is exact on saturday april 18th at 11:57am PDT. this marks the ending of the eclipse portal we just went through (what an intense eclipse portal!!!) and the beginning of a new lunar cycle. similar to the last two new moons, this one is also at the last couple degrees of it’s sign. so we are in a series of new moon energies that speak to new beginnings or new seeds being planted that rest upon the completion, closure and ending work we do in our personal and collective lives right now.

this new moon is at 28’25 aries- the second to the last degree of aries. it is interesting to note that this new moon is relatively unaspected. the only aspect is a very wide conjunction to mercury- about 9 1/2 degrees apart. many astrologers will look at conjunctions to luminaries (sun and moon) if they are up to 10 degrees apart- so it’s energetically there for sure. yet because it’s so wide it is considered a much weaker influence (the closer the orb, the more potent the aspect). so for all intents and purposes this new moon can be seen as unaspected- which makes the sun and moon stand alone, unaffected by other planetary energy and as such more focused in their directive or mission.

this new moon is conjunct a very interesting sabian symbol. the symbol’s title is ‘the music of the spheres’. at it’s essence this symbol is about harmonizing with the Universal plan and realizing our part in the cosmic plan that is being orchestrated by us all. dan rhudyar has the following to say about this symbol: “The individual advancing “on the Path” should seek to understand and realize his place in the vast scheme of mankind’s evolution, in the immense Chord of the harmony of the universe. The message to the seeker for meaning which is implied in this symbol is TO LISTEN TO THE INNER VOICE; to listen without personalizing this Voice in a glamour-producing manner. It is the Voice of the Whole, of which one begins to realize that one is a tiny little part – yet a significant part, for every note of the universal Chord has its place and its ineradicable meaning.”

with the new moon in pioneering, innovative, action oriented aries- i see this message as a reminder that we need to not just LISTEN to our Inner Voice- but we also have to be ready, willing and able to ACT ON IT. aries is not a sign that sits around and listens- it’s a sign that takes action, initiates things and goes for it! with the new moon unaspected and super focused in it’s energy- we have the potential to really tap into our Inner Voice, find our Cosmic Compass and realize our place in the Universal Game Plan.

it is interesting to note that just recently i have been exploring solfeggio frequencies- which are often talked about as the music of the spheres. in addition to this i have been studying harmonic charts- which show harmonic frequencies (similar to different octaves) of one’s natal chart. this study has been immensely interesting to me- and to have this new moon be a reminder of the Cosmic Music ad Universal Order that permeates everything and everyone on all dimensions is pretty synchronistic. if you have not explored solfeggio frequencies click this link here to read more about them-

now onto the aspects and other things of importance in the new moon chart…

the ruler of this lunation is mars (he rules aries) and in the new moon chart he is heading into an auspicious, empowering and transformational Grand Earth Trine with pluto in capricorn and mean black moon lilith in virgo. on thursday the 16th pluto stationed retrograde in EXACT trine aspect to BML. i wrote an entire blog on this which can be found here-

with mars- the will and drive, lining up with pluto- the Higher Will (pluto is known as the Higher Octave of mars)- and both of them linking up with the fierce, powerful Dark Goddess- we have a potent configuration of manifestation, evolution and transformation. pluto and BML both love to dig beneath the surface and get to the Truth. they can kind of be seen as masculine and feminine versions of each other. the intuition, penetrating insight and ability to see beyond the facade to get the Truth is strong in both of these archetypes and when you put them together that is amplified. when you add in mars- we are supported in TAKING ACTION on what these deeper awarenesses are that are coming through. whether we are seeing ourselves more deeply, dancing with our own shadows, getting to the root of issues in our personal lives- or if this is playing out for you more collectively as in having occult or metaphysical realizations about our origins, why we are here and what our trajectory is on planet earth- it’s all about pulling back the veil of delusion/confusion/denial so we can SEE THE TRUTH.

in addition to this Grand Earth Trine mars is conjunct mercury and square jupiter- which can bring aha moments, insights and important information to Light. the desire to learn, travel, explore, teach and expand the mind is high. yet both mars and jupiter are very yang, at times aggressive planets. so we need to make sure our pursuit of Truth is done with conscientiousness, patience and tolerance for other people’s versions of Truth. next week mercury will also form a Grand Earth Trine with pluto and BML- although the Grand Trine of mars/pluto/BML is the most potent since pluto stationed just days before these three line up. so the Earth Trine energy of manifestation, embodiment and grounding is with us for a while- and we want to be sure to work with this potent energy consciously and intentionally this month!

a few fixed stars and asteroids are important to take note of in the chart. mercury is conjunct hamal and schedir. venus also parallels hamal- which is a fixed star associated with following one’s path. the new moon in aries has a pioneer and activist energy and hamal just enhances that. we are each to follow our own True Path- and this new moon can be about getting really clear what direction that is and what you can take with you and what you need to leave behind.

schedir is a Dark Goddess energy- which is present all over the chart. schedir is the Queen or Female Power. this is echoed by the pluto/BML trine- it’s all about empowerment of the Dark Feminine. the Dark Feminine is intuitive, magical, psychic, potent and a force to be reckoned with. mercury on schedir gives us access to Her Voice as it moves through us. it also takes our mind to deeper levels of insight and penetration- great for therapy, shamanic journeys and occult studies. the other important Dark Goddess energy in the chart is dark moon lilith. if you recall (or if you do not) there are 3 lilith’s- black moon lilith, dark moon lilith and asteroid lilith. dark moon is conjunct neptune and vesta in pisces- a priestess signature if i ever saw one. neptune is mysticism, vesta is the priestess (the one deeply committed to altruistic goals), and dark moon faces us with our own shadow and fear around power. we all have issues with power in some way, shape or form. some of us give away our power and play the victim or martyr. some of us lord our power over others and play the tyrant. the whole, embodied Dark Feminine symbolizes stepping into our power and being centered in it. it’s not about domination and it’s not about repression. instead it’s about sovereignty- ruling over the only one being/thing we can rule over…ourselves.

with so much Dark Goddess in this chart- we have a lot of support for accessing our own depths and power as well as the ability to navigate our own shadows so that we can bring them into the Light. doing things that help to support the connection between body, Soul and Spirit are recommended right now: yoga, tantra (the true form- not the glorified orgy kind), hiking in nature, doing ritual or ceremony, chanting, sound healing, solfeggio frequencies, etc… whatever helps to anchor you into your body without disconnecting you from Spirit is key.

the asteroid that stands out to me most in the chart is astraea- the Goddess associated with justice. she is conjunct mars- the ruler of the new moon chart. in her myth she was the last Divine Being to live with mortals on earth during the Golden Age. she apparently left earth in the iron age- fleeing from all the wickedness and Unconsciousness she was seeing humanity display. she was disheartened and as she left she she ascended to the constellation virgo. she is associated with purity and innocence- so in her leaving the purity and innocence of humanity also left. it is said she will return one day bringing back the next Golden Age- although it is not clear if she will return when we wake up and return to innocence or if she will arrive and help us wake up. either way- her placement in the chart is something to take note of. with mars aligned with purity, innocence and justice- there is a need to look at our personal and collective lives with a degree of innocence but also with a degree of discernment. her association with justice points to the need to balance the scales. this brings us back to the sabian symbol of this new moon which related to the harmony of the spheres. the harmony of the spheres is the ultimate example of everything working together in unison. if things are out of balance- then astraea on mars can help us to listen to that Inner Voice within and heed it’s message. whether the imbalance is within or without- this new moon can help us tune into where it is, what it is and what we need to do to bring things back into harmony.

for more information on how this new moon plays out in your chart be sure to read the weekly horoscopes (which will be posted by sunday night).

dark moon and new moon blessings sent your way…

~divine harmony

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