mutable grand cross new moon- at the crossroads of crisis and opportunity

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the new moon at 14’53 gemini commences on saturday june 4th, 2016 at 8:00pm PDT- commencing a new lunar cycle that focuses on communication, thinking, perception and ideas. there is a strong focus on our mental perception of our reality as well as our personal and collective journeys in finding and living aligned with Truth. this new moon is a powerful lunation as it forms a mutable Grand Cross with venus, jupiter, saturn, neptune and the nodes. Grand Crosses bring 4 different areas of life into conflict or tension with a need for resolution that is hard to come by (wherever the mutable signs of gemini, virgo, sagittarius and pisces fall in your chart will be the areas of crisis and opportunity- for more info check your weekly horoscopes).

mutable signs are the last signs of the season and they represent transitionary energy from one season to the next. gemini is the last part of spring, virgo is the last part of summer, sadge is the last part of fall and pisces is the last part of winter. the last part of the season is kind of like the dark of the moon- a time of release and letting go as well as a time of CHANGE. this mutable Grand Cross new moon has change written all over it- changes of direction, changes of heart, changes of mind and changes of circumstances. it’s not a typical new moon as usually new moons are powerful times to plant seeds and set intentions- but this new moon square jupiter, opposite saturn, square neptune and square the nodes is actually about discerning Truth in one’s life and making necessary decisions that have to do with endings/letting go/releasing of the past before the new can truly take hold.

the number one aspect this new moon makes is a conjunction to venus- she is tightly aligned with the sun and moon by only 29 seconds of exactness. usually sun/moon/venus is absolutely lovely and beautiful- great for relationship, generosity, abundance and positivity. yet the opposition to saturn brings cold hard reality into relationships and financial situations and further he forces us to really honestly assess what our values are and where we are or are not valuing ourselves, respecting ourselves and acting from a place of deep self-worth and self-Love.

with the sun/moon/venus alignment square neptune there’s an idealistic, fantasy based energy playing out where we may be seeking that which does not exist! yet this can also unearth tendencies towards denial, delusion, deception (of self, of others or by others) as well as codependency, enabling, addiction, playing the victim or martyr and otherwise choosing to check out. the saturn/neptune square is potent- with the first square last year around thanksgiving and the next two this year on june 17th and september 10th. the fantasies and dreams of neptune get faced with reality when saturn faces off with him- and this can necessarily pop bubbles and bring up deep feelings of disillusionment, despair, disappointment and more. yet it can be easy to stay in the victim stance and feel like things are being done to you- but if you use saturn’s energy wisely you can start to look at your piece in the puzzle and see where the situations you find yourself in are actually of your own making (on some level conscious or Unconscious). the best use of saturn square neptune energy is finding ways to bridge reality and dreams- yet it will only occur if we show up to do the inner and outer work AND if we are willing and able to take the rose colored glasses off so we can see ourselves and others clearly as we are and not as we could be or as we wish we/they would be.

add in jupiter’s position in the T-square and we have the planet of excess and exacerbation throwing more fuel on the already hot and heavy fire! luckily jupiter is in discerning, masterful and full of integrity virgo and he is aligned with the evolutionary north node of destiny and growth. the quagmires we find ourselves in right now are the perfect alignment of inner and outer circumstances that are bringing us to the pivotal moment of choice and change. we can keep on doing what we have always done and keep on getting what we have always got OR we can change. doing things differently is weird at first but we have to create new neural pathways in the brain- rather than default to the old pathways that we have been stuck in. jupiter and the north node help us to humble ourselves, see the work that needs to be done on ourselves or in situations in our outer lives and then get busy doing it! luckily jupiter and the north node are in beautiful aspect to pluto- anchoring the potential for profound transformation and evolution this month. if you show up with integrity, humility and a commitment to well being and service- the Universe will guide you through doors you never imagined would open in your life!

of course i have to mention the sun/moon/venus aspect to pluto- these two are in quincunx aspect which is a tense configuration with both points of the aspect having a hard time understanding the other. sun/moon/venus in gemini values lightness, fun and exploration! of course the shadow side of gemini is being split from within (a good side and a shadow side that are not integrated), superficial and having the grass is greener syndrome. pluto in capricorn is quite the opposite- he is intense, deep, looking for the shadow and interested in deep, Soul changes versus the more superficial ones. yet he has his shadow side where he can be overly cynical, dark, not coming up for air or able to see the Light. with this duality head to head and with the new moon making so many intense aspects (not a single “harmonious” one) i get the feeling that deep things will be up for us to navigate during this lunar cycle IF we are willing to navigate those depths and not just stay on the surface. one of the worst manifestations of sun/moon/venus is wanting things to be peaceful, harmonious and fun at the expense of doing the work and acknowledging the shadow dynamics going on underneath. we are all challenged right now to dig deep, face our inner demons and not project our shadow outside. as it’s only when we can own and integrate it that wholeness happens- and situations shift (as within, so without).

the ruler of the new moon is mercury who is no longer retrograde but he is still in his backend shadow, going over all the degrees he has already gone over twice for one last time. mercury just came away from forming his last of 3 Grand Earth Trines with jupiter, the north node and pluto- bringing us ideas, communication, inspiration and information about our radical path of evolution and growth and where it is asking us to grow (and perhaps what we need to let go of) to move into new directions. yet now that mercury is past this lovely alignment he is making his way to oppose retrograde mars on june 9th and he will also trigger the mars station degree on june 7th. what is interesting is that these dates bookend the first uranus/eris conjunction on june 8th- which makes me feel some very potent energies brewing. with mercury/mars we want to steer clear of power/control dynamics in communication and allowing shadow to run how we deal with others. this can be a warlike aspect- literal but also emotional and otherwise. with uranus/eris kindling the fires of anger, rage, change and the need to take a stand- everyone and their mother is likely to be feeling extra feisty so this is a time to navigate the waters wisely and avoid people who look like they are going to explode.

for me a big part of this astrology is about Truth being revealed. Truth of self, Truth of others, Truth of the world around us. and let me tell you the Truth you realize about yourself, others or the world around you may not be pretty. and yet with this kind of astrology we have to be willing to see WHAT IS before we can ever even begin to hope to create and anchor in what is possible. this is a good lunar month to ask questions and dig deeper than surface answers. if your intuition is telling you something is fishy- trust it! having really good solid friends and allies who can reflect back to you your own shadow pieces of self that you cannot see AND also reflect back to what is not yours to own that you have taken on and need to let go of is so key right now

it’s interesting to note that mercury aligns with the uranus/eris conjunction on june 7th just before he goes out of his shadow and a day before uranus aligns with eris for the first time ever (in our conscious awareness that is- eris was only discovered in 2005). this was a defining aspect of the mercury retrograde journey as he made his aspect three times with the first and last times being right around the times of his station. to me this is about shaking up our minds and perception- forcing us to see where we are stuck in old paradigms or stubbornly clinging to beliefs about ourselves or the world around us that are not evolutionary and actually hold us back from the growth and evolution we seek. it’s really important to listen to what people are telling us, particularly well intentioned friends and family who are trying to show us our blind spots right now. it’s also important to listen to what others are saying and BELIEVE THEM. with all the astrology playing out right now people are showing their true colors and if you will take off the rose colored glasses you will start to see them more clearly.

and last but not least we have the uranus/eris conjunction opposite nemesis- an asteroid that speaks to our achilles heel or point of self undoing. this is the place where we feel shame so we instead project it out onto others, seeking to scapegoat others for our own guilt, shame and unresolved wounding within. this is the kind of energy that wars are made of- with one party saying the other is evil and we are right and the opposite party saying the same. this is some profound astrology to confront beliefs, attitudes, thoughts and ways of perceiving the self, others and the world around us. it’s radical, revolutionary astrology that can turn our minds upside down and show us the very things we could not see before. but we have to be willing to embrace this astrology and work with it. we have to be willing to see what we have been heavily invested in NOT seeing- within or without. this is scary territory as most of us build our lives on foundations of security, tradition and what has always been. to question the very foundations of our lives- the key belief systems we have built our sense of security and identity upon- is necessarily chaos inducing and foundation shattering. and yet- if you found out the house you lived in was built on shoddy foundations that would eventually crumble and bring ruin to your entire home- would you do the work now to strip it all down and rebuild? or would you wait for your house to come crashing down first? the choices you make and actions you take in the coming months will be life defining. hindsight may be 20/20 but we all have the capacity to see the present with 20/20 vision as well as the future. actions taken now will set into motion consequences or rewards. choose wisely and elevate your mind so that the Higher Mind/Higher Self is in the driver’s seat. i promise- it will be so worth your while :)

~divine harmony

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