Tuesday October 26th 2021

mercury retrograde shadow

yes we are in the mercury retrograde shadow!  if any of you have tried to log onto my site in the last week as members or just tried to view public conent you would know that i am definitely experiencing technological/communication issues ;)  since mercury will be stationing retrograde in my 10th house of career and standing in the world- this week when direct mercury crossed over my midheaven (10th house cusp) where he will retrograde over later in december issues cropped up on my website.  don’t you just love it when astrology explains the craziness in your life???

anyhow- thank goddess i have wonderful web developers who were on top of everything the minute it was an issue.  thank you don and justin from smokebrush!  as of now everything should be back to normal- but if you have any issues accessing content or logging into your membership account please let me know.

as for mercury retrograde- i will be writing a longer piece on this soon but mercury will station retrograde the day before thanksgiving (on november 23rd) at 20’06 sagittarius and will backtrack to 3’51 sagittarius and station direct again on december 13th.  wherever you have sagittarius in your chart- prepare for snafus and a need for redoing/revising/revisiting the areas of life that house governs.  the shadow of mercury retrograde extends beyond the actual dates of mercury’s retrograde.  essentially the moment mercury crosses over 3’51 sagittarius- the point where he will station direct after he goes retrograde- we are in the shadow.  that began on november 4th so we are fully in the shadow right now.  the shadow also extends on the other end of mercury retrograde- lasting until mercury crosses the degree he first got to before he went retrograde (20’06 sagittarius).  so the backend shadow lasts until december 30th!  new years eve is when this shadow ends- which truly does bring about a symbolic NEW year, doesn’t it?  whatever areas of life are impacted by this mercury retrograde, you can expect a whole new view and path to open up at the start of 2012.  YAY!

for more info on mercury retrograde read the astrology blog i will write and post shortly as well as the weekly horoscopes and weekly astrology forecast.

enjoy the shadow… ;)


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