Lunar New Year ~ the Year of the Green Wood Dragon

by | Feb 10, 2024 | Astrology Blog

I have been studying Western, Psychological Astrology for over 27 years now (began when I was 18). In that time I have also extended my studies to other Astrological traditions like Vedic, Egyptian, Hawaiian and East Asian. I am by no means a master of East Asian Astrology- but I want to share with you what I have learned over the years particularly in regards to this Green Wood Dragon year ahead.

Dragon is the 5th sign in the 12 signs of East Asian Astrology which is said to correspond with Leo the sign of the Sun. There are 5 Elements and Wood is the 1st of the 5 said to correspond with Spring. If you multiply 12 signs by 5 elements you get 60. Every 60 years we get the same element and animal replicated again. 1964 is the last year of the Green Wood Dragon- so anyone born in that Lunar Year (from February 13tth 1964 to February 2nd 1965) is getting their Grand Green Wood Dragon Return!

The 60th year after birth is important in Astrology- as it is also the timing of the 2nd Saturn Return and the 5th Jupiter Return. If you work with Solar Arc Charts around age 60 you get all your Solar Arc planets precisely sextile all your Natal Planets. A sextile is 60 degrees and corresponds with the waxing Crescent Moon making its way to the Quarter Moon. When the Moon is New you cannot see it- but when it becomes a Crescent Moon you start to see it emerge. 60 can be like this for each of us in our lives if we have done the inner and outer work necessary in the years preceding. It can be a time of coming into our own- all the laboring of the 60 years previous can start to bear fruit and be both seen and shared with others. This is the time of becoming an elder and the gifts of lived experience bear the fruit of wisdom that can be passed on. It can be a profound time in one’s life- one which I look forward to personally :)

Last year was the Year of the Black Water Rabbit- a very Yin year. Rabbit corresponds to Cancer and Black Waters are the primordial waters of the Womb of the Great Mother. This year we shift to a more Yang animal the Dragon with the element of Wood (which is seen as associated with the color Green)- which is associated with the East and the season of Spring. This is a Yang Wood year (any year ending in 4)- the Yin Wood years would end in 5. Wood is vital, growth producing, visionary and loves to explore! Wood is both stable and flexible- like a tree. These are good qualities to tap into in the coming year :)

The Green Wood Dragon (also called the Azure Dragon) of the East/Spring is one of the Symbols of the Chinese constellations that are seen as the Guardians of the Directions. In addition to the Green Wood Dragon of the East/Spring we also have the Black Water Tortoise (sometimes seen as or with a Snake) of the North/Winter, the Vermillion/Red Fire Bird of the South/Summer and the White Metal Tiger of the West/Autumn. There is also said to be a 5th Guardian at the Center who is the Yellow Earth Dragon. So this year we have the replication of one of the Guardians which actually makes this year VERY significant.

Seeing the Green Wood Dragon as the Guardian of the East and connected to Spring- we can feel this energy of newness coming in. Spring is when flowers are blooming and bees are buzzing and life is returning to earth. The Black Water Rabbit year was very yin and very inward- while a Green Wood Dragon year is more yang and externally focused. They say the Green/Azure Dragon is Young Yang while the Vermillion Bird is Old Yang, followed by the White Tiger as Young Yin and the Black Tortoise as Old Yin (in that order). So truly a brand new cycle is being born this year!

Dragons are seen as noble animals and it is important to note that the Guardians start with a Wood Dragon in the East and end with an Earth Dragon at the Center. Like the Ouroborus- the snake eating its tail- the Dragon starts and ends the cycle. It is said that the elements in their order go from Wood to Fire to Earth to Metal and finally to Water. You can see that Earth is at the Center and some say this is connected to the 5th Element of Ether. I love this symbolism of Earth as Ether- as the whole point of this earth walk is to ground and embody Spirit. When the Ether element is fixed at the Center- what we ultimately anchor into and return to- we are following the natural order of life and putting at the Center that which is most central. Its beautiful symbolism, isn’t it?

I recently learned that in Feng Shui this year (February 4th, 2024) we moved from the 8th period to the 9th period of the Xuan Kong Flying Star. There are 9 Flying Star periods (that are associated with the Jupiter/Saturn conjunctions) that affect the Feng Shui of the entire world. Each of them governs for 2 decades before moving into the next. 2024 marks the next 20 year reign under the Ninth Flying Star which is seen as a Purple Fire Star- which was heralded by the Jupiter/Saturn conjunction in December 2020 and seen as the time of the beginning of the transition into the 9th Flying Star period (some say it began back then- but most people say it starts this year). The 9th Flying star is the last part of the 180 year cycle- which began in 1864 and will complete in 2043.

Nine is associated with the feminine, women (especially middle aged women), spirituality and technology. The coming 20 year period looks to be powerful for the Divine Feminine! As one Feng Shui writer states “Females will have a more significant influence in all aspects of society, and I expect to see women in very high positions worldwide. This time has been long-awaited for many countries.” (from the article found here-

As you can see we have a VERY BIG year incoming- the Green Wood Dragon year that mirrors one of the 4 Watchers of the Directions and the 5 Guardians of the Universe. As well as the beginning of the 9th Flying Star and last 20 years of a 180 year cycle. Add to this Pluto moving into Aquarius for good end of this year (for his almost 2 decade journey) and the Age of Aquarius that is definitely here and picking up speed. We have a powerful New Lunar Year ahead of us.

Blessed Lunar New Year to you. May it bring the Emergence of the Divine Feminine leading us into an open hearted future together as a humanity. So may it be!