Saturday May 15th 2021

we are heading into the last mercury retrograde of the year and this one is very potent. mercury stations retrograde with 2 degrees of the galactic center (GC) and stations direct with a degree of the great attractor (GA)- triggering two very high frequency points in the sky (mercury will cojoin the GC and GA 3 times respectively over the coming months). the galactic center is the center of our milky way galaxy- the womb of the Great Mother that birthed the galaxy we live in. the great attractor is a point which our galaxy and many others are rapidly moving towards. scientists are not quite sure what it is but they say it’s the biggest thing known in our universe. phillip sedgwick says the GA is “slowly sipping upon a liquid flow of galaxies, drawing them into it’s huge gravitational grip at an astonishing 600 km/sec. the GA bends both space and time, giving a simultaneous view of the past, present and future. it appears to be receding from us and approaching us at the same time, and heading in both directions at an almost impossibly fast pace.”

both of these points- the GC and GA- have to do with creation and destruction and many mystical traditions see them as direct links with the Source/Creatrix of All. with mercury stationing retrograde and direct on these two power points in the sky- we have some BIG TIME INFLUX of High Frequency energy, information, revelation and communication incoming!!! the key is to stay open and listen to the Truth- so that the Truth can set you free.

mercury retrograde is a time to rethink, review and revise the past. on a mundane level it’s a time to go back over the past to resolve it and/or get all the information in so you can make decisions and move forward. it’s not a time to start new things- but it can be good timing to review/redo things from the past (i.e. don’t start a new business during mercury retrograde but it can be great for re-doing/restructuring the business you already have). in greek mythology mercury was one of the few deities who could go into the the Underworld of hades/pluto and come back out again. as such when he goes retrograde he is in his role as psychopomp and can lead you into and through your personal Underworld and help you deal with your past so you can come back up and out again more integrated and whole.

this mercury retrograde is in sagittarius which is the sign of Truth. sadge is the wandering gypsy, the wild horse running free. sadge wants to learn, expand, travel, acquire knowledge and see the world! with mercury retrograde in sagittarius it’s a time to question what we think we know and dig deeper to get to the Truth. rather than go up and out- the call is to go down and in. luckily jupiter- the ruler of sagitarius- is in scorpio the sign of the depths and abyss. so we are totally supported in going down and in right now- via therapy, shadow work, shamanic journeys, studies of the ancient mysteries, emotional work, intimacy and more.

mercury triggers the saturn/chiron square and the saturn/uranus trine 3 times during his retrograde journey (from front end shadow to back end shadow). the last saturn/chiron square was on 11/2 and the last saturn/uranus trine was 11/11- but with mercury tied into both we still have more insights arising from our journey with these 3 that has been ongoing all year.

i have been calling saturn square chiron the ‘core wound territory transit’- as it has faced us with our deepest stuff personally and collectively. those places where we think we are in the right, where we are in denial or escaping responsibility and accountability, or where we play victim or martyr in our lives- seeing the pattern repeat but keeping on blaming others for the cycle we are caught in-those have been up in our faces big time both personally and collectively. saturn/chiron has been shining a Light on these patterns so we can change them. yet we could not do this work this year coming simply from the head. chiron in pisces reminds us we have to FEEL what we want to heal. getting into old wounds and pain that run us Unconsciously is not fun but it is necessary for true healing to happen.

saturn trine uranus i called the ‘organized revolution transit’- as saturn is the organizing principle and uranus is about revolution and rebellion. this has been great for getting clear on the change that needs to happen and getting to DOING IT. saturn is past and uranus if future and when we can stand on the bridge between them fully aware of the past that has brought us to today and the past that will inform our future if we do not make conscious change- then we are truly empowered to change things. this has required accountability, responsibility and integrity. this is not about going up and out- it’s about going down and in. change at the root- personally, collectively, politically, spiritually and systemically- is required.

mercury triggers saturn/chiron and saturn/uranus from 11/24-28 (see table below with exact dates) so pay attention to communications had, information coming in and insights arising. this is the front end shadow of mercury and the aspects he is making/territory he is navigating is something he will be journeying back over 2 more times. the second time these three get triggered while mercury is retrograde occurs from 12/6-12/10 and the last time during the back end shadow will be 1/6-7 with the last mercury/saturn conjunction happening on 1/13 when mercury is past his shadow and aligning with saturn in capricorn (saturn enters capricorn on 12/19). these are the windows to pay close attention to what you think, hear, say, read or otherwise download via insight, intuition, information. also pay close attention to the dates when mercury stations near the GC and GA respectively (12/2 and 12/22)- HUGE downloads from the Creator/Source are incoming. but you have to tune into the right station to get the message ;)

mercury stations retrograde on 12/2 and he does so in close aspect to saturn. in fact the 1st mercury/saturn conjunction is on 11/28 and the 2nd is 12/6- so we have a stationary mercury coming to a stand still on saturn who is aligned with the galactic center. reality checks, Truth coming to Light- Universal ones and also personal/political/cultural- are incoming. saturn demands we get real- and in get real i mean take off the rose colored glasses and see ourselves clearly first. we need to get the moat out of our own eye before we go pointing it out in someone else’s. our willingness to see where we live with hubris, self righteousness, ‘my way is right and you are wrong’ kind of energy is the key to our liberation and freedom right now. the Truth will set you free but first it might piss you off! we have to be willing to get pissed- at ourselves perhaps more than others ;) because once we get tired of our own shit we will then be fully ready, willing and able to change it. it’s interesting to see mercury station right on saturn and then when mercury moves out of his back end shadow his first aspect made is his 3rd and final conjunction to saturn- only this time saturn is in capricorn his new home sign as of 12/19. the mutability of sagittarius gives way to the cardinality of capricorn- and this may be timed with important turning points in our evolution. pay attention to mid january.

as the GC and GA are high frequency points- they transmit a lot of Light (astronomers estimate the total luminosity of the center of the milky way to be equal to about 10 million suns). but there’s also quite a bit of Black Light/Dark Matter present- which helps to illuminate the shadow. ascension without full embodiment is escapism. and wherever we are avoiding dealing with the reality of ourselves, our culture, our politics, our environment and planet- these potent points will shine a Light on what we are not wanting to see as until we can see it we are not truly awake and aware.

i leave you with ellias lonsdale’s star sparks for mercury’s retrograde station and direct station below. there’s a completion possible now. death to the old so that new life may birth is necessary- personally, collectively, galactically. “When it’s over, it’s ready to begin. When everything falls apart, the deeper pattern can come together. As we lose what we thought we had, we gain access to the missing place.” stay committed to Truth at any cost- and the missing place/piece will revel itself to you!


~divine harmony

DATES for mercury retrograde journey

11/13- mercury square neptune (last aspect before front end shadow)

11/15- enter front end shadow

11/17- mercury sextile mars
11/18- mercury semisextile pluto
(mars square pluto 19th)

11/19- mercury trine NN

11/24- mercury square chiron
11/25- mercury trine uranus

11/28- mercury conjunct saturn

11/30- mercury semisextile venus

12/2- mercury stations RETROGRADE 29’18 sadge
29th degree** galactic center

12/6- mercury RX conjunct saturn 28’23 sadge
mercury sextile mars
(mars sextile saturn)

12/10- mercury RX trine uranus
mercury RX square chiron

12/11- mercury RX trine eris

12/12- sun conjunct mercury RX 21’14 sadge

12/14- mercury RX semisextile pluto

12/15- mercury conjunct venus 17’52 sadge
mercury trine NN
(venus trine NN)

12/18- mercury semisextile jupiter (on great attractor)

12/22- mercury DIRECT 13’00 sadge (great attractor)

12/30- mercury semisextile jupiter
mercury trine NN

1/2- mercury semisextile pluto

1/6- mercury trine uranus
1/7- mercury square chiron

1/10 exit back end shadow

1/11- mercury into capricorn

1/13- mercury conjunct saturn in capricorn (first aspect after back end shadow exit)

by ellias lonsdale

Sagittarius 30 The completion of a large Persian rug

There is an assignment, a destiny task which falls to me. I am asked to take each and every situation I come into and to witness the pattern, the design, the way it goes. Then I release it through me. I take everything that has been and I let it all go. Sometimes this is very arduous. Other times it is instantaneous, effortless. It doesn’t matter. Whatever way it is, I’ll be there.
I am fascinated and engrossed in the human dilemma, the soul drama. I have an endless appetite for putting things together and taking them apart. But I am very serious and intent in all that I do. It is one of those tasks that is almost too crucial to let myself be aware of. I don’t want to get in the way. So I pretend it’s just the way I pass time. I act as casual and cool as possible, even with myself. Oddly enough, it works.
The truth is, though, that there is nothing more vital than what I do. Because I’m around, things move differently. I’m a cross between a catalyst and a loyal follower of the existing pattern as long as I possibly can. My impulse is to preserve, if possible. When that’s not happening, I will get in there and make it obvious that this is not the way the flow is supposed to go.
I am immensely powerful and deeply hidden. I work between the lines. But I am so good at what I do. I can spend extended cycles in the outlandish assignments. And I will look and act straight the whole while.
I’ve got a job to do. I am witnessing the whole thing but sometimes you just gotta pay close attention to the weave.

Sagittarius 13 An embalmer at work on a mummy

Old thought forms, ancient wisdom, and fresh experiences all show the same picture from different sides. The old thought forms say that we are living in a small island of life, surrounded on every side by death. And therefore whatever we do, wherever we go, we cannot get away from our mortality and our fatalities.
Ancient wisdom reveals that from the inside, this picture is almost reversed. Death is no stranger, no invader, no despoiler. Death is the intimate companion of our lives. And if we can give in to deaths guidance, we will be guided to integrate life and death within something that moves beyond these opposites into where they go when life and death renew and fertilize each other.
Fresh experiences offer us new pathways to explore. These are in sense variations on the theme of working through death and feeling life inside death’s jaws. But each of these has it’s density and it’s power, to reveal so much more than we ever knew before about how we react and respond when the shadow of the underworld comes to visit and come to stay.
This degree weaves its path through some very dark old territory, and into a light that cannot arise any easier way. It is a confounding track to stay clear within. The curves, the surprises, the reversals and returns are wild to take up.
We are being asked to let go of every fixed idea and to free our past ghosts of every kind. We are being ushered into an astounding miracle we never will believe until we’re right there, in that super-clarity that comes at death’s door.
When it’s over, it’s ready to begin. When everything falls apart, the deeper pattern can come together. As we lose what we thought we had, we gain access to the missing place.

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