new moon in aries- change or die!

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the new moon in aries is exact on thursday april 7th at 4:24am PDT, commencing a new lunar cycle that focuses on initiating changes, evolution, revolution, endings and new beginnings in our personal and collective lives. a new moon resonates with the energy of aries so having a new moon in the sign of aries brings with it an extra dimension of fire, yang, dynamic and active energy to work with! of course too much yang fire can turn aggressive, conflict oriented, argumentative, accident prone and impulsive- so we want to navigate the upcoming lunar cycle with care, presence and a deep alignment with what is for the Highest Good of all concerned (so mote it be!).

this new moon is POWERFULLY aspected. the sun/moon alignment is conjunct the rebel and revolutionary uranus and the warrior Goddess eris, opposite the fierce Dark Feminine black moon lilith and square to the Lord of the Underworld pluto. the uranus/pluto square is no longer exact (that lasted from 2012-2015) but they are still traveling close with each other so this new moon has a similar shake up/wake up quality that the uranus/pluto squares years had. yet what is new in this configuration is the adding in of the fierce intense feminine energies- eris and lilith. uranus and pluto are akin to the light and dark masculine energies (or the solar and lunar masculine energies) and eris and lilith are akin to the light and dark feminine energies. i personally see lilith as a counterpart energy to pluto and i definitely see a resonance with eris and uranus, particularly considering uranus is in aries right now (aries is eris’ brother). eris is the light feminine in respect to her being an aspect of the solar/active/dynamic feminine, rather than the lunar/passive/receptive feminine. jung postulated that wholeness was symbolized by the quaternary- or as i prefer to call it the quaternity. wholeness is realized when you have light and dark (or solar and lunar) masculine and light and dark feminine all working together in a cohesive whole.

this new moon has all four aspects of wholeness represented but they are facing off in very intense ways- which shows the potential for wholeness and evolution coming out of an experience of conflict, opposition, tension and/or crisis. with the aries/libra axis highlight this is likely to manifest in relationship dynamics (romantic, business and otherwise) and a need to honestly see what is working, what is not, what is our personal responsibility, what is not and what can and cannot be done about it all. interestingly this new moon forms a T square with cancer filing in the missing part of what would be a Grand Cross. so the cancer area of our charts and lives is under a pressure cooker of intensity right now! this could relate to emotions, to home/family situations, to something regarding the mother (personal mother or archetypal Mother) as well as Gaia herself! luckily this new moon is also trine saturn- showing us that if we do the work to radically transform, die and rebirth ourselves and/or some key area of life we have the capacity to anchor into a new foundation upon which we can build for many years to come. yet it is up to us to navigate the wake up/shake up energy consciously first. if we are seeking new solid foundations (relationships, jobs, homes, dreams) before we leave the old ones- we may miss the boat. it’s not really a leap of faith when you find something else to to secure yourself first is it? this astrology is about taking a leap into the unknown in an active way but also a passive way in that we surrender to the Universal currents as they know where we need to be (and where our ego thinks we need to be may very well be the worst thing for us). the keyword for doing this is TRUST.

the new moon is also quincunx the evolutionary north node- with uranus quincunx the north node exact throughout the month (on april 8th and 22nd respectively). uranus with the nodes can bring in sudden and unexpected changes, developments, endings and new beginnings. these can be exciting and positive or they can be the last thing we thought we wanted to happen- but regardless of how the ego perceives them they are for our Highest evolution right now. the push pull between the aries impulse to act, argue, take a stand and make things happen in the moment is at odds with the north node in virgo’s need to be discerning, discriminating, analytic and aware of the long term implications of things. with mars about to station retrograde on april 17th- we actually need to temper our will, drive and ego energy otherwise actions taken in haste right now could shoot us in the foot. channeling fiery energy into exercise and processing anger in healthy ways like therapy are really key- otherwise energy can build up and get explosive and even destructive. this is amplified by the fact that both mars and pluto will be stationing retrograde within 20 hours of each other mid month (pluto stations on april 18th). with the lower will and Higher Will both slowing down to station retrograde- we need to put the breaks on our egos so that we are not acting out of aggression, anger, rage, frustration, fear or rebellious reaction to being tempered, limited or restricted in some way. sometimes restrictions are things to rail against and other times they are necessary periods of discipline and tempering that our Soul puts us through. being able to discern between the two- what is the baby and what is the bathwater?- takes maturity, mastery and commitment to living life from the Highest integrity possible. no easy feat!

i leave you with ellias lonsdale’s star sparks meditation for the new moon degree (19 aries). for me the stand out line that sums up this lunation is thus: “Change or Die!”

new moon blessings sent your way…

~divine harmony

Aries 19 Someone performing trephination.

The surgeon lies within. He enlists many allies inherited from the ancestors. The reasonable one is used up, is no longer viable, needs radical treatment.
When the core self is this eerily intent upon just one thing, all efforts and stirrings go toward making sure that this one thing can happen. A narrowly thematic band of events and experiences all have one’s own name written on them, saying Change or Die!
Yet this kind of tremendous odds marshaled in one directive pattern mobilizes rebellion, reaction, and every postponement there can be. It’s too naked a proposition to just put yourself under the knife and know what you’re doing.
It’s a bizarre situation. The self is obsessed with its own demise, its own relativity, the illusion it derives, the old worlds it perpetuates. The self is into its own endless story, able to make way, yet no, not just yet.
First we need to really become all those patterns we’re so eager to leave behind. First we must honor legitimately those secondary aspects we were trying to run right by. And first we must above all, reckon with this earthly journey, give it the respect that’s due it, and then submit to a whole different phase from a real place of knowing what you’re giving up and that something greater is coming, once you have consumed these figures who do constitute yourself. And in all your worlds and memories, getting ready to make way big time.
The moment of being with what seems so small and worthless and the discovery of every hidden chamber in the places that still must be completely left behind.

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