mercury square mars- directed action versus aggression

by | Dec 29, 2015 | Astrology Blog

we are in a mercury/mars frequency as one year ends and a new one begins. just a few minutes ago (as i write this blog) mercury in capricorn squared mars in libra- an aspect that was building the last few days. this astrology can help us speak up, take action and be direct in our communications with others. yet the square can also exacerbate any tendencies towards anger, aggression, rage, arguments and power/control dynamics.

typically when an aspect like this occurs it happens once and then moves on- but because mercury is slowing down to come to a standstill (exact on january 5th 2016) mercury is slowing down to match the speed of mars and mars will surpass him and in doing so they will square each other again (also exact on january 5th 2016). this second square will occur in different signs as mercury moves into aquarius this coming friday (january 1st) and mars moves into scorpio on sunday (january 3rd). the cardinal square is more action oriented, impatient and direct and starts something or initiates something- exacerbating the mars energy already present all week long. while the fixed square is more entrenched in it’s opinion, stubborn and unyielding- and with mars in scorpio the intense desire to control or dominate and force others to see our perspective can be strong.

because mercury will station retrograde on january 5th- the same day that mercury squares mars and the same day the first dark moon of the year starts- we have a lot of intense energy building right now and culminating during the dark of the moon. mercury retrograde is a time to rethink, review and revise our ideas, opinions and agreements- and with mars square him as he stations the desire to dominate, control, argue and be right is high.

the best use of this energy is to take the inquiry of retrograde mercury and combine it with the directed action energy of mars and speak one’s Truth and bring clarity to situations (within and without) that have been murky or misleading. steering clear of arguments, power/control dynamics and trying to force others to see or understand things from our perspective is key. it’s equally important that anyone who does this to us we disengage from. when someone is under the Unconscious influence of mars they are impulsive, aggressive and acting out from the lower chakras (1st- fear/safety, 2nd- need/desire, 3rd will/ego) in unhealthy ways.

more on this in the coming weeks but i wanted to post a blog shining a Light on this intense, fiery and feisty energy as it dominates this entire week and carries over into the next week. thinking before speaking or acting is a must. it’s also key to bring much awareness and presence when traveling, driving and operation machinery as accidents can happen with mercury/mars when we are not being present and aware.

navigate the transition from one year to the next with as much consciousness you can muster!


~divine harmony