Wednesday December 1st 2021

mercury triggers uranus/pluto…

this week started off with a BANG- the lord of the underworld pluto stationed direct on monday, making him the most powerful planet in the sky. the next day uranus squared pluto for the second time this year. these two are dancing in the sky together until 2015 and this week’s aspect is only the 2nd of 7 that will occur until then. because pluto is stationary this uranus/pluto square is the most potent yet! themes of death and rebirth, transformation, power/control dynamics, purging, releasing and letting go of the past are the focus right now.

on thursday mercury in libra will activate the uranus/pluto square. mercury opposes uranus at 3:24pm PDT and mercury squares pluto at 4:19pm. the afternoon is set up for intense communications, shadow dynamics coming up, sudden Truths revealed and radical shifts and changes in thinking. it’s a wild day on thursday!

when outer planets aspect their energy is intense but it is often only when personal planets activate those outer planets that the energy can really manifest itself. so yes monday and tuesday of this week have been INTENSE- but thursday may be more so. forewarned is forearmed. watch your tongue in the next few days ;)

~divine harmony


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