Monday February 24th 2020

imbolc: the solar gate of emergence

…happy wednesday and post TOTAL LUNAR ECLIPSE! if you have not seen the LUNAR INSIGHT i wrote about this very potent full moon/blood moon/super moon you can find that here-…/north-node-lunar-eclipse-c…/

Saul David Raye and i just recorded our IMBOLC CALL. in the coming year we will be offering calls on THE 8 SOLAR GATES: JOURNEY THROUGH THE WHEEL OF THE YEAR. this journey through the mysteries of the sun is an opportunity for us all to deepen our connection to the Sun, our Solar Fire and Inner Light as we move through the cycles of death and rebirth, slumbering and awakening, enlightenment and embodiment.

this call is being posted for free and we are accepting donations/love offerings if you feel to offer something. and for the rest of the gates of 2018 we are offering them on sliding scale. you can sign up for the whole year or you can sign up for individual gates.

for more information and to listen to this call click the link below. the info to donate and/or sign up is in the description under the soundcloud post.

blessings as you make your way out of the gate of rebirth and stillness (winter solstice) and into the gate of emergence (imbolc)!


p.s. beautiful image by wendy andrews!

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