full moon in virgo- in the world but not of it

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the full moon in virgo is exact on monday february 22nd 2016 at 10:20am PST. this marks the midway point of the current lunar cycle we are in that began with the new moon in aquarius on february 8th- an interesting new moon that initiated us into a very unusual lunar cycle. typically new moons are times to plant seeds, set intentions and take action- but this recent new moon saw the moon go void of course immediately after (meaning the moon makes no more aspects until it moves into the next sign). a void of course moon is traditionally seen as a time NOT to take action or set things into motion. so right on the heels of the new moon- the void of course moon was a reminder to take a sacred pause or perhaps it entailed a wrench being thrown into plans. either way- the uranus-ruled lunation reminded us that we are not in control and that surrender and allowing ourselves to be led are important as sometimes the Universe has a greater plan for us than we could even imagine ;) so this full moon is a checkpoint on that new moon beginning- a time to bring awareness and consciousness to where we are at, where we are going and what we need to do to get there.

the focus of this full moon lunation is on the virgo/pisces axis- the axis of service and also the axis of the priest/priestess. this is an interesting axis as it’s not just highlighted by the full moon but is in fact a focus all year long due to the presence of the north node in virgo and the south node in pisces. virgo is an earth sign that is aware of the material world while pisces is a water sign that is aware of the spiritual and mystical dimensions. ultimately we want to find balance between the two- between mind and heart, body and Spirit, wisdom and Love. yet we often will find one is easier to express while the other is more difficult and our journey right now can be about finding balance between these seeming opposites.

this full moon can highlight any imbalance we have between being in this world and not being of it- with a spotlight shining on wherever we tend to default at the expense the other. we are in the midst of a lot of pisces/neptune energy right now. the sun is in pisces (and will be for the next month) as is the Great Mother asteroid Goddess ceres, neptune the ruler of pisces, chiron the Wounded Healer planetoid and the karmic south node. all of these bodies in pisces can amplify and expand the positive as well as the negative side of this last mystical sign of the zodiac.

the gifts of pisces are compassion, altruism, unconditional Love, being of service, deep sensitivity and sympathy for the suffering of others and the world at large. pisces is deeply mystical, spiritual, gentle and kind. and all of these energies are on offering right now! yet the shadow side of pisces can also be exacerbated- particularly when the karmic south node is highlighting where we can get stuck in old patterns. shadow pisces is delusional, deceptive, out to lunch, ungrounded, in denial of reality, plays the victim or the martyr and goes so much with the flow that it doesn’t want to take control of it’s life.

the karmic south node aligning with chiron and neptune all year long (march and november respectively) can exacerbate these shadow tendencies- personally but also collectively. collectively we can see where people en masse do not want to wake up, smell the coffee and see what is really going on in politics, in the environment, in our food supply, water supply, air supply and more. on one level i understand this- as to really discern (virgo north node) what is going on would shatter foundations we have built our lives upon as it would require us to question who we give our power away to and who we just blindly believe has our own best interests at heart. yet living in delusion is not really living- and even if seeing things clearly for what they are is painful or intense at least from this place of truly seeing you can start to then envision and take action on what has to be done to set things right.

the only aspects to the full moon are with the outer, transpersonal planets. the moon sesquiquadrates uranus and pluto (so the moon is the midpoint of the uranus/pluto square) and the moon opposes neptune (who is conjunct the sun). the outer planets bringing in transpersonal, Divine energies. they are not interested in our egos needs, desires or demands- they are interested in change, dissolution or death of the old and transformation and rebirth into the new. outer planetary energies are intense and often bring experiences that are ‘bad’ for the ego but great for the Spirit. with the full moon in earthy, discerning, practical virgo- the outer planetary energy can really throw our minds for a loop. if we are addicted to practicality and things being predictable- this full moon can rock our boat. on the other hand, if we have a hard time with predictability and practicality this full moon could highlight where we overdo change, freedom and revolution as a fear based response to feeling limited, restricted or forced to discipline ourselves. wherever we over do the virgo/pisces axis- that is where our work lies right now.

another important thing to note in the full moon chart is mars in scorpio opposite the fixed star algol- also known as the demon star. mars is in his front end shadow- meaning he is going over all the degrees that he will go over 2 more times due to his upcoming retrograde in april. mars will oppose algol 3 times in the next 6 months which brings lots of intense energy that we want to channel consciously. mars/algol can bring passion, charisma, creativity and power- yet it can also unearth anger, rage, aggression, irritation and the desire to control ourselves or others. this is playing out in the background of the astrology right now and although mars makes no aspects right now- he is playing a prominent role in the skies. paying attention to what is unearthing or revealing itself in your life right now can give you insight into the coming 6 months and what mars retrograde will be about for your personally- so pay attention (i will speak to this in the horoscopes as well- so be sure to read them for more information).

i leave with you with ellias lonsdale’s star sparks meditation for 4 virgo (see below)- an apt one considering the warrior planet mars is in his front end shadow in one of the deepest, passionate and most intense signs of the zodiac (scorpio).

have a blessed full moon!

~divine harmony

Virgo 4 A small piglet dressed in baby’s clothes

Being aware of the factors others miss. Sensing the clues, the missing pieces. Drawn toward what is shadow, what is denied, what is suppressed. Most given over to that which might seem marginal or other, if we fail to pay attention to the way it is from within itself.
Becoming that x-factor. Diving into the center of the maze. Seeing the world from the point of view of the dispossessed, of the denied, of the inconvenient factors and forces. And unable to step away from the felt experience that we can’t just leave out those parts we’ve commonly agreed to stylistically cast into obscurity. Whatever we try to get rid of will come back on us and must be heard, felt, known, made the basis for the truth to be far more comprehensive, far less self-serving and provincial.
Driven to great lengths to dramatize, to make evident, to give representation to what even the self would prefer to avoid. Not working within the ego-mind and it’s parameters. Instead, seeking what confronts self and world with unsettling parts of the puzzle.
When Shadow Essence is this strong, we have a concerted attempt to provoke, to sabotage, to suggest and insinuate whatever is not so very welcome and easy to assimilate. It can even be willfully perverse and caught in styles and semblance’s of outrageous excess.
Any way you cut it, this is the surfacing of what the rest of us assumed had been put behind us. It is the circling back around to get us in touch with the earth and with unfinished business, gaping holes, anything and everything we’d like to forget.
Right in the middle of all this controversy, a future possibility is being hatched, and it will not wait to be approved and allowed in.

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