new moon in aquarius- true freedom comes from within

by | Feb 4, 2016 | Astrology Blog

the new moon in aquarius is exact on monday february 8th, 2016 at 6:39am PST- commencing a new lunar cycle that focuses on what is evolving and radically shifting, changing and rearranging in our lives. aquarius is the sign of the visionary, the rebel and the revolutionary and with uranus as ruler of this lunation we are being asked to start a new cycle in our lives that diverges from the stuck patterns and old paradigms we keep playing out from the past ad nausea. this is a wake up/shake up new moon- particularly considering uranus is highly aspected in the new moon chart. uranus links up with the sun, moon, mercury, venus, mars, jupiter, saturn and pluto (the only planet he does not link up with is neptune)! with so much uranus energy splayed out all over the chart- the only constant we can count on is change! it’s fascinating to see uranus link up with all 5 personal planets- bringing in the winds of change to our sense of identity (sun), feelings and emotions (moon), mind and thoughts (mercury), heart and desires (venus) and direction and energy (mars) right now. any area of life that is begging for a change- this new moon will help you make it happen! yet it’s up to each of us to discern what areas of life need change and what we are willing to do about it ;)

one of the most interesting features of this new moon is the fact that right after it is exact the moon goes void of course- a time traditionally seen as bad to take action under. void of course moons are kind of like dark/balasmic moons- in that the energies are waning, releasing, ending rather than starting up or initiating. typically a new moon IS a time to start new things, plant new seeds and move in new directions- so having this new moon followed by a void moon brings an interesting juxtaposition of energy to the lunation. on one hand there can be a one step forward, two steps back energy playing out over the next lunar month. in addition this speaks to the need to think before we take action and take a sacred pause to reflect before we make dramatic changes in our lives or leave one path behind in favor of another. the uranian energy is great for sudden change and evolution- but the void moon reminds us that any change we truly seek to anchor into must be Sourced from within first. if we are miserable in our lives and we think that if we move, get a divorce, leave a job or make some other radical change in our lives that is going to be the ticket to our happiness- we will have another think coming down the road! outer circumstances reflect inner realities- so if we are miserable we must get to the root of that misery inside of us first otherwise we will find ourselves back in the exact same circumstances we were so eager to get away from (just in another shape or form).

the defining new moon aspect in the chart is the square of the sun/moon conjunction to mars in scorpio. this is a fiery and feisty combination- and right on the heels of a fiery and feisty mercury retrograde journey we just had that also began with a square to mars (and ended with a conjunction to pluto!). mars squares are frictional, irritable and intense. mars as the lower will and express unconsciously as aggression, anger, violence and domination of others. yet when he is worked with consciously he can help us dig deep to get the Truth of ourselves and others- even if that Truth is hard pill to swallow. michael lutin pointed out that this new moon is the midpoint of pluto and chiron- bringing the energy of the Great Transformer and the Wounded Healer into the mix. pluto demands that we dig deep, face shadow, feel all our emotions and not stay on the surface so we can stay in denial. chiron demands awareness of our deepest wounds and pain- the wounds and pain that run us Unconsciously and make all our decisions in life (even though we think we are making them ourselves- we are not- we are being run by our conditioning). the midpoint of pluto/chiron brings the transformative energy of pluto into relationship with the healing energy of chiron- which can make this lunation a deep one, but also an intense one (particularly if we have been heavily invested in avoided get in touch with our pain for years, maybe lifetimes).

another archetype that illuminates the deeper themes playing out during the upcoming lunar cycle involves the asteroid kassandra- who is conjunct the sun and moon. kassandra was a prophetess that could see into the future. she originally was a priestess of the Goddess, but when patriarchy took over she became a priestess of apollo. apollo was struck by her beauty and wanted to have sex with her but she did not want to have sex with him and this infuriated him. he then laid a curse on her saying she would see into the future but no one would believe her. hers was a journey of trusting herself and her intuition even when everyone else around her thought she was mad! with kassandra on the aquarius new moon there can be great visions of the future incoming- which is compounded by the sabian symbol for 20 aquarius which is ‘a large white dove bearing a message’. messages, visions, dreams and prophecies about our personal and collective future should be heeded in the coming lunar cycle. this new moon can foretell the future- but we all must have ears to hear and eyes to see so we don’t miss it.

it is highly recommended to work with this new moon in a different way than you would typically do so. instead of focusing on intentions, calling things in and taking conscious action- perhaps you can stand in a place of opening, receptivity and fluidity- allowing the current of the new moon to take you somewhere new of it’s own accord? it’s also recommended to use the aquarius/uranus energy to radically shift your life from the inside out first- rather than focusing on the outside and thinking it will change the within.

new moon blessings sent your way…

~divine harmony

p.s.  thank you for your patience as i try to catch up on all my writing, reschedule my readings and get my work life back into a rhythm after having the flu.  it was a rough week!  i appreciate your understanding as well as your well wishes!