full moon in virgo- healing from the inside out

by | Mar 2, 2015 | Astrology Blog

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have a blessed and transformational week!


the full moon in virgo is exact on thursday, march 5th 2015 at 10:05am PST. this marks the midway point of the current lunar cycle we are in that began with the new moon at 29 aquarius on february 18th. the next lunar cycle that commences after this one completes is the 29th degree total solar eclipse in pisces- so we are in powerful lunar cycle territory with a focus on endings and new beginnings and how to navigate from point A to point B with as much grace, ease and humor as we possibly can ;)

full moons tend to bring Unconscious energies to Light, climax or crisis- and with the full moon in virgo things around health, organization, well being and discernment can come up for us to address. with the full moon opposite the sun and chiron, the Wounded Healer, there can be some deep wounds and pain to navigate at this full moon around how we are able to have one foot in the spiritual or ideal world and have one food in the real, material world. wherever we tend to err too far in either direction, this full moon brings it to Light and forces us to address our imbalances.

the sun is conjunct achernar- a fixed star that can point to risk of rapid endings. with uranus on alpheratz strengthening and perhaps exacerbating our need for freedom and movement- we need to navigate the week wisely so we don’t impulsively or restlessly overthrow things which reach a point of no return (unless we want to past that point). finding that tenuous balance between action, assertion and taking a stand- and being able to be aware of others, their needs and realize that we aren’t the good ones doing everything right, while others are the bad ones doing everything wrong is key to sanity right now. the Truth lies somewhere in between and this week the journey is navigating from the head- which is judgmental, discerning and discriminating- to the heart, which is all encompassing and has both a soft Love and a fierce Love. when we can hold both of these oppositions and bring them together in a form that works together- we will find dramatic shifts in our inner lives, outer lives and relationships.

in the full moon chart the moon makes many aspects- keeping the emotional energy running high this week. the moon cojoins the fierce Dark Feminine mean black moon lilith- bringing in some deep emotions to traverse, perhaps even stuff around rage, anger and feeling oppressed. the moon triggers the venus/mars/uranus conjunction and trines pluto- bringing us into direct contact with the uranus/pluto square. the wake up/shake up crew are taking us through breakdowns in our lives so that we move into breakthroughs. with the Divine Lovers involved this week and next (venus triggers uranus/pluto on the 4th, mars triggers uranus/pluto on the 11th) major overhaul, excavation, recreation and perhaps even endings that precede new beginnings are playing out in relationships of all kinds.

in the full moon chart mars is almost exactly conjunct the karmic south node- an aspect that is exact on the 6th and is high voltage! mars/south node can help us to ACT and break free from the karmic past- but mars can also incite aggression, unearth rage and anger, and inflame our restlessness, impulsivity and selfish tendencies. the best use of this energy is to TAKE ACTION to LIBERATE OURSELVES- yet it is going to be very key that we only focus on our own liberation. we cannot liberate others- even if they want us to. we are not martyrs, saviors, or directors of other’s lives. we each have to navigate our own personal path of freedom and evolution on our own (although we can have support of kindred Spirits and Soul family along the way!).

of course one of the biggest aspects involved with the full moon is the opposition to chiron, the Wounded Healer. he shines a Light on our deepest wounds and pain so we can get to the Source of them, rather than keep on playing the victim or the tyrant, the savior or the lost one. he helps us to open our eyes and expand our awareness around our story. first we need to be able to OWN and TELL our story- but then at some point it becomes time to let it go. otherwise we will stay stuck in an old chapter of our life, repeating it over and over again- inhibited from moving forward to write a new chapter or even start the new volume that is waiting to be written.

the ruling planet of this full moon is mercury (the ruler of virgo) and he is conjunct vesta, the priestess archetype, showing that our deep commitments to ourselves, our paths and being able to rise above our ego conflicts so that we can focus on the Greater Good we are meant to do in the world is key. mercury and vesta are in semisextile aspect to chiron- bringing healing via our minds, thoughts and communication with others. if we are willing to rise above the lower mind and see the Bigger Picture- which does not paint one side as right and the other side as wrong, but is able to see the Light and shadow of all parties or parts involved so that the full picture is illuminated- we can experience deep healing and release at this full moon and over the next couple of weeks during the radical astrology that is playing out.

it is interesting to look at the dispositors of the full moon chart. dispositors are the planet or planets that all the other planets in the chart defer to. in the case of this full moon chart those two planets are mars in aries and neptune in pisces. the alpha planet in the alpha sign and the omega planet in the omega sign both dominate the skies right now. this can be felt as one part of us being angry and no longer wanting to take anyone’s bullshit anymore- and another part of us wanting to rise above, forgive, understand and let go. the best use of these planetary dispositors is to find a way to bridge them so they can work effectively together. one of the Highest combinations of mars and neptune would be the spiritual warrior. another great combination is Fierce Love.

yet because these two planets are so very opposite and mars is on the karmic south node and neptune is traveling with chiron the Wounded Healer- we may find ourselves defaulting to the shadow expressions of these signs which is a sign that we are not finding balance between them. if we are overdoing mars in aries we can find ourselves full of anger, aggression, accident prone, impulsive and selfish. if we are overdoing neptune in pisces we can find ourselves turning to addictions (alcohol, drugs, internet, shopping) to try to drown out the intensity and playing the martyr or the victim in circumstances in our lives. we may also find ourselves feeling passive aggressive- as pisces tends to stuff things and then they come out later in Unconscious ways (versus aries who is just full on aggressive).

this full moon will illuminate where we are on the continuum of mars in aries versus neptune in pisces. with the full moon in virgo, we will do best if we can be discerning about our own behavior and shadow as much if not more than we are being discerning about the shadow behavior of others. the best use of this full moon can be about harnessing the potential for self-adjustments, inner work and healing. virgo is the virgin, but the original meaning of the word did not mean woman who never had sex. it mean woman who owned herself and was whole unto herself. so the Highest potential of this full moon is moving towards profound healing and wholeness- within as well as without in the form of relationships (and the key is knowing that the inner informs the outer).

taking time to drop into a meditative or reflective space during this full moon is recommended. full moon illumination, insights and dreams images coming in should be attended to with care. our Soul communicates with us through imagery and archetypes. the root word of imagination is magic- but if you ignore or devalue your imagination, you ignore and devalue your own personal magic. and we could use a world with more people in touch with their own special brand of magic, don’t you think?

happy full mooning to you!

~divine harmony

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