lunar eclipse in aquarius- we are all in this together!

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the full moon/partial lunar eclipse at 15’25 aquarius will be exact on monday august 7th 2017 at 11:11am PDT. this marks the midpoint of the current lunar cycle we are in that began with the new moon in leo on july 23rd (you can see the lunar insight about it here- that new moon was conjunct mars, this full moon is opposite mars and the next new moon/solar eclipse is also conjunct mars- so there is a decidedly poignant energy of action, initiation, decisions points and directionality present in the skies right now. the key here is to work with the mars energy consciously- as he also rules war, violence, aggression, impulsivity, reactivity and immaturity!

we are in the eclipse portal- a radical time of change, endings and new beginnings. eclipses are like amped up new moons and full moons- lunations on steroids if you will ;) this full moon is a partial lunar eclipse and it is followed by a total solar eclipse on august 21st- the latter being a pretty significant eclipse for the USA (more on that below). with the leo/aquarius axis highlighted there is focus on individuality and community, ME and WE, personal and collective, heart and mind, feelings and thoughts. because the south node is in aquarius we all need to look at where we overexpress this energy in shadowy ways- both personally and collectively.

the shadow of aquarius expresses when we only come from the mind and detach from the heart. artificial intelligence is very aquarian- but devoid of the elements of compassion, conscience and embodiment. there are gifts of AI but there are some big time shadows to be aware of- when we separate out intelligence from the other aspects of being a human it operates on it’s own and can run amok (just look back at the time of atlantis when intelligence and technological advances took over). another shadow of aquarius is being addicted to being different to the point of not being able to work within current paradigms. aquarius is the sign of the game changer- out with old and in with the new! yet aquarius can sometimes have difficulty discerning baby from bathwater- and it’s important to be able to tell the difference between foundations that are solid and good and ones that need to be overthrown.

another focus can be on communities we are involved with and friends we have. are the people we socialize with kindred Spirits that help us thrive and grow? or are we hanging out with the wrong crowd? being willing to step up into our hearts and authenticity (leo north node) so we can truly shine who we are at our essence and attract people who resonate with our frequency is key right now.

all full moons pit the sun opposite the moon- fulling illuminating the moon (symbol of the Unconscious) with the sun’s Light. in a lunar eclipse the earth comes between the two a shadow falls on the sun. shadow work is exceptional work to be doing during eclipses as both the lunar and solar eclipses involve shadows obscuring Light (with the solar eclipse it’s the moon that comes between the sun and earth and eclipses the sun’s Light). this is a great time to be willing to dive deep, face shadows within and without, pay attention to dreams and symbolic messages incoming. the lunar eclipse typically brings things to climax or crisis points- like a Universal Roadsign clearly showing you what has to end. yet eclipses always happen back to back- solar and lunar or lunar then solar. sometimes there are 3 in a row (rarer). so we always have them happening as a unit with endings and new beginnings blending together. to get a personal picture of where the eclipses are in your chart and what they are asking of you be sure to read your weekly horoscopes (posted sunday night or monday midday the latest).

this particular lunar eclipse is opposite the sun and mars- the two masculine, yang planets of ego, will, drive and action. as i mentioned above we have had mars tied up with the last several lunations. the new moon in cancer on june 23rd was widely conjunct mars, the full moon in capricorn on july 8th was tightly conjunct pluto and opposite mars, the new moon in leo on july 23rd was tightly conjunct mars and now we have a lunar eclipse opposite mars and a solar eclipse conjunct it. mars energy is POWERFUL right now- with massive activation around the masculine, yang, warrior energy but also potential for exacerbation of this energy as well. right now we are seeking to find a conscious relationship to the warrior archetype. the conscious warrior takes a stand for Truth and does so from a place of Love. we have a lot of warrior energy flying around the planet that is completely disconnected from the heart. killing animals and humans because we can or because we want their land, oil, resources or because we disagree with their way of life is NOT an expression of the conscious warrior. we’d all do well right now to question the motives and intentions behind our actions- as if unresolved and unconscious anger, rage and hate Source these actions it will not turn out well.

in the full moon chart mars is conjunct sun and quincunx neptune- bringing a nebulousness and confusing energy into the mix. we may think we are doing things or believing in a certain way from a place of consciousness but actually there is A LOT going on behind the scenes and if we are not dealing into these things and asking the right questions we can actually be puppets merely responding and reacting to external triggers that are intentionally being enacted. this is a time to question what we hear, think or say- and certainly to question the media and our leaders. we also happen to have mercury, about to go retrograde on august 12th, opposite neptune as well. information can be deceptive, delusional, and purposefully misleading. the neptune fog is thick and it’s hard to see what is Truth and what is fantasy/fear/fiction/lies. (if you have not seen my mercury retrograde blog you can find that here-

we also have the sun and mars heading into quincunx pluto- so both of them are forming a yod or finger of God aspect with neptune and pluto. as both neptune and pluto govern Unconscious energies- i see this yod pointing to the sun and mars in leo as a call to fully step up to the hero/heroine’s journey. how do we navigate the Unconscious energies flying around? some people act out in it- others shut down all together and numb out. all of the heroes in mythology have to go down into the Underworld to find their power, find their Light and find their Truth. if we use the leo energy wisely- the Light of the sun (aka the Conscious Self) can help us to navigate this deep, abysmal terrain. with the sun in a yod formation with neptune and pluto- it’s very easy to be deceived or deluded right now. we need to stay in the brilliance of our hearts (sun in leo) in order to make use of the mystical energy of neptune and transformational energy of pluto in positive ways. the hero’s journey is possible right now IF we can maintain our sense of self and integrity and navigate murky waters with clarity and consciousness. steer clear of power struggles and the desire to check out and/or turn to addictions to numb out. stay present with eyes and heart wide open and meet reality on it’s own terms!

luckily this full moon eclipse is trine to jupiter- helping us to work to find the balance between masculine and feminine, assertion and surrender, action and inaction. the key here is to relate to others and work to find points of compromise and collaboration. if you, others, leaders or countries are coming from a ‘my way or the highway’ perspective- it’s not going to work! this is a good time to check in on your own personal relationship to the masculine and feminine within. all women have an animus (an internal masculine) and all mean have an anima (an internal feminine). the degree to which we consciously relate to this internal Other determines how whole we are and it strongly impacts relationship dynamics we fatefully draw into our lives. jupiter in libra is a reminder of that Sacred Marriage within (heirosgamos) that is such necessary work right now. the split we see without is a mirror of the one within- and the inner work we do to resolve this split contributes to the collective healing and Sacred Marriage of opposites that is happening right now.

i typically include the star sparks meditation for the full moon/eclipse degree- which i have included below. but i wanted to take a peak at the sabian symbol as well- and it was quite insightful so i want to mention it here. the sabian symbol for 16 aquarius is ‘a big business man at his desk’. blain bovee says this degree speaks to people in powerful positions, with a need to dominate, who can make decisions that determine outcomes or set significant things into motion. of course the first person that comes to mind is the president of the USA (where i live) and knowing that the total solar eclipse on august 21st is right smack on his ascendant and his mars in the 12th house makes this eclipse cycle HUGELY important for him. it’s super important that he is thinking before he speaks and acts right now as there is a lot of power in decisions made right now with huge cycles of karma set into motion as a result.

on a more positive note dane rudhyar says this degree is about ‘the ability to organize many aspects of an enterprise involving a large group of human beings’. he speaks to our need as humans to learn how to ‘use the power generated by human togetherness and group interplay…harmoniously for the welfare of the whole of which all individuals are parts, humanity and the planet Earth’. he goes on to say “This has never been achieved and only very rarely attempted. Mankind today must make a thorough and irresistible attempt, or be nearly destroyed — except for a creative “remnant” of seed-persons who would have to begin again from new foundations. In the field of big business, of huge war undertakings (like the Normandy landing in World War II) or of major national efforts (like the Moon landings) great results have been achieved, but the motive and the quality of the human interrelationships involved were neither of permanent significance nor invested with a truly harmonic quality. The character of the techniques used were totally un-satisfactory from a “human” point of view. Nevertheless there is much to learn from modern large-scale management and systems analysis, even in terms of personal endeavors of very limited scope.”

for me this clearly speaks to a TURNING POINT and the way we wield the mars energy right now determines much. lest we focus on others and point the finger and blame- we’d all do well to focus within and get into right relationship with our own internal masculine and feminine. if you cut yourself off from your masculine and don’t take action, do proper self-care, and don’t take responsibility for your life OR if you overexpress this energy in aggressive, dominating, war-like ways- either way you are part of the problem, not the solution. this eclipse cycle- but really this whole summer with all the mars aspects on the lunations- is a time to do this inner work NOW.

i leave you with ellias lansdale’s star sparks meditation for the lunar eclipse degree. a reminder that the poison is the cure!

sending many blessings as you move through the eclipse portal…

~divine harmony

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by Ellias Lonsdale

Aquarius 16 Ground up gemstones to be used as medicine

Being equipped with a way to work with earthly substance that is keyed to transmutation and alchemical forging of a way to be in the world. Purposively focusing intensively upon the ingredients and their combinations. Gifted with a certain vision to see one through an astounding maze.
What we come up against here is the resistance of outer form to the vision that is carried. Once we get into it, the resistance turns out to be massive and already solidly in place. A vested interest of status quo forces pulls (us) back away. The tug of (war) will not let go.
This compels us to apply ourselves more vigorously, to wake up in the midst of the operation. We must discover a path in human nature that can match a path in outer nature, both of which will become progressive and evolutionary. In order to do so, we are intended to stumble upon all the secrets and shadows and to face the accusations head on.
If we are going to restore wholeness, we must fathom the code of fragmentation and not be broken apart ourselves by the barrage of evidence, which could discourage and disempower us, if we believe it’s message. So there is a discipline involved, a mastery, an initiation. We must stand in the face of what would seem to be a complete mess and still persevere in going out after fresh solutions, new ways of working with the substance at hand.
This entire dynamic forges in us a character strength that endures. We ourselves become the good medicine. Our awareness of emergent facets offers hope, consolation, and even excellent fundamental basis for a different world to dawn. We are cracking through ground that was heavily blocked. The only way we can succeed in such an endeavor is if we take every difficulty and (stay the course- committing) to further breakthroughs, even perhaps making the very best out of dense and tortuous conditions.