I call B.S. on the Golden Globes

by | Jan 8, 2024 | Astrology Blog

I posted this on Social Media and a version of this (with more info) in Star Family and I am posting it here.

I call BS on the Golden Globes. Today is the 3rd and final Mercury/Neptune square- and this whole period since late November has been full of BS, illusion, confusion, deception and dishonesty- including at the Golden Globes.

This year they made a ‘new category’ called ‘Cinematic & Box Office Achievement’ announced in December- so they could give it to Barbie and give nothing else (other than a song by Billie Eilish which is a great song but still) so as to not get people pissed that a movie talking about the PATRIARCHY that was the 11th highest grossing film of all time- that made over 1 Billion in the first 3 weeks- would not win anything else.

I also think they made this category to capitalize on Taylor Swift’s fame and popularity. They nominated her and tons of Swifties tuned into to see if she would win (she did not)- and the Golden Globes have been losing views and tanking in popularity so I think they literally were feeding off of Taylor Swift’s popularity.

In a time when there is upheaval in the world, wars, genocide, poverty and more- watching a show that oozes privliege and wealth is and has been out of touch for a while. Taylor Swift is making bank but she is constantly donating wherever she goes, giving her truck drivers huge bonuses and takes time to talk to her fans. Meanwhile a lot of Hollywood does not do that. Not all of Hollywood- I hear both Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling are actually very kind and nice in person. But I dare say Hollywood is out of touch with reality and I used to live in Hollywood so I would know. I have met many of these people and it used to be a shock when the persona did not match the actual person and it was part me growing up in Hollywood to realize that time and again.

This is not to say Oppeheimer was not a great movie but the way that Barbie captured a collective energy of the moment and got sidelined is in my opinion ridiculous. Vanity Fair agrees and you can read their article dropped last night “Barbie Was a Billion-Dollar Hit, But the Golden Globes Proved Hollywood Is Still a Man’s World”. You can read by googling the title or click here- https://www.vogue.com/article/golden-globes-proved-hollywood-is-still-a-mans-world?fbclid=IwAR3TvZCaFkfQBk1DePMEylvTMFFgl7X3xtqTcgkATPQ5QoRliJGvVcN8E64

As another article you can find online states- 2023 was the Year of the Girl (Woman) with the domination of 2023 by Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour and the Barbie Movie- the illusion given off by the awards last night is shattered by the reality that unfolded this year. This is very much tied into the Astrology of 2023 with Eris the Goddess of Activism, Discord & Chaos on the North Node of Destiny this year and the Awakening & Empowering of Women. With the upcoming Total Solar Eclipse in Aries conjunct Chiron in Aries and the Chiron/North Node in Aries conjunction in 2024- this conversation about patriarchy, wounded masculine, and what needs healing is not going anywhere anytime soon.



EDIT- I added this after the fact but apparently the host was super sexist and misogynistic as well- and women are calling out the Golden Globes all over comments on instagram so check it out! I did not watch the awards show- I never do. My kiddo is a Swiftie so she was watching and reporting back to me until bedtime and then in the morning she looked up the news articles. She said the host was making rude comments but I had no idea how rude until I looked into it myself- WOW. I believe the Golden Globes intentionally made a new award for deceptive reasons and they are now paying for it.

P.S. I think it goes without saying but patriarchy is engaged in by men, women and non-binary beings. This is about gender yes but also about a collective energy and oppression of the feminine seen in how we treat earth, our bodies, emotions, women, children, the elderly, death, the shadow and the Unconscious and more.