Wednesday January 26th 2022

full moon in aries!

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one of the most potent full moons this year- if not THE most potent- occurs on saturday, september 29th at 8:19pm PDT. the full moon falls in aries, the first sign of the zodiac that symbolizes fire, assertiveness, action, initiative, aggression and anger. what makes this full moon so potent is that it activates the uranus/pluto square: the full moon is within one degree conjunct uranus and square pluto.

the uranus/pluto square dynamic is one that is unfolding over several years. the first aspect between these two was on june 24th, 2012 and the second just happened this past week on september 18th. the last exact aspect between these two occurs in 2015- so we are in this transit for a while. with the planet of rebellion, revolution and change in the first sign of the zodiac (uranus in aries) we have an awakening of the collective anger and rage, a need to speak up and take a stand, and a need to assert ourselves. this is playing out collectively in the occupy movements springing up all over the place and in the escalating situations in the middle east- but it is also playing out personally for each of us somewhere in life. where in your life is it time to break out of an old mold, let go of the past, embrace change and assert your will?

with the lord of the underworld in the sign of capricorn we have the shadow being unearthed in politics, government, big business and patriarchy- as well as in the structures, foundations and commitments we have in our lives. pluto’s purpose is to show us where toxicity is and then force us to deal. death and rebirth is his focus- but with capricorn involved there is a resistance to change and almost an obsession with staying with the old ways- even if they have proven themselves to be destructive and toxic. capricorn feels that the devil you know is better than the devil that you don’t know- and will often stay with things way beyond their expiration date.

with these two in tense aspect we have radical, revolutionary change- death that precedes rebirth, and massive transformation unfolding in the coming years. a great mantra to keep in mind until 2015 is ‘breakdowns precede breakthroughs’. we should all have SOME idea of where the breakdowns are in our lives- and you can connect this directly to uranus/pluto. whatever is up for you BIG TIME right now IS your uranus/pluto transit. this goes for personal stuff as well as collective/global stuff. looking at the news i see/hear a lot about GMO’s and toxicity in our food- arsenic in our rice, mercury in our seafood, and more. i also see stuff about the horrible things being down to our oceans- dumping radiation into them and pretending its fine and doing seismic testing where dolphins and whales live, which will either kill them or deafen them. there is more to add to this list- feel free to do so in your head. for each of us i think it is best if we find the ONE big area in our personal lives and the ONE big area in the world that we see the most need for change and then become a PIONEER for it. that is the highest expression of uranus in aries square pluto in capricorn- becoming an agent for inner and outer change. if you only focus on what is going wrong in the world out there and don’t address your inner balance- you will be missing the point of this powerful astrology. it all starts within! but if you stay so focused on yourself and don’t contribute to the world at this time- then you miss out on the community building process that is required right now. it’s all about a balance.

with this full moon activating the uranus/pluto square we have not one personal planet/luminary- but TWO activating uranus and pluto throughout the day. the sun AND moon trigger this dynamic duo- which makes this day especially potent, intense and revealing. eruptions of old Unconscious material is sure to happen- particularly if you have been denying/repressing/avoiding dealing with what must be dealt with. old anger and rage can arise- which is not necessarily a bad thing. it’s in how you use the anger that defines its destructive or creative nature. the only other aspect this full moon makes is a semisquare to mars- the ruler of the full moon- in scorpio, the sign pluto rules. this just adds more fuel to the fire! it also can bring up from the Unconscious deep, shadow dynamics of manipulation, power/control and destructiveness. pluto/scorpio energy is like nuclear power- it has it positive uses if kept under control, but if it gets into the wrong hands it can become a powerful force for a lot of evil in the world. learning how to work with our power, desires and shadow energy is really key. how this full moon will play out for us depends on our level of mastery with these energies- they can initiate creative change or they can be eruptions of destruction and aggression. it is up to us!

two other things to note in the full moon chart is the fact that mars in scorpio is within 2 degrees of conjunction with the north node in scorpio. with the planet of will, drive and energy aligning with the evolutionary north node we have opportunities to evolve our use of anger, aggression, energy and will. it is not easy and requires tremendous effort and self-discipline- but it can be done! another significant placement in the chart is saturn at the last degree of libra. saturn has been in libra for 2 1/2 years teaching us really important lessons about relationship, boundaries and balance between self and other, give and take, yin and yang. saturn will move into scorpio on october 5th and he will move us deeper into our relationships lessons- but this time he will activate some deep shadow. all our stuff around intimacy, vulnerability, sexuality, power and control are going to be activated. also stuff around debt, shared resources and money can come up big time. ultimately saturn in scorpio will allow us to transform and empower ourselves when it comes to the deeper, mysterious aspects of life. with saturn at the last degree of libra we have a reminder of what is going out and what is coming in. and with saturn moving into pluto’s sign and pluto currently in saturn’s sign we have what is called a mutual reception. there will be more on this to come in the coming months- but suffice it to say things are only going to get deeper!  ;)

we have a powerful full moon heading our way! i am posting this a week before the full moon so we all have ample time to tune into the energies and make the best use of them!

be the change you wish to see in the world!

~divine harmony

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