Saturday May 15th 2021

the full moon lunar eclipse at 24’19 pisces is exact on friday september 16th 2016 at 12:05pm PDT- marking the midway point of the eclipse portal we are in that began with the solar eclipse in virgo on september 1st. with the virgo/pisces axis highlighted there are big things up around reality versus dreams and illusions, physical mastery and spiritual mastery, inner work and outer work, and being in the world but not of it. with the evolutionary north node in virgo the growth path requires that we become more aligned with integrity, humility, self and other honesty and doing our inner work as much if not more than we do our outer work in the world. yet with the karmic south node in pisces and neptune the ruler of the south node fast approaching it- the shadow path of denial, delusion, self/other deception, avoidance of reality, playing the victim or the martyr and turning to addictions to people/places/things as a means to avoid facing reality is STRONG right now.

this eclipse is potent and looks rather volatile. its conjunct the Wounded Healer chiron and squares mars in sagittarius- making a mars/chiron square a huge signature in the eclipse chart. mars/chiron brings up big wounds around the masculine and around how we act or channel our energies, desires, will and sexuality out into the world. mars in sadge wants freedom at any cost and can often reactively act or speak in ways that have consequences down the line. the Highest expression of mars/chiron is the Wounded one who does his or her own deep inner work so as to heal the self and then be capable of truly healing others. but the shadow expression can be the Wounded one who avoids his or her own work and puts on a show pretending to be something they are not- where the outer does not reflect the inner and a deep split lies within.

the wounds, pain, shadow and shit can be flying around this eclipse and the call is to sit with what arises from a position of restraint from reactivity but also from a place of total presence rather than checking out or numbing out. an eclipse degree is a hot spot in the zodiac and when mars or saturn trigger it is when things can come to a head, a completion or some kind of crisis point. with mars exactly square the eclipse and with mars squaring the sun days before (on the 13th)- the entire week is tinged with the martian energy of war, anger, rage, aggression and intensity. yet when worked with consciously mars can help us to take conscious action. like the surgeon’s knife (which mars rules) we can cut away Untruth during this eclipse and release the shackles. we can choose to step out of delusion and self deception so that we are SEEING WHAT IS and making healthy decisions in our lives from this place. of course we can also choose not to do this and if so we will be creating karmic circumstances that will come to a head end of january 2017 when saturn enters the 24th degree of sadge and squares the eclipse point.

we not only have mars tensely aspecting this eclipse but venus in libra is as well. she is heading into activation with the uranus/chiron semisextile- with venus quincunx the moon/chiron conjunction and heading into opposition with uranus (exact september 17th and 18th). with both the Divine Lovers in intense configuration with the Wounded Healer relationships can be in the spotlight as well as our beliefs and illusions, finances, values and self-worth. all these areas of life are calling to be seen for who/what they are. this is not a time to overdo the neptune/pisces/south node energy and be in denial, see what we want to see, see the potential and ignore the actualization as it is right now (and not what it could be in 10 more years or 10 more lifetimes). to really see Truth for what is is can be a painful process- as our delusions and self imposed illusions have a numbing effect and when we strip them away we can feel raw. yet it is not until we strip them away that we can truly feel everything- true bliss and Love as well as true pain and heartbreak. they are two sides of the same coin and our capacity to go deep in one determines our capacity to go deep in the other.

with the ruler of this lunation being neptune in pisces on the karmic south node and just having squared saturn last week- the veils of illusion are coming down. we can either facilitate this dropping of the veil process or we can have the veil ripped from us. discerning Truth from lies, reality from illusion, fact from fantasy is the hard work of mastery right now.

interestingly there is a beautiful alignment between the north node in virgo, the south node and neptune in pisces and the juno/black moon lilith conjunction in scorpio right now. scorpio is the sign that governs all the taboo topics of society- sex, death, money, power and control. the things people are obsessed with or afraid of- scorpio rules them. i see scorpio as the eye of the needle sign and i have this theory that we go through many lifetimes being tested in scorpio fashion to see if we can not grasp at power/control/sex/money and also not run away from it- but can we be with it and stand in our power within this potent field of energy that is very much akin to a drug trip that can take you over. this is the razor’s edge- and to stand here without falling into either extreme (grasping or running away) takes profound mastery which is achieved after lifetimes of experience and effort (and many times of falling off the edge into the seductive abyss of either side). juno/lilith is bringing up some deep and dark Truths in relationships of all kinds- romantic, business, friendship and otherwise. yet there is potential to really stand in the fire and face the shadow Truths in ourselves and others and find a deeper level of commitment to ourselves, our shadow dancing and our evolutionary journey right now. of course the key is to see where we get sucked in and manipulated or where we manipulate- and this is not easy. it’s much easier to believe our own bullshit and close our eyes to the Truth. yet that is not the path to mastery right now. right now its about going into life with EYES WIDE OPEN

we are heading into two planetary stations days and just over a week after the eclipse. mercury stations direct in 5 days and pluto stations direct in 10 days. both are in standstill mode and they trine each other twice- once right before mercury’s station on the 20th and once again right after on 23rd. the days surrounding the 20th and 23rd are deep and shadow and Light can be revealed. this is great astrology for diving deep, penetrating communication, research, investigation, therapy, shamanic journeys and anything else that help us to get below the surface and access the deepest Truth possible. yet with this energy we have to be willing to face the Truth- inner as well as out. we have to be willing to see ourselves clearly, to see others for who they are and see the world around us as it is- rather than as we wish we/they/it would be. it’s a deep time- and certainly intense- but it can be deeply transformative and empowering when we stand in what is and meet it head on.

i leave you with ellias lonsdale’s star sparks meditation for 25 pisces- funny that the title of the degree is ‘people and animals frightened during an eclipse’ considering this is an eclipse. this reminds me of the psychic and emotional energy we can get personally and collectively flooded with during this eclipse. it’s a big one and with chiron the Wounded Healer on it big time old wounds and pain and Unconscious karmic patterns can get magnified tenfold. ellias says that we are “pulled to the ultimate point of reckoning with every hidden depth realm and giving it back it’s full due. perhaps coming to the remarkable attunement to whatever is commonly currently suppressed, scapegoated, assumed to be better left alone.” to me this speaks to the Highest path during this eclipse- which is to dive down and dive deep and to touch into places we have been afraid to go, afraid to face, afraid to feel. we can only attain wholeness when we are willing to go into the places we are broken. the path to mastery calls us forth right now- when growth beckons you will you follow?

~divine harmony

~ellias lonsdale

Pisces 25 People and animals frightened during an eclipse

Listening for signs, for portents, for indications of what is in the wind, in the waters, moving through the soul. Attending to the subtle cues. Knowing when customary signs say “Go slow”. Sensing the time to act, to move forward, to bring something further.
Tuned in to the layer which traditionally has been sensed as superstitious, as uncanny, as dangerous. Very much at home in the unofficial, unrecognized places. Sensing all that needs to be known through the subtle inward feelers. Staying tuned to that wavelength throughout.
Susceptible to many waves, myriad layers coming into momentary prominence. Yet needing to take up the experience of what it feels like to be under potent forces and to work with these and find the path they invoke.
Very powerfully inwardly led to track with the collective, with humanity karma. Sensing pervasively where we all are coming from, traversing through, moving toward. Alert to danger signs that we are far off course. Seeking the corrective at inner levels.
Absolutely remembering the most ancient and timeless and forgotten senses, faculties, ways of perceiving and being. The great goddess force. Not willing to deny the surging meaning and vitality of how the Divine Feminine plays through every ounce of earth existence. Transported to that awareness which cuts right through the times.
Pulled to the ultimate point of reckoning with every hidden depth realm and giving it back it’s full due. Perhaps coming to the remarkable attunement to whatever is commonly currently suppressed, scapegoated, assumed to be better left alone.
The radical spirit discovering once again what has been felt forever, what seemed so far away, yet is closest at hand once you grasp the meaning of earth existence.

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