full moon in libra- karmic rebalancing of the scales

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the full moon at 10’45 libra is exact on saturday march 31st 2018 at 5:37am PDT. this full moon marks the midpoint of the current lunar cycle we are in that began with the new moon conjunct chiron in pisces- a doozy of a lunar cycle we are in right now! that new moon on march 17th was square mars and fascinatingly this new moon is square mars as well- only this time mars is aligned with saturn. big testing right now around our relationship to the mars archetype: anger, will, drive, aggression, violence, guns (the kids standing up for books not bullets are in alignment with this astrology).

there is A LOT of mars/aries energy in the air right now. and with mercury retrograde and mars almost exactly conjunct saturn (exact april 2nd) there’s potential for healthy containment and discipline of that fire/will/drive/anger OR it could get explosive due it being repressed or controlled in unhealthy ways.

this full moon in libra is a lunation that seeks balance, peace, harmony and fairness in relationships. libra wants equal give and take- and yet opposing mercury retrograde and squaring mars/saturn this lunation is anything but peaceful. it’s truly a challenge to see what from the past and the old ways of being and doing- those things we have always done or have been told is the right way to do things- what of those things need to change? the best use of the capricorn right now is to be wiling to strip away to get to that which is essential. there are things we do out of a need for safety, security, control or dominance that really don’t serve- personally and collectively. this full moon is a reminder that there is no balance to be found when the masculine is out of control.

the full moon is sextile the north node in leo- showing us the path towards evolution and growth and how relationship and learning how to navigate the self/other dance is key. this is not a time to just think of us and what we want or need- we have to see the whole picture. equally so it’s not a time for countries to just think about themselves without being aware of the expense that other countries and Mother Earth would take on. mars is square this lunation and he is tensely aspecting ceres the Great Mother asteroid Goddess. we have been in the midst of a triple conjunction of ceres to the north node- with the last one coming on april 30th. we are being asked to find new ways to relate to Earth and all her beings. healthy ego is called for- not destroyed ego (and any spiritual tradition that tells you the goal is to destroy the ego is simply contributing to the dark/light, good/evil polarization that is rampant on the planet!).

the sign of libra is very relational and compromising yet she is conjunct the asteroid eurydice pointing to where we are dependent on others and get involved in codependent/enabling situations. in unhealthy relationship dynamics a common duo you see is one person who is a narcissist and self focused and another who is a codependent. neither have a healthy sense of self- and they feed off each other. it would be interesting to contemplate the countries in the world who are the narcissists and the countries that are the codependents. often it’s not until the codependents wake up and start getting healthy that anything will change. the moon is also conjunct atlantis which always says to me that what is happening right now has deep past life associations and was set into motion a long time ago (be sure to read elias’ star sparks below- it speaks to this!).

for those of us very aries/mars this full moon calls us to think of others before ourselves. for those of us who are very libra/venus this full moon calls us to keep healthier boundaries, assert ourselves and say no. a honest self check in is needed to see which edge is the edge you are being challenged to step into!

the mars/saturn conjunction is looming in the chart (exact on april 2nd) and they are both conjunct a heavy fixed star called facies. facies keywords are ‘ruthlessness or the victim’. sounds heavy! are we being ruthless? are we playing the victim? are we lording our power over others? are we giving our power away? the best use of mars/saturn is healthy self discipline so that we take our will and drive and use it in masterful ways- slowly, steadily with awareness of long term implications of things said or done in this now moment. with all the aries/mars flying around the saturn/capricorn is an antidote to impulsivity and reactivity. but it can also be a breeding ground for repressed anger and rage to come up and out explosively. having a healthy relationship to our anger and emotions in general is very key right now! (read emotional intimacy by robert masters for more info!)

the Dark Goddess is very involved in the full moon chart. black moon lilith is in a tight stellium with mars, saturn and pluto (the capricorn confluence i have been talking about). dark moon lilith is at the 2nd to the last degree of pisces (and the whole zodiac) and also conjunct the Wounded Healer chiron. and last but certainly not least asteroid lilith is also at a karmic degree (29 sagittarius)- squaring dark moon/chiron. the Dark Goddess sees into the shadows and exposes what is hidden or toxic. especially having her tied up with chiron at the omega degree (29 pisces)- this is super potent. wounding and pain around rage, anger, power and shadow is up big time. the dark moon specifically speaks to where we do not want to see where we create our own reality and where our own deep shadow is running the show. shadow pisces turns a blind eye and wants to transcend what it is not fully moved through. the degree to which we do this- personally and collectively- is the degree to which this time in our lives can be super intense! the wake up call to what we cannot see and don’t want to see within and without is loud and getting louder!

luckily the ruler of this lunation is venus who just moved into taurus (the other sign she rules) and in the coming weeks she makes some pretty excellent aspects. venus in taurus reminds us to slow down, smell the roses and enjoy life. she is also the polar opposite to the aries/mars energy that is very yang, assertive, aggressive and dynamic. she is yin, surrendering, attracting and deeply feminine. venus in taurus reminds us that when we stay aligned with our deepest values and come from a place of deep healthy self-Love- the goodness and abundance of life can naturally flow. harmony, receptivity and relatedness is key to healing right now- personally and on the planet at large.

i leave you with ellias lonsdale’s star sparks meditations for the full moon and also for the degree of saturn (which is also the degree of the mars/saturn conjunction on 4/2). the full moon meditation talks about how the die is cast and what is happening is fated right now- past action has bred a world of effects (atlantis on the moon!). he goes on to talk about how in the midst of what is karmic and set in stone there is opportunity for change- if we have the courage to do so. the degree for saturn and the approaching mars/saturn conjunction speaks to a woman washing a man’s feet and drying them with her hair- reminiscent of mary magdalene the the same ritual she performed before jesus’ cruifixition. to me this degree speaks to the Highest potential accessible with this degree and the approaching mars/saturn conjunction. he says the goal is “to be selflessly yielded up to that which is the hope of the world and is something you can touch, feel, meet in the physical and in the ethers of the planet. It is to know the purpose of existence implicitly. It is to serve and to give, to sustain and to offer, just because that is who we really are inside. when we do manifest the selfless self in daily life, we are starting a revolution.” may it be so!


~divine harmony

by ellias lonsdale

Libra 11 Tea leaves that form a pentagram

The pattern is set. The die is cast. Everything is fated. Past action now breed a world of effects. It is easy to tell that nothing is new, all is as expected, following closely the (hidden) pattern, the timeless design.
When the dial of time is set beforehand and fixed inevitability prevails, the graceful (thing to do) is to accord with the signs and the portents. We can flow into and embrace whatever comes as our lot in life. We can know it to be something we created long ago.
Yet there is as well a very sharp dynamic at work leading in a fresh direction. It is an option, a possibility, a leap beyond the expected and the assumed. Once the pattern is digested and known in all it’s contours, there is a possible step of leaping toward freedom and becoming somebody new.
In order to make the transition from fixed past worlds to open future worlds, we often need here to hold a balance between both for awhile. We check out the old territory, and we feel into the new territory, once and again. Can we really afford to make such a big change at this late a date?
The answer to this destiny riddle lies as well in the stars, in the cards, in the sychronicity, in dreams, in subtle worlds apart. Along the track there are beings and worlds that must be consulted. The only way to tell is to tune in to the whole and let one’s own past be reworked in that broader context.
Yet a (portend) can be given. Whenever there is vision and heart’s opening, all possibilities are wide open.

SATURN DEGREE (and degree of mars/saturn conjunction on 4/2)
Capricorn 9 A woman washes a man’s feet and dries them with her hair

The better part is to sense acutely where the true spirit is calling and to sense that call with a consummate self-abandon. It goes far beyond martyrdom and the psychological disturbance we have learned to shy away from in this direction. For this is the real and ultimate giving self over to the source, to the Master, to everything that is sacred and worth being intimately at one with, no matter what the cost.
The power of this stance is so great that it has to be humbling and sobering, understated on the outside and entirely lived out from deep within. We can’t get literal with this kind of thing. It is staggering in it’s wave of influence and impact and setting a tone and showing how it is meant to be done.
For we are chosen, solicited carefully to serve the highest from a clear true place inside. And we are able to fulfill this ultimate level as simply who we are and what we care about. We are closer here to the spirit realms than to outward humanity. And we bear this message, this pervasive symbolic ritual dynamism, best expressed as an embodied action of a simple kind.
What counts is to be selflessly yielded up to that which is the hope of the world and is something you can touch, feel, meet in the physical and in the ethers of the planet. It is to know the purpose of existence implicitly. It is to serve and to give, to sustain and to offer, just because that is who we really are inside.
When we do manifest the selfless self in daily life, we are starting a revolution. The very best part is that once you get to this place, you are able to be in any and every place, all-embracing, simply there.

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