Wednesday July 8th 2020

happy new year and new decade!!!!

happy new year, new decade and soon to be new saturn/pluto cycle (as of 1/12/20)!!!!

the new year we are heading into is extraordinary and hugely significant!!! can you feel it!?!

for an IN-DEPTH DIVE into the ASTROLOGY OF 2020- check out the 6+ hours of teaching on what 2020 holds politically, socially, environmentally and personally. this on demand class includes PDF’s with notes, cheat sheets, calendar dates and 2 offerings of ritual to attune to the HUGE new cycles incoming (for saturn/pluto in january and jupiter/saturn in december).

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the january forecast will be posted today- with a yearly astrology overview video coming later today or tomorrow. for members the YEARLY HOROSCOPES will be up by the lunar eclipse 1/10/20 or sooner (most likely sooner).

the lunar horoscopes for the new moon/solar eclipse 12/25 cover what is incoming in the first 3 1/2 weeks of this year. january is HUGE- one of the most powerful months of the entire year. the horoscopes are meant to help you navigate the cosmic weather present with the most agency, awareness, grace and ease possible :)

if you are not a member you can become one by clicking here-

please note there are tiered membership levels. if you want access to ALL content including all horoscopes (weekly/lunar/yearly), all forecasts (weekly/monthly/yearly) and all gate calls (solar and lunar) you will want to become a Galactic Benefactor member :)

many blessings as you move into a new year and a new decade with intention!


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